WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

100 Large E-Liquid | Review

100 Large E-Liquid | Review

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100 Large is the newest eliquid range trying to mix things up in the vaping world.

Their mission is to be big in size, big on flavor and big on savings.

Each 100 Large bottle comes with 2 x 18mg Big Shot Nicotine Boosters to create 120ml of juice (at 3mg), and there’s also a handy cloth in every box too!

There are 6 aptly named fruit and dessert flavors in total, all at 70% VG. Each created by expert mixologists using secret recipes in the UK.

I’ve got a feeling these 100ml short fills are going to turn a few heads and provide a lot more than just value.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeClub for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on the Vandy Vape Pulse 80W combined with Wotofo Recurve RDA, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode.

Banana Haze - 70 VG

Banana / Hazelnut / Pear

100 Large E-Liquids Banana Haze

100 Large say: Banana Haze e-liquid reminds us that timing is everything, especially with a good banana flavour. 100 Large have mimicked the deep almost nutty taste of an overripe banana. This is combined with brown hazelnut and sweet pear to give this flavour real depth. We can’t promise you won’t go ape.

Our Vibe: I’ve really struggled with banana vapes in the past….it’s a hard flavor to get right, and many just taste fake or artificial.

I’m extremely impressed with the banana here though, definitely one of the more natural tasting banana flavors I’ve encountered.

The banana hits you right up front on the inhale and is everpresent throughout the vape. Then there’s the lovely addition of hazelnut notes that don’t become too nutty and ruin the sweet banana taste.

On the exhale you a represented with a slight peak in sweetness coming from the pear, but it is hard to distinguish. It’s very subtle but does add just a little more depth to the whole experience.

Overall it’s a remarkably well-balanced mix of flavors without being too overpowering. It’s certainly a juice I could vape all day without becoming too sickly.

One of the nicest banana flavor juices I’ve tried, it’s incredibly moreish – an excellent start.

Berry Cold - 70 VG

Berries / Menthol

100 Large E-Liquids Berry Cold

100 Large say: Berry Cold e-liquid is a familiar blend, which has been refined by the guys and girls at 100 Large. Winter berry flavour makes up the base of this e-juice, a sweet and rich mix to say the least. The juice really comes into it’s own when the menthol begins to creep in. It compliments the berries without overpowering them.

Our Vibe: This juice is undoubtedly true to its name….it’s ‘berry’ and it’s ‘cold.’

It instantly reminds me of cherry flavored throat/cough sweets. There’s an unmistakable berry juiciness right up front on the inhale, and a perfectly balanced menthol kick that slightly lingers on the back of your throat on the exhale.

It’s quite hard to discern any of the individual fruits, but there’s still a lot of depth to the berry flavor, and it maintains a natural, fresh and juicy quality.

They’ve also done a great job of not overpowering it with menthol like other companies tend to. Yet it maintains the right amount of menthol kick to wake your mouth and tongue up.

A very impressive berry menthol vape…..another solid juice that I could vape all day long.

Donut Worry - 70 VG

Donut / Strawberry / Vanilla

100 Large E-Liquids Donut Worry

100 Large say: Donut Worry e-liquid will remind you to be happy. Starting with a warm tasting donut flavour on first inhale, that leads swiftly to a sweet strawberry jam. Just when you think it’s all over, on the exhale you get a specially blended vanilla bean custard. Altogether creating a rich and satisfying dessert flavour.

Our Vibe: If you love donut flavored juices, you are going to enjoy this one.

It’s full-on sweet sugary donut on the inhale. You can almost feel the dough in your mouth. It’s a little light on the strawberry, but you do get the occasional spike in there to ramp up the sweet goodness.

On the exhale there’s a delightful creamy vanilla to round it all off beautifully.

There may be other donut juices that are a little more complex in their blends, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to taste good……and this donut juice certainly does.

I would say ‘Donut Worry’ is possibly the sweetest and most intense juice of the whole range, yet it still manages not to be overly sweet or sickly.

If you are into your bakery flavors as an all day vape, this would be an excellent choice. For me, it’s more of a juice to indulge in, to keep that sweet tooth at bay.

