Augvape Druga Foxy Mod | Review

It's definitely 'Foxy,' and I love it!

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Augvape Druga Foxy Mod Review

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

Augvape’s better known for releasing quality atomizers than they are box mods. However, their last device the V200, certainly made a lot of people stand up and take notice.

Their latest release is the Druga Foxy. It’s a sleek looking 150 watts dual 18650 device with a very unique “quick-release” system, which is incorporated into the 510.

It has replaceable front and back panels and is available in two colors, silver, and gunmetal.

The Good

Stunning design and build quality, well-executed quick release system, excellent battery life and easy to use.

The Bad

No USB for charging or firmware upgrade. No TC or preheat options (subjective).

The Bottom Line

One of the best looking and performing devices on the market. It may lack all the fancy peripheral features of some of its competitors, but the Druga Foxy certainly makes up for it with style and performance. The quick-release system is an intelligent design and works well. If you are a pure wattage or voltage vaper, it’s a must. Highly recommended.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Augvape for the purpose of this review.


  • Dimensions: 93mm by 26mm by 49mm
  • VV/VW Mod
  • Dual 18650 High Drain Batteries (not included)
  • Quick-release patent design
  • Read resistance automatically
  • 9.2 mm x 5.2 mm OLED digital display
  • Plus and minus button to adjust voltage
  • Maximum wattage output: 150 watts
  • Maximum output current: 45 amps
  • Output voltage range: 0.5 – 6.5 volts
  • Resistance range: 0.05 – 3 Ohms
  • High-quality zinc alloy construction
  • Switchable IML panels
  • Gold-plated brass 510 contact

In the Box

  • 1 x Augvape Druga Foxy Mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

It’s becoming quite difficult for vape manufacturers to come up with original designs and features with mods.

However, Augvape seems to be one of the best when it comes to treading their own path and not conforming to generic designs. We were big fans of the V200 not just because it was an original design, but because it was a simple and effective device that performed well.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

The Druga Foxy seems to take that originality to a whole new level. Not only does this thing look beautiful, but it has a feature that no one else has used before – a quick release system.

That’s right; the Druga Foxy has it’s own designated button on the top side of the mod, which when pressed allows you to pull the atomizer off of the device without unscrewing quickly.

Now some might say that’s just a bit of a gimmick, an unnecessary and over-engineered feature, and you might be right. However, it’s worth considering the safety benefits of such a feature. If your device starts auto-firing and you need to remove the atomizer quickly, there’s no faster method than this, and it works well.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

As for the rest of the design with the Druga Foxy, it looks and feels premium. There’s such a substantial heft to it for a dual 18650 device, but that weight gives it a quality feel.

Even though the main frame of the device is made from zinc alloy, there are two removable plastic panels on either side, held in place by small but strong magnets. One panel acts as a battery cover, and beneath it is a tidy compartment for the two 18650’s. The other panel covers the front of the device protecting and hiding both the display and the adjustment buttons, which also prevents you from accidentally adjusting power settings in your pocket.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

The front panel does have a small perspex window on it so you can see the display, which unfortunately is a little small. But this is a simple variable voltage/wattage device, so there’s not too much that’s needed to display on that screen.

When it comes to styling Augvape has done an excellent job of keeping it sleek and on point. The Gunmetal version we have for review has a nice subtle hexagonal pattern on the removable panels, with a small golden ‘Druga’ logo. Then beneath the front panel, you will find an elegantly printed Ohm’s Law Calculator, a clever and well-executed design choice.

Overall the Druga Foxy is one hell of a slick and sexy looking device, and I’ve instantly fallen in love with it.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

Build Quality

The Druga foxy has remarkable build quality.

Everything just feels so solid and fits together flawlessly. The panels have no movement whatsoever, and the fire button and +/- buttons are perfectly clicky.

The quick release button is solid but also responsive. The only one reservation I have is just how long a mechanism like that will hold up over time, but it does feel like Augvape has done a quality job with it.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

There’s not too much to talk about here as the Druga Foxy is pretty basic feature-wise. There’s no TC mode, curves modes or preheat options; it’s a straight-up variable wattage and variable voltage device.

That also means there’s no real need for a menu system. In fact all you need to know is:

  • 5 clicks of the fire button powers the device on or off
  • Hold + and – together to switch between voltage and wattage modes
  • Press + or – to adjust the wattage/voltage setting


Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

Some might scoff at the fact that there’s no TC or fancy features. But I much prefer to see a device have none of those features than implement them poorly.

Also most vapers I know stick to pure wattage, so I don’t think many would miss those fancy features.

The one slight negative is there’s no micro-USB port on the device. I’m sure it won’t ever require a firmware upgrade as it’s so simple, but not being able to charge your batteries on the fly might put some off. It’s always recommended to charge them separately anyway, but it’s nice to have the option.

Augvape Druga Foