WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Advken Manta RTA | Review

Advken Manta RTA | Review

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Advken Manta RTA

The Advken Manta RTA is the latest atomizer from one of the lesser known Shenzen based companies.


  • Dual Coil Design
  • Velocity Style Deck with Staggered Posts
  • 2 Glass Tank Options
  • Excellent Flavor Production
Advken Manta RTA

Advken may not be a name that all vapers are familiar with, but they have made quite a few devices and tanks ranging from the AYANA 60w and Qiangba 200W box mods to the Ziggs 24 RDA.

I’ve personally used and sung the praises of their Mad Hatter RDA to the rest of the team in the past, so I’m looking forward to seeing how good the Manta RTA is.

2Specs & Features
Advken Manta RTA

Main Specs/Features

  • 24mm RTA
  • Dual Coil Design with Staggered Posts
  • Top Refill System with big refill holes
  • 810 Ultem drip tip
  • Gold Plated Positive and Negative Posts
  • 3 Adjustable Air Flow Holes in the deck, and 1 Hole in the Positive Post
  • 5ml for Normal Glass Tube and 5ml for Chubby Glass Tube

In The Box

  • Manta RTA
  • Spare glass (bubble shaped)
  • Coil/Driver tool
  • Spare parts bag
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Vape and share card
3Design & Build Quality
Advken Manta RTA

The Manta RTA from Advken is a stainless steel, and both the black and silver versions have quite a glossy finish to them. It is compatible with most 810 drip-tips, and overall the build and design quality is excellent.

The tank also comes with two Pyrex tank options; the usual straight tube which will hold 3.5ml of liquid, and then a bubble tank allowing up to 5ml of e-liquid.

The top cap of the Manta features a cutout style pattern that helps with the grip when removing for refilling it. The airflow is fully adjustable, and all threads of the tank are smooth and easy to use.

The Ultem 810 drip tip sports a branded band, which look great and actually makes the drip tip appear smaller than it actually is. In my use, it seemed to fit nice and tight into the drip tip hole – no excess wiggling.

I am really impressed with the overall look and feel of this RTA; it has a sleek, compact look about it especially with the 3.5ml tank, the larger bubble glass does make it look a little awkward in my opinion.

4Build Deck
Advken Manta RTA

The Manta’s build deck is made of gold plated stainless steel and features a staggered two post design. On the positive post, there is an internal airflow hole that sits on a peek insulator.

The base has a fully adjustable bottom airflow ring, with 3 large air holes on either side. The internal airflow is managed by 2 holes on either side of the base of build deck, where you coils will sit above.

To round it off you have the 4 corner sections to allow the placing of your wicks and juice intake.

5Building & Wicking
Advken Manta RTA

Like a lot of newer RTAs you do not need to empty the tank to change your wicks or coils, simply turn it upside down and unscrew the base.

The staggered post build deck makes for easy placement with coils; it is the wicking of those coils that might need a little attention.

A lot of vapers get put off from using RTA’s because some can be unforgiving if you don’t wick them correctly, and then you may get leaking issues. It’s a trial and error process, and with the Manta RTA it is no different.

I suggest with the Manta that you use enough cotton that when you pull it through you coil it is slightly restricted and even moves the coil a little. If you are using large diameter coils and have a lot of cotton for wicks, I’d also advise separating your cotton tail into two. Place one half to cover the liquid intake and the other to fill the wick space.

Advken Manta RTA

I was testing the Manta RTA on a VooPoo Drag in wattage mode, with 2 Clapton coils coming in at 0.16 Ohms.

65 Watts

I did attempt to get a mouth to lung draw with the air hole set to only one open, but to be honest, the Manta is just too airy for an MTL style vape. However, I was getting a good restricted lung hit with plenty of flavor and good vapor production. One two air holes open, it was far too airy.

80 Watts

I tried it at 80 watts with both one and two air holes again. It was far too hot a vape with just one open, and with two air holes open I was getting closer to my ideal vape, if still a little too airy. But the flavor and vapor production was starting to come through.

100 Watts

This is where the Manta really started to shine on the vapor production front. I set the airflow to wide open and the vapor produced was immense. But it wasn’t quite as flavorful as at 80 watts.

Personally, i ended up settling at 80 watts with two ar holes open; it gave me the best of both worlds. The Manta is a great tank for those that like high wattage and big airflow. It’s not always my style of vaping, but I was certainly impressed with the flavor and vapor production of this RTA.

Advken Manta RTA

What I Like

There’s no doubting this RTA produces good flavor. It has an easy deck to build on (like most Velocity style decks), the staggered posts make it even easier.

I also like the fact that Advken included a coil tool which doubles as an Allen key and a vape cloth which you don’t usually see in a kit.

What I Didn’t Like

On the flip side, they included a vape cloth but didn’t include a spare drip tip or adapter, which irks me slightly.

Getting the wicking right with this RTA can take a little practice, it’s not as forgiving as some other RTAs.

On a personal note; it was just a little too much airflow for me. I tend to prefer a more restrictive lung hit style vape. That’s not to say it produces a bad vape, not at all. It just might be suited to those that prefer high wattage and direct to lung style vaping.


  • Good flavor/ vapor production
  • Easy to coil
  • Easy to fill
  • 2 glass tank options
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Good looking tank


  • Not for restricted lung hitters
  • Wicking can take some practice
  • No spare drip tip or adaptor
  • The included larger bubble tank might not be to everyone’s liking

The Manta RTA by Advken is an excellent tank. It looks great on any device; it is sleek and compact. It vapes well at medium wattages and even better and high wattages, producing tons of vapor and really great flavor.

The draw is however on the airy side. So if you like a dual coil RTA that is easy to build on (although a little challenging to wick properly), that has an airy draw, and produces great flavor, then this might be the tank for you.

Build Deck
Build Quality

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The Advken Manta RTA is the latest atomizer from one of the lesser known Shenzen based companies. Dual Coil Design Velocity Style Deck with Staggered Posts 2 Glass Tank Options Excellent Flavor Production 1Intro Advken may not be a name that all vapers are familiar with,...Advken Manta RTA | Review