WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

10 Best Vape Tanks that Don’t Leak & How to Prevent Them from Leaking

Vape tanks are an essential part of vape gear. If you’re a vaper, then you need a vape tank. But sometimes, vape tanks can leak and cause a mess or even damage your device.

Luckily, there are vape tanks that don’t leak – we’ve put together a list of the best non-leaking vape tank options for anyone looking to get into vaping without the hassle! We’ll also explain why vape tanks can leak in the first place so that you can take steps to prevent it from happening again!

Why is My Vape Tank Leaking?

Before we take a deep dive into the best leak-proof vape tanks, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your current tank might be leaking in the first place:

Drip Tip Adapters – After vaping for an extended period, you may notice E-Liquid and condensation collecting around the drip tip; this is common. You will know this is happening if you tend to tip your mod while you vape and then get E-Juice in your mouth. It’s not a full-on leak but could leave e-liquid residue in places. Removing the drip tip and giving it a quick wipe is an easy fix.

Broken Gaskets – If you find a leak in your tank, check the O-rings and gasket to make sure there are no holes or damage. If you don’t see any rips or holes on the gaskets or O-rings, it may be worth looking behind them to ensure they’re not coming from a crack inside the tank itself. This is just usual wear on vape tanks and happens over time. If you noticed damaged o-rings etc. on a brand new tank, then contact the supplier. Most tanks will come with spare o-rings in the kit and instructions on how to change them to prevent future leaks.

Not Enough Cotton – If you’re using an RTA and building your own coils, then you are probably aware that getting the wicking of the coils right can sometimes be a challenge. Too much wick, and you may end up with a dry, flavorless vape. Unfortunately, not enough cotton wick and you will get leaking problems with juice flowing out of the airflow. Some RTAs are more temperamental than others when it comes to wicking. Others have top airflow, so they are almost impossible to leak. That’s why we’ve included some of the best leakproof RTAs in our list below.

Type of E-Liquid – The mix or ratio of VG to PG in your e-liquid may also play a part in why your vape tank is leaking. VG is a far more viscous liquid than PG (thin like water). So you may find that by vaping a high VG juice, your tank is not leaking, but if you switch to a lower VG juice (higher PG content) then the juice as a whole is thinner and easy to seep through gaps in the wick. If you are vaping juice with a high PG content, then more wick is a must.

Cracked Glass – This is the easiest issue to spot, as it’s normally apparent when just looking at the tank and seeing where the leak is coming from. Sometimes just the slightest drop of a glass tank could make a hairline crack in the glass that’s hard to see, but enough to leak juice out all over your clothes. Again it’s a simple fix, as you just need to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for changing the glass tube, and a lot come with a spare in the kit.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks That Don’t Leak

HorizonTech Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank

HorizonTech Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank

The HorizonTech Sakerz is a 29.5mm Sub-Ohm Tank with a maximum juice capacity of 5ml, and 3.5ml with straight glass. It features an easy plug-in coil installation method that allows you to quickly and easily replace coils.

The Sakerz Sub-Ohm Tank utilizes HorizonTech’s new Sakerz Coils. It comes with a 0.17Ω 2-in-1 Mesh Coil (70W), and a 0.16Ω Mesh Coil (70W).

The Horizon Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank has a threaded top fill system with a dual fill port. It also has a top-positioned dual-slot airflow and adjustable airflow ring, which not only delivers smooth airflow and amazing flavor but also makes it leak-resistant.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: The replacement coils on this tank are extremely well constructed. The plug-in mesh coils fit perfectly into the tank, creating a strong seal, and they deliver maximum flavor. This along with the brilliant design of the top airflow system makes this an excellent leak-proof tank. If you are looking for the best performing vapes that don’t leak, the Sakerz is an awesome choice.

GeekVape Zeus Sub Tank

GeekVape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank

The Zeus sub ohm tank version has the same great leak prevention technology built-in to it as its RTA counterpart. It features replaceable mesh coils and comes with 2 tank sections that allow an e-liquid capacity of either 3.5mL or 5mL.

Thanks to its impressive flavor from the excellent mesh coils, the Geekvape Zeus Sub is a fantastic leak proof vape tank. Geekvapes’s Z1 0.4 Ohm Mesh Coil and the Z2 0.2 Ohm Mesh Coil are included in the kit.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: This tank has a top fill and top airflow system. The coil heads are perfectly padded with cotton where the juice gets fed to the coil. There is no airflow out the bottom of the coils or tank. The juice only gets fed through the coil wick, and an additional juice has no place to escape towards the top airflow, therefore no leakage. Any juice remaining in the tank chamber eventually gets used up while vaping instead of leaking out of small holes in other places.

UWell Crown V Sub Ohm Tank

UWell Crown V

The UWell Crown series has been one of the most successful and popular lines in sub ohm tanks for years. The Crown V is constructed from stainless steel and pyrex and brings with it a 5ml juice capacity.

