WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit | Review

Aspire breeze to the NXT level.

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Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The Aspire Breeze NXT is the latest release in the incredibly popular Breeze line from Aspire.

The NXT takes the breeze up a level with a huge 5.4ml juice capacity and features new push-to-fit 0.8-ohm mesh coils.

It has a 1000 mAh battery built-in and features automatic draw along with a designated fire button.

There’s a side-mounted airflow dial ranging from MTL to restricted DTL, along with an exposed side fill port for the pods.

The Good

Good ergonomic design, external airflow dial & side fill port, easy coil installation, 5.4ml juice capacity, excellent flavor from mesh coils.

The Bad

Direct output device, too aggressive for a tight MTL draw.

The Bottom Line

The Aspire Breeze NXT is an excellently design compact pod system. It has a lot going for it with a large juice capacity, easy to install mesh coils that deliver excellent flavor. However, it’s still not perfect, and the lack of regulation or adjustable wattage makes it a little too aggressive for restricted MTL vapers.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Aspire Vape for the purpose of this review.


  • 96mm x 35mm x 20.5
  • 1000mAh Battery
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 5.4ml Capacity (2ml TPD)
  • Side Fill System
  • Side Airflow Adjustment
  • Draw Activated And Button Activated
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Multiple Protections (10-sec auto cutoff, short circuit, low voltage, overcharge)

In the Box

  • One Breeze NXT Device
  • One Breeze NXT Pod
  • Two 0.8-ohm Kanthal Mesh Coils
  • One User Manual
  • One USB Charging Cable
Design & Style9.0
Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

There’s a familiar look about the NXT, and it’s apparent from first glance that it’s part of the Breeze family.

However, the slight changes that can be noticed are all there for a good reason.

Firstly, there’s a more ergonomic body with a tapered waistline, which not only looks more appealing but offers more natural hand placement and button-firing. The fire button itself is perfectly placed, slightly inset on the curve of the body (preventing accident firing), and features a responsive click with no rattling.

The Breeze NXT also goes back to its roots of the original Breeze, offering automatic draw activation along with the fire button.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The NXT still features the same style mouthpiece from previous Breeze’s along with the removable dust cap. However, the body sees a more glossy finish, which doesn’t detract from its tactility and thankfully doesn’t show too many fingerprint marks.

The substantial design changes come with the pod itself and the airflow on the NXT, which we will go into detail later.

The pods still secure into place like the Breeze 2, but this time instead of the spring-loaded release buttons, it’s a press-fit. The pods click into place perfectly and have very little chance of coming out accidentally. It’s a definite improvement over the previous design.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The pods have also seen an increase in capacity to 5.4ml, but it’s now far harder to see your remaining juice level. There’s a thin strip between the device and the pod, expanding on either side, which reveals the juice level. However, it’s only the bottom half of your juice level that can be seen.

Overall from the outside, the Aspire Breeze NXT is an attractive yet simple device. It is a more modern refresh of the original Breeze’s.


Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The Breeze NXT measures in at 96 mm x 35 mm x 20.5 mm, which means it only stands 1mm taller than the previous Breeze 2.

It weighs exactly the same at 75 grams. So it keeps the same pocket-friendly and portable form.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The Aspire Breeze NXT features an in-built 1000mAh battery and is a direct output device. Sadly that means there’s no wattage or voltage adjustment.

It can be activated by either the fire button or through an automatic draw.

It can be switched on/off through 5 clicks of the fire button and has an LED indicator light surrounding the fire-button to show the status of your battery.

It’s definitely an improvement over the original breezes LED positioning. However, it keeps to the same gauge with the following:

  • Green – Over 3.8V
  • Blue – 3.5 – 3.8V
  • Red – Below 3.5V
Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The pod or cartridge for the Aspire NXT Breeze has 2.4ml more capacity than it’s predecessor at 5.4ml in total (with 2ml available in the EU).

It’s possible the part that’s had the most drastic design change from the breeze line.

The pod has grippy ribbed sides, which you need to pinch slightly to remove it from the device. It fits in very securely but is still relatively easy to remove.

To swap or replace coils, you will have to remove the pod from the device. Then you will see the flat base of the coil head. It’s a little awkward to grip, so you need to use your fingernails to enable you to pull it out.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

It’s a lot easier to replace as it’s just a case of lining it up and pushing it in. It’s a far simpler system than previous Breeze’s and is one that is becoming the norm with manufacturers in 2019. As with most of these systems, you have to be aware of how much juice you have in the pod before pulling out the coil. If it’s over half full, you end up with a mess when you pull the coil out.

One part of the Aspire Breeze NXT that hasn’t seen a drastic change is the filling mechanism. With recent Aspire releases, we have seen a push-to-fill port, and I’m surprised they didn’t include that with the NXT. I guess it would have decreased the capacity of the pod and made using replaceable coils, may have made it tricky.

