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A well-rounded pre-filled pod system.

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Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

The Apollo Brez Kit is the latest nic salt pod system about to enter a rather congested market.

It’s hoping to stand out from the crowd with it’s lightweight, slim design and TruCeramic Coil powered pods.

The Brez Deluxe Kit has an in-built 320mAh battery and comes with a multi-flavor pack of five pods, which contains 20mg nic salt.

The Good

Good build quality, sleek and compact design, easy to use, good flavor options, clean flavor from ceramic coils, good battery life.

The Bad

Proprietary charger, a little lacking on throat hit (subjective).

The Bottom Line

The Apollo Brez is actually a surprisingly well-rounded pre-filled pod system and in our opinion a better option than the JUUL. It has a nice sleek design, delivers very good flavor from the ceramic coils with a smooth, consistent draw. It also has excellent battery life for such a small device, just a shame about the charger.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Apollo Cigs for the purpose of this review.


  • 320 mAh battery
  • 2.5% or 5% nicotine options
  • Five flavor choices
  • 1 mL liquid capacity

In the Box

  • Apollo Brez battery
  • Proprietary micro-USB charge chord
  • Five-flavor pack of pods
Design & Style8.7
Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

The Apollo Brez has a nice simplistic design to it, while it retains the unmistakable vape pod look of many of its competitors, it’s still able to strike out on its own somewhat in the looks department.

It’s black matte finish, and subtle branding contrasted with the vibrant colored pods give it a universal and clean style which will appeal to most vapers. It certainly has a less clinical look to it than that of the JUUL, and I like it.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

The Brez’s slender and sleek form is made even more apparent when you hold it in your hand, it’s rounded edges make it incredibly ergonomic, and it’s almost feather-light.

The Brez measures in at 104mm x 16mm x 8mm, and only weighs about 17g. It’s so light and compact you’ll barely notice when you have it in your pocket, I know I have on several occasions. In fact, you could easily carry a couple of Brez batteries without adding any bulk.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


The Brez as you’d expect from a pod vape doesn’t come with many features, and it really doesn’t need them.

It’s one of the simplest devices to use and absolutely idea for new capers or smokers looking to transition.

In the Deluxe Kit pack, you get everything you need; the device itself, a proprietary micro USB charger and a 5 pack of pre-filled flavored pods.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

There’s no fire button on the Brez, it’s an automatic draw device. So it really is as simple as place a pod into the battery part of the device, inhale and you are away and vaping….simple!

The pods connect to the device with magnets and are held in place perfectly with little to no movement.

There’s a small window on either side of the pod so you can see your juice level. It is a little too tinted though, to keep the sleek look going throughout. Still, it’s just as easy to pull the pod from the device to see the juice level through the main clearer part of the pod.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


The Brez comes with a built-in 320mAh battery, which can only be charged using the included proprietary adapter.

The proprietary adapter comes in two parts. Firstly there’s your typical micro USB cable, then there’s small plastic adapter which the cable plugs into and connects to the Brez battery via magnets.

To charge the Brez, you simply place the bottom of the device in the adapter, and it will snap into place. Then make sure you have the micro USB cable connected to the adapter and plugged in.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

As with the JUUL, using a proprietary adapter is not an ideal scenario. I would’ve much preferred a straight micro USB or USB-C charger. If you lose the adapter, you are going to be a bit stuck until you can order a replacement.

It’s worth noting that even though the Brez uses a proprietary magnetic charger, it still supports pass-thru, so you can vape while charging.

Battery life for the Brez is shown by a small white LED on the face of the device. The LED lights up every time you vape, and when the battery is depleted, it will start flashing.

It’s definitely not the best battery gauge implementation. I would’ve liked to have seen at least different colors to indicate different battery percentages. However, as with much of the device, Apollo has kept it simple.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

The Brez uses 1ml pre-filled 20mg nic salt pods.

That may sound at the lower end of the scale with regards to juice capacity, but the Brez pods use a TruCeramic Coil to not only deliver a clean flavourful vape but also to help the efficiency of juice consumption.

Like many of the pre-filled systems out there the Brez doesn’t have the most extensive range of flavors. There are 5 in total, and you get one of each included in the Deluxe Kit so you can try them out.

The Brez pods are color-coded to help you quickly determine which flavor you have on your device. As I mentioned above, it’s a nice touch, which we have seen done by other manufacturers but with the Brez, it seems to add to the style of the device.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

Taste can be subjective, but I will say that the pre-filled flavored pods included with the Brez are some of the cleanest and smoothest we’ve come across. Typically there are either a few not so great or overpowering flavors, but with the Brez, they were all on the pleasant side, with some really standing out.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


A Sweet full-flavored tobacco with hints of caramel for a smooth and satisfying inhale and exhale.