The Crown 5 tank features Patented Self-Clean Technology, which reduces the leakage and lessens the cleaning frequency of coils. The tank’s quarter turn top cap design makes refilling a breeze, and the filler ports have a silicone valve, ensuring that the e-liquid doesn’t leak and stays where it belongs.

The Uwell Crown 5 Coils range is also vast and utilizes a Plug’n’Play style design, to keep things clean It also goes without saying that all the coils deliver excellent flavor and vapor production.

The names Uwell and Crown are names you can trust when it comes to delivering a great vape experience, and the Crown 5 has been perfected with improvements upon each previous model.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: This awesome sub-tank is one of the few on our list that doesn’t utilize top airflow. However, UWell has implemented built-in technology that is specifically designed to prevent leaks. The airflow is also designed to cut down on condensation along with a self-cleaning system that minimizes build-up and juice from leaking. This enables any extra eliquid to be absorbed inside the cotton and not flow all of your vape mod and battery.

Horizon Falcon 2 Sub Ohm Tank

Horizon Falcon 2

The HorizonTech Falcon 2 is the latest version of the award-winning Falcon tank. The Falcon 2 tank provides intense flavor and awesome vapor production thanks to its 0.14Ω fan mesh coils.

The Falcon 2 uses a simple slide-to-fill mechanism for easy filling, while a push-fit coil design helps with quick coil changes and ensures a leak-resistant seal. The Falcon 2 is constructed with stainless steel and has a 5.2 mL tank capacity (with bubble glass). The Horizon Falcon 2 is definitely one of the best performing tanks on the market, and shouldn’t give you too many issues with leaking.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: The Falcon 2 doesn’t have a leakproof top airflow design like the Aspire revvo sub-ohm tank and others, but it does an excellent job with the seal of the plug-in coils making it overall pretty leak resistant. While we see a lot of bottom-airflow design vape tanks leak, the Falcon 2 in our experience does a stellar job at minimizing leaking issues while still delivering that great bottom airflow performance.

GeekVape P Sub-Ohm Tank

GeekVape P Sub-Ohm Tank

The P Sub-Ohm Tank is the latest shockproof vape tank from Geekvape on the market. It’s a unique-looking tank that features a leakproof top-fill design and has a 5ml vape juice capacity.

The Geekvape P Sub-Ohm is described as a durable double-layer tank that introduces middle adjustable airflow that accesses the coils through three airways. This design allows the perfect airflow for a smooth flavorful vape experience.

The P Sub-Ohm is compatible with GeekVapes Z series coils, with a 0.2Ω Z KA1 Mesh Coil (70-80W) and 0.4Ω Z KA1 Mesh Coil included. It also comes with 2 drip tips a standard 510 and an 810.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: The combination of top airflow control along with the excellent plug-and-play Z coil system means this vape tank not only has no way of leaking juice out from bottom airflow. But also is mess-free when it comes to changing coils, thanks to its isolation compartment for the coil. When you add the unique design and middle adjustable airflow, the P Sub-Ohm tank doesn’t just offer a leak-proofing design but delivers an excellent vape.

Best RTA Tanks That Don’t Leak

OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA

OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA

OXVA may be a relatively new name in the industry, but that hasn’t held them back as they have already produced some amazing rebuildable atomizers.

The Arbiter 2 RTA is an incredibly impressive dual coil RTA that supports both single and dual coil builds. It comes with an innovative airflow system with a top-to-bottom design that helps minimize leaking while also delivering exceptional flavor.

The Arbiter 2 RTA has a 5ml vape juice capacity and is 24.5mm in diameter (26mm with bubble glass section). It’s available in five colors and is one of our choices for the best RTAs on the market right now.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: The OXVA Arbiter 2 RTA may not have any unique leak-proof technology but like many other leak-proof tanks it has a top-airflow design which means vape tank leaks are almost impossible. It’s also worth mentioning the airflow, vapor, and flavor delivered from the Arbiter 2 is exceptional. If you are looking for one of the best performing dual coil RTAs that don’t leak, the Arbiter 2 is an excellent choice.

GeekVape ZX II RTA

GeekVape Zeus XII (Single Coil & Mesh RTA)

The GeekVape ZX II RTA uses mesh coils instead of standard wire. Mesh coils are known for giving out better flavor. So if you’re looking for great flavor as well as the best leak-proof vape tank, then this is the tank for you. The Zeus XII is a versatile tank that delivers leak-proof technology, and when combined with GeekVape’s best mesh coil it provides outstanding clouds and flavor without any unsightly leaks. 

The Zeus XII RTA has a 4.5ml capacity and is branded by Geekvape as the best leak-proof RTA, all thanks to its upgraded features with complex 3D top airflow design. If you are looking for a standard coil option, then the regular Geekvape Zeus RTA is also another excellent option.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: Due to the tank’s design with mesh coils, it means you need to pack it with a lot of cotton, and more wick means less chance of leaking. These mesh coils allow you to pack a ton of wick underneath them. The Zeus X also features top and top-mounted filling, which allows the air to help feed juice to the coils from above, while there are no other outlets beneath the coil for the juice to escape. The tank also features large O-ring gaskets on the top and bottom, cutting off any leaks while you are swishing around your tank.