As it stands, there is a small silicone plug anchored to one side of the pod. It’s easy to remove and reveals a large fill hole that can accommodate large fill needles or droppers.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit


The airflow of the Breeze has seen a drastic update, with the NXT having a small metal dial on the side device to adjust it. It resembles a volume dial on an old school walkman, and there’s something quite satisfying about adjusting it.

It’s certainly an improvement over the previous Breeze, where you had to remove the pod to adjust the airflow. However, with it being on the outside of the device, it is prone to occasional movement when placed in your pocket.

It’s also in a position that you have to be careful of not covering with the hand when you grip the device.

The airflow does have varying degrees of adjustment, with a hard stop at the end. It can go from a restricted MTL to a restricted DTL, but with the included 0.8-ohm mesh coil, you might find it’s suited to that looser draw.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit


The NXT comes with its own style coils, which are push-to-fit.

At present, there is only one type of coil, which is 0.8-ohm Kanthal Mesh, and there are two included in the kit. So other Breeze coils will not work in the NXT.

The coils do have extremely large wicking ports, which makes them ideal for high VG juices, but they still work well with 50/50 mixes. There’s also a rapid ramp time from the device irrelevant of whether it’s using the fire button or automatic draw.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

The first thing you notice about the performance of the Breeze NXT is it’s a lot more intense than previous Breeze’s – this is mainly due to the 0.8-ohm mesh coil.

The NXT fires instantly and delivers an extremely warm vape, with very pronounced flavor. I’d say it’s definitely a notch up on the previous Breeze coils.

However, that instant hit and warm vape won’t last you throughout the battery capacity of the device. This is because it uses direct output, so you will notice the performance dropping as the battery depletes.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

It’s really disappointing that Aspire didn’t make it a regulated device, or even include wattage adjustments. The fact that you can’t control the power, and the intense low ohm coil also makes it the NXT too much for a quality MTL vape.

You can dial the airflow down to a tight MTL draw, but it’s too violent a vape to deliver a pleasant experience unless the battery is in the ‘blue’ range between 3.5-3.8V. It would be a different story with a designated higher ohm MTL coil, which we may see further down the line.

The Aspire NXT is better suited to a loose MTL draw, or even a restricted DTL. That way, you can open the airflow up a little more and allow the air to sweep through and cool the coil slightly.

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit

Taking all of that into consideration, I wouldn’t venture higher than a 12mg nic level (free base), and I’d stay away from high nic salts with this coil.

On the plus side, the newly designed airflow system does make the Breeze NXT incredibly quiet to vape on, and it’s a smooth draw. The automatic draw firing switch is also extremely sensitive and fires with the slightest pull.

Battery Life

The NXT’s 1000mAh battery is a similar capacity to many other pod systems on the market and the previous Breeze’s, and it delivers the expected performance.

It should easily see you through a day vaping, and possibly two at a conservative pace. Sadly there’s still the old micro USB port for charging and no USB-C.

However, it does feature pass-thru charging, so you can vape while the battery is topping up. It takes approximately 90 minutes to charge from completely drained, and the fire button’s LED indicates the level the charge status is at.

Good Vibes

  • Nice ergonomic design
  • Good build quality & finish
  • Large juice capacity
  • Excellent flavor
  • Smooth, quiet draw
  • External airflow dial is easy to adjust
  • MTL and restricted DTL
  • Easy coil installation
  • Convenient side-refill port

Bad Vibes

  • Direct output device (performance drops along with battery)
  • Too aggressive for a tight MTL draw
Aspire Breeze NXT Kit


Is the Aspire Breeze NXT an improvement over previous Breeze devices?

Yes, it is….but it’s still not a perfect device.

The 0.8-ohm mesh coils are a little too intense for a tight MTL vape, so it’s better suited to those that prefer a loose MTL vape.

The fact that Aspire didn’t make it a regulated device, means that performance will drop off as the battery depletes. I think the lack of adjustable wattage/voltage is a step backward.

That being said, it does deliver excellent flavor, and the updated design has been well implemented. The increase in juice capacity is also a welcome addition.




The Aspire Breeze NXT is an excellently design compact pod system. It has a lot going for it with a large juice capacity, easy to install mesh coils that deliver excellent flavor. However, it’s still not perfect, and the lack of regulation or adjustable wattage makes it a little too aggressive for restricted MTL vapers.
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The Aspire Breeze NXT is an excellently design compact pod system. It has a lot going for it with a large juice capacity, easy to install mesh coils that deliver excellent flavor. However, it’s still not perfect, and the lack of regulation or adjustable wattage makes it a little too aggressive for restricted MTL vapers.Aspire Breeze NXT Kit | Review