Fresh Pink of Bel Air - 70 VG

Sweet Aloe Vera / Pink Fruit

100 Large E-Liquids Fresh Pink of Bel Air

100 Large say: Fresh Pink of Bel Air e-liquid is chock full of pink fruit flavour, a secret blend of ripe tasting berries and more. What’s no secret is how well the added sweet aloe vera helps to boost the base notes of this e-juice, creating a fresh tasting medley.

Our Vibe: I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this juice…..and one thing I skeptically didn’t expect was that it was going to taste this damn good!

What an absolutely delightful flavor combination, and truly superb juice.

You may turn your nose up at an exotic flavor like Aloe Vera being used in your vape, but trust me it really works.

It’s hard to explain, if you’ve ever tried one those sugary aloe vera drinks then you know what I mean….there’s almost like a pear drop sweet kind of taste to it.

It’s all very authentic, and natural tasting and I’m probably not doing it enough justice in my description.

Overall the juice has just the right amount of fruity sweetness, without being too in your face, and there’s also an added hint of coolness to it.

A really refreshing, delicate vape, with the perfect amount of individuality and sweetness.

A definite all day vape for me…..one that I’ve fallen in love with, I can see that 120ml disappearing rapidly.

Grape Expectations - 70 VG

Grape / Fizz

100 Large E-Liquids Grape Expectations

100 Large say: Grape Expectations e-liquid refuses to rely heavily on one type of grape flavour. When vaped you’ll clearly taste a mix of black, green and even golden red grape. It gives the juice a sweet and layered taste. A splash of fizz, like carbonated water ties it all together. What the Dickens, indeed.

Our Vibe: Grape seems to be a prevalent flavor with vapers at the moment, and there’s a ton to choose from.

The best way I can describe ‘Grape Expectations’ is that it’s similar to Ruthless’ Grape Drank liquid, but a little more delicate and smooth – not quite as punchy.

There’s a definite soda fizz to it, and that combined with the infusion of the various grapes is delightful and almost verging on wine-like with its aftertaste.

It’s a very authentic and natural tasting grape vape, that’s sweet without being too sugary.

As with this whole range, it’s light and not overpowering, while remaining refreshing and flavorful.

An incredibly solid grape juice experience that sufficed my expectations, and one which I could happily vape on all day long.

Zest Pest - 70 VG

Orange / Lemon / Lime

100 Large E-Liquids Zest Pest

100 Large say: Zest Pest e-liquid will grab your attention as soon as you open the bottle. Some vapers are a bit take it or leave it when it comes to citrus, well this is one blend you’re going to want to take. Packing in a sharp tasting lime, tart lemon and a fresh tasting navel orange; it might not keep away scurvy, but it’s the next best thing.

Our Vibe: I was expecting this to be a very intense and punchy lemon and lime juice.

In fact, it’s something altogether more subtle. The added orange and overall tartness of the combined flavors give it a slightly bitter edge, while remaining light.

On the inhale it’s very dominant on the lime, with the orange striking through occasionally, and noticeable underlying tones of tart lemon.

As the name suggests, this has more of a citrus zest taste to it and not a sweet citrus juice. That’s something I’m not used to seeing with citrus eliquids, but it does lead to quite a pleasant subtle vape.

Overall I’d say it could do with a little more of a sweet kick, it’s not overly juicy but is still light and refreshing.

Another juice that can easily be vaped all day long without becoming too sickly, but those with a sweet tooth may be left a little wanting.

100 Large E-Liquids Review

I’m so impressed with the entire 100 Large range.

Honestly, if you were to package this juice in fancy bottles that are half the size and twice the price, with some over the top branding and labeling…..people would be going crazy over it.

Do not be put off by the incredibly affordable price; these are far more than just budget juices.

Yes, it’s excellent that you get 120ml, and amazing that you get two Nic shots included for the price.

But what really stands out to me is they’ve not only made a conscious effort to create juices that are perfect for all day vaping, which remain gentle on your coils…..but they’ve been incredibly considered in the flavors they have created (not to mentioned imaginative in naming them).

There’s a flavor profile for almost anyone in this range, all with just the right balance of flavors without being too complex and too overpowering.

That being said they are not simple and obvious flavor choices, and quite honestly ‘Fresh Pink of Bel Air’ is one of the most individual and delightful juices I have tried this year.

It’s refreshing to see a liquid company trying their best to provide immense value without skimping on creativity and quality.

The 100 Large range genuinely is big in size, big on flavor and unbelievably easy on the wallet – A must try.

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