Augvape Intake Dual RTA

Augvape Intake Dual RTA

The Augvape Intake Dual RTA has top-mounted airflow, so leaks are virtually impossible.

It’s an upgraded version of the excellent single-coil Intake RTA, but this Dual is a 26mm dual coil RTA. It has a juice capacity of 5ml or 7ml with the included extended bubble glass.

It’s super easy to build on with its postless deck and is unbelievably forgiving when it comes to wicking. So if your wicking game sucks, it’s the tank for you.

Its unique top-to-side airflow design is what makes this tank a leakproof monster. But don’t worry if you think that airflow would lead to a lack of flavor. This thing still rocks in the flavor department and delivers a smooth draw.

An overall excellent vape tank and our go-to for a leak proof design. If you want a single coil it’s baby brother the Augvape Intake RTA is just as good an option.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: The Augvape Intake has the airflow slots at the top of the tank. Like many other tanks on this list, a top airflow system is the first and best step to preventing any unwanted leaks (compared to a bottom airflow). However, this RTA also has the airflow that comes in from the top to hit the sides of the coil, and Augvape has done a fantastic job of ensuring that the airflow is smooth and that flavor is maximized. The Intake Dual RTA is not just a leak proof tank; it’s one of the best vape tanks for any vape device.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 (Single & Dual Coil RTA)

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 is a tank renowned for being a flavor beast. It’s also an extremely versatile top airflow tank that features a 4 post build deck, capable of running both dual and single coil builds – and is great at preventing leaks. It’s on the slender side compared to some others at 25mm in diameter, with either a 2ml or 5ml capacity. Also, it features a 4 post build deck where it is possible to run a single coil.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: This tank has a regular cylindrical hood that covers the deck base, and then it has another hood, which is inside that one. In between these and around the perimeter of the two walls is a small amount of cushion space. The airflow gets drawn through the top and funnels down the side of the air pocket, which helps prevent leaks.

As with all top airflow tanks, it is much harder for E-liquid to work its way up, which is another reason why this is an excellent choice for a leak-proof RTA.

Wotofo Profile M RTA

Wotofo Profile M RTA

The Wotofo Profile M is another mesh coil RTA and is ideal if you are a beginner vaper looking to try rebuildables for the first time. It is one of the shortest RTA’s on the market; it can only hold up to 2ml of e-liquid but does feature a leak-proof design. The Wotofo Profile M has a specially designed clamp deck, which is compatible with the Wotofo mesh rebuildable coils – three of which are included.

The Wotofo mesh coils are pre-cut, and you only need to bend them around the provided tool to be able to insert the mesh coil into the deck, so it’s an easy set-up.

The Profile M features top fill and top airflow with a honeycomb structure, ensuring that the tank delivers excellent flavor along with preventing any leaks. As it’s only a short vape tank and uses mesh coils, it also provides a nice warm vape.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: Just like the other top airflow vaping tanks on this list. The main reason the Wotofo Profile M is leak-resistant is that there is nowhere for the juice to leak from beneath the coil. The top airflow design is completely sealed with strong o-rings to prevent any leaking from above. Much like the other mesh coil tanks, you can stuff a lot of cotton underneath the coil, which further helps absorb any stray juice.

Kylin M Leak Proof RTA (Mesh & Single Coil)

Kylin M Leak Proof RTA (Mesh & Single Coil)

The Vandy Vape Kylin M was marketed as a leak-proof RTA and was one of the first single/mesh coil tanks available. The Kylin M has been through different iterations, allowing Vandy Vape to finally perfect the leak-proof technology.

The Kylin M RTA is a 24mm tank, so it will easily sit on any vape mod. The tank capacity can be adjusted between 3ml and 4.5ml with the use of the included bubble glass. It has a removable top cap for easy filling along with a wide bore drip tip. It comes with both a 0.2 and 0.15-ohm mesh coil. Like other vape tanks on this list it utilizes a top airflow system. Still, this one also features a honeycomb design to maximize flavor.

Why this tank doesn’t leak: This mesh coil RTA prevents vape tank leaks by drawing the airflow from the top, like many other leak-proof tanks. The air is directed down towards the coil through advanced channeling from the top holes pushing it to the coil base. There are two chimneys on the deck that only receive air from the top airflow, so like with other top airflow vape tanks there’s nowhere else for juice to leak from. The cotton wick will soak up any remaining juice that does build-up under the mesh coil.

Leak Proof Vaping Tanks

Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you with any of your vape tank leak issues or steer you in the direction of some of the best vape tanks on the market to prevent leak issues.

The truth is that almost any vape tank can have some form of leak issues, especially if you use it improperly. Luckily there are some vape tanks out there that are not only leak-resistant but also provide an excellent vaping experience.

In this article, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best vape tanks that won’t disappoint by leaking or delivering a lackluster vape flavor profile. We hope our list helps you find something new!

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