WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aspire Zelos Kit | Review

Aspire Zelos Kit | Review

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Aspire Zelos Kit

The Aspire Zelos vape mod kit with the Nautilus 2 tank is Aspire’s latest entry into the market – and it’s a good one.


  • Perfect MTL Tank
  • 50W power output
  • Auto flip screen
  • 2500mAh internal battery

Aspire have been known for producing good beginner end vape devices. So I’m glad that they have stayed clear of the 200W+ mod madness for now and focused on what they do well. There are plenty of new vapers searching for the ideal device, and this 50W kit from Aspire could well be the right choice for them or even experienced vapers.

Aspire Zelos Kit

There’s something to admire in the simplistic look of the Aspire Zelos kit. In the current market when all you see are shiny flashy mods with bells and whistles, a little simplicity goes a long way. I’ve also been waiting a long time for the Nautilus 2, and it doesn’t disappoint on the looks front, but how about the performance?

Let’s find out.

Aspire Zelos Kit

Zelos Mod

  • Dimensions: (H) 78mm x (W) 23 x (L) 40mm
  • 50W
  • 2500mAh Battery capacity
  • Spring loaded 510 pin
  • Can fire down to 0.1Ohm resistance
  • Temp Control – Ni/Ti/SS
  • Voltage mode
  • Bypass mode
  • Auto flip screen
Aspire Zelos Kit

Nautilus 2 Tank

  • 2ml Capacity
  • 0.7 Ohm (Sub ohm coil ) + 1.8 Ohm Coil included
  • Easy top fill design
  • Mouth-to-Lung Tank
Aspire Zelos Kit- Nautilus 2 Tank

In The Box

  • Aspire Zelos mod
  • Aspire nautilus 2 tank
  • 1 X 0.7 Ohm Coil (Recommended for use at 18-23W)
  • 1 X 1.8 Ohm coil (Recommended for use at 10-14W)
  • Spare stainless still drip tip
  • Spare pyrex glass
  • Micro USB charging cable
3Design & Build Quality
Aspire Zelos Kit

When I first saw the Aspire Zelos, my initial thoughts were it’s not going to win any awards for design. However, after closer inspection and physically handling it, my perspective completely changed.

The build quality of the Zelos is really solid, and the contrasting grays and minimal branding work really well and help to give it a sleek look. It’s also subtle and smooth to the touch, all in a really small and compact design.

It has a 2500mAh internal battery inside such a small and neat chassis, which is incredibly comfortable in even the smallest of hands.

They have also considered some small details; like a slight ridge on the side of the mod which allows for three fingers to rest below the fire button while your index finger can hover over the button. It all adds to the pleasure of handling the device.

On the base of the Aspire Zelos are the battery venting holes, and the buttons are solid with no rattle or play whatsoever.

The OLED screen is a good size for such a compact mod and is nice and clear. It also comes with an auto screen adjustment, much like on a smartphone. Which means whichever way you hold the mod the screen will auto flip, it works instantly and is a nice touch which I’d like to see other manufacturers use.

The Micro USB port for charging is positioned beneath the screen and allows for pass through vaping.

As for the the 510, it has an adjustable pin and every tank or RDA I’ve tried on it fit well and connect smoothly.

Aspire Zelos Kit

I’ve been using the Aspire Zelos consistently for the last few weeks, it has taken the usual barrage of knocks and drops and still looks as good as new.

I think the Anodized Aluminum coating Aspire have used is great, and has helped to protect it and keep scratches at bay.

Aspire Zelos Kit

The Nautilus 2 Tank

Firstly I won’t go into too much detail about the Nautilus 2 tank, as you can check out our full review here.

However, it performs exactly how I expected it too. Not only does it keep the same distinct Aspire styling of the bell top design of the original Nautilus, but it also has the same excellent mouth-to-lung experience.

Even with 70/30 VG juice it wicks well and produces amazing flavor. The one big design change over the original Nautilus is that it is top fill. Simply unscrew the top bell cap and dump your e-liquid into the glass chamber. The only caveat with this form of top-fill is it does tend to flood the coil a little when refilled, but that is just the nature of this design as the air has nowhere to escape. That being said, a couple of fires at a higher wattage will remove any flooding.

I think the other clever design feature of the center of the tank is it’s not entirely glass. I remember having to replace a couple of glass tubes on my original Nautilus; this will not happen with the Nautilus 2. Seeing as this is ultimately a tank for beginners or those who love MTL vaping, that’s a welcome change.

I can safely say, right now this is the best MTL tank on the market, I’m seriously impressed with it.

The Zelos 50W Mod

I’ll just start by saying the Aspire Zelos has been an absolute pleasure to use.

It’s evident when something works well, as you almost forget that you are using it. That’s been my experience with the Zelos; no messing about, just simply put your tank on, set your wattage, and you are ready to go for the day. Simple vaping, exactly how it should be – especially for beginner and novice vapers.

Battery Life

The battery life performed admirably, partially because when paired with the Nautilus 2, I was vaping at a higher resistance. On the 1.8 Ohm coil, I was achieving a day and a half before I needed to charge.

However, when I used the 0.7 Ohm coil, this was reduced to around 6-7 hours, which was to be expected.

Battery life is really going to come down to how you use the device, just keep in mind the lower the resistance of your coil the more the battery will drain.

Aspire Zelos Kit

Aspire have used their own proprietary board, and there is certainly nothing to complain about here. It has a full temperature control for all the popular metals, Ni, SS, Ti. Along with the usual Wattage, Voltage, and Bypass modes. The Temp Control also performs really well on this mod, I tested it with both Ni and SS, and both worked very well.

The board is capable of firing as low as .1 ohms and is adjustable in .1 watt increments. Also, having pass-through technology built in means you can vape while charging.

The menu system is very simple and easy to use as well.

The Menu System

  • Press the fire button 5 times continuously to switch the device on
  • Click the fire button 3 times to lock the device
  • While locked, hold the fire button down for 3 seconds to turn the mod off
  • Press the +/- button together to access all the modes
  • In TC mode press the – and fire button simultaneously to adjust the wattage
  • Pressing the fire button and + button together will lock the mod
  • The Mod will enter sleep mode when idle for over a minute.

The only one very minor issue I had with the menu and settings, was I found the wattage selection scroll speed to be a little too fast.

It’s fine if you are using a 200W mod, but when you only want to go up a few watts after changing coils, it can be annoying. However, not something that will bother most as you’d generally stick to the same ohm coils.


  • Great build quality
  • Compact mod – feels good in the hand
  • Perfectly matched with the Nautilus 2 tank
  • Nautilus 2 is an excellent MTL tank
  • Beginner friendly
  • TC is good
  • Good battery life
  • Auto flip screen works well
  • Vape while charging


  • Scrolling through the watts can go super fast
  • 1 amp charging

Aspire have done a fantastic job with this kit. They know what market they are after and have a created a brilliant choice for new vapers or anybody looking to upgrade from a vape pen.

The Zelos is paired perfectly with the Nautilus 2, and both in their own right are great devices, but together they make the perfect MTL starter kit.

The mod is reliable, simple to use and well made. While the tank provides one of the best mouth-to-lung experiences that I’ve had from a tank thus far. It is even capable of sub-ohming with the 0.7 Ohm coils and still performs well.

If I had to recommend one starter kit to someone new to vaping or looking to upgrade from a vape pen – this is it.

Build Quality
Ease of Use

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The Aspire Zelos vape mod kit with the Nautilus 2 tank is Aspire's latest entry into the market - and it's a good one. Perfect MTL Tank 50W power output Auto flip screen 2500mAh internal battery 1Intro Aspire have been known for producing good beginner end...Aspire Zelos Kit | Review