WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Augvape Alexa S24 RDA | Preview

Alexa...show me a new single-coil RDA.

The Augvape Alexa S24 RDA is the latest single coil RDA from Augvape and is made in collaboration with ‘Inhale.’

Augvape is a well-known brand in the atomizer space and has made some excellent RDAs in the past, like the Druga, Druga 2, and BTFC.

As for the ‘Inhale’ brand, I must admit I don’t know much about them, and even a quick google doesn’t help. However, I trust that Augvape has put their name to the Alexa S24 RDA as they had some significant input with the design.

So what is the Augvape Alexa S24 RDA?

Well, the name tells you straight away that it is a 24mm diameter RDA. What it doesn’t tell you is that it is a single-coil RDA.

The design of the Alexa S24 is extremely compact, at only 50.5mm tall, which means this is designed to be a flavor banger.

Augvape Alexa S24 RDA

The Alexa S24 has an interesting and very attractive-looking build deck. It has 4 (Allen key) clamp screws giving you options for coil placement, and as it’s a 24mm RDA, you should have space for some good-sized coils.

The airflow of the Alexa S24 is dual-sided with one wide-open sot on either side. It is adjustable by rotating the barrel to close off either inlet.

Even though the airflow slots are low on the RDA, it seems the airflow will come up at an angle and envelope the top half of your coil before exiting via the mouthpiece. So I’m not sure whether you would call it bottom airflow or not.

The Alexa S24 comes with a hollow 510 pin for squonking and a solid 510 pin to be used as a dripping atomizer.

It comes with two drip tip options There is an 810 drip tip attached, but it also comes with a 510 drip tip adapter to run as a more condensed draw with your own drip tips.

The Augvape Alexa S24 RDA is available in 3 colors: Matt Black, Black Chrome, and Stainless Steel.

Augvape Alexa S24 RDA Colors

Specs & Features

Augvape Alexa S24 RDA Specs
  • Size: 24×50.5mm
  • Single coil configuration
  • Squonk 510 pin compatible
  • Side adjustable airflow
  • 810 drip tip with 510 adaptor
Augvape Alexa S24 RDA Contents
  • Augvape Alexa S24 RDA
  • Allen key
  • 510 drip tip adaptor
  • Spare parts
  • BF hollow 510 Pin
Augvape Alexa S24 RDA

Who is it for?

Vapers who want a single coil RDA that is compact and ideal for squonking.

Augvape Alexa S24 RDA

Our Vibe

Augvape has a pretty good track record when it comes to easy-to-use single coil RDAs.

The Alexa S24 is an interesting RDA that looks like it will follow on that path for Augvape.

I think it’s a very sleek-looking RDA, and I especially like the color-coded build deck and its compact form.

The way Augvaoe has designed the airflow should mean it’s ideal for squonking, as the airflow inlets sit higher up and seem to hit the coils from the sides and not underneath.

Whether this is of any detriment to the flavor or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

As for why they named the RDA ‘Alexa,’ I have no idea. But let’s hope it delivers the answers for fans of single-coil RDAs.

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