One of the nicest RY4’s I’ve tried, mainly because it has an undeniable smooth vanilla and caramel flavor to it, which gives it a subtle sweet lift. In fact, the tobacco flavor is more of an undertone. It’s smooth and moreish, and I could happily vape it all day, and I’m not a fan of tobacco.

Berry Blend

A medley of sweet berries mashed up to give you that incredible berry hit.

This is an incredibly pleasant and fruity vape, it leans more on the natural fruit flavor than a candy one. The berries have a slight sweetness, but it still manages to be quite a mellow vape. Definitely one of the nicest berry flavors I’ve tried in a pre-filled pod.


Juicy honeydew melon with a crisp and refreshing cucumber mint kick.

This smells just like a honeydew melon as soon as you open the pod, and the aroma after vaping is just the same. It’s very light and slightly sweet, and overall just a very clean crisp and refreshing vape. One of my favorites – it’s excellent.


An ice-cold menthol blast for that freeze kick you have been looking for.

This is a sweet menthol, it has the perfect amount of coolness to it. It’s not overpowering like some menthols can be, but there’s still a slight minty kick as you inhale. It’s definitely a solid one – better than your average menthol juice.


Smooth and familiar earthy tobacco for all of those who enjoy the simpler things in life.

This was like a straight-up traditional tobacco to me, slightly nutty and woody and a quite dry. I’m probably not the best to gauge tobacco juices, but I’d say it should suffice most tobacco fans and ex-smokers.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit

The performance of any pre-filled pod system is somewhat determined by the quality of flavors in the pods.

As I’ve summarised those above, I won’t go into detail here. I’ll just re-iterate that taste is subjective, but in my opinion, the Apollo Brez pre-filled pods are very good. I preferred most of the flavors over the ones available for the JUUL.

The ceramic coil definitely helps to provide a smooth, clean taste with each one. However at only 20mg with nic salts, you certainly won’t be getting that sharply defined throat hit, but that’s more down to the nature of nic salts than the performance of the device.

Another positive worth noting is that the Apollo Brez is incredibly consistent, with each draw delivering precisely the same hit.

Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


The Brez, like most pod vapes, doesn’t have adjustable airflow.

Fortunately, the draw you get is the right balance. It’s a slightly looser MTL draw, but not too loose. It’s exceptionally smooth and really helps to produce an impressive amount of vapor for such a little device.

Those looking to replicate a tight cigarette draw might find it a little too loose, but to be honest, that seems to be the usual style with most of the pod vapes at the moment, and you soon get used to it.

Battery Life

You would assume with the Brez only having a 320mAh battery (average for this size of pod vape) that it was going to be at the lower end to average on battery life.

However, thanks to the efficiency of the ceramic coils used in the pods, the battery of the Brez is excellent. The battery was easily lasting me a whole pod before it required a charge, and most of the time that was a conservative day of usage.

I’d bee more than comfortable heading out with a fully charged Brez and full pod as my only vape device.

Good Vibes

  • Good build quality
  • Sleek design
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth draw
  • Consistent hits
  • Good flavor
  • 5 flavors (included the kit)
  • Good battery life
  • Vape while charging

Bad Vibes

  • Proprietary charger
  • Throat hit might be too light (subjective)
Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit


Apollo has done a very good job with the Brez, not just with its sleek looks and simplistic design, but with making sure it delivers a consistent quality vape.

I was also impressed with the flavors they included, especially the Berry and Melon, and I’m sure there’s a flavor there to suit most vapers.

The ceramic coils deliver a clean, smooth flavor and help make the battery life even more impressive.

The Apollo Brez deluxe kit is an excellent choice for any smoker looking to transition into vaping. It has good build quality and styling, delivers an excellent vape experience, and importantly is incredibly easy to use.




The Apollo Brez is actually a surprisingly well-rounded pre-filled pod system and in our opinion a better option than the JUUL. It has a nice sleek design, delivers very good flavor from the ceramic coils with a smooth, consistent draw. It also has excellent battery life for such a small device, just a shame about the charger.
Jules M
Jules M
Jules is our vaping font of knowledge. He has been a passionate vaping supporter since 2013 and spends his time trying to educate people with ‘facts’ on the safety and benefits of vaping.

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Apollo Brez Deluxe Kit | ReviewThe Apollo Brez is actually a surprisingly well-rounded pre-filled pod system and in our opinion a better option than the JUUL. It has a nice sleek design, delivers very good flavor from the ceramic coils with a smooth, consistent draw. It also has excellent battery life for such a small device, just a shame about the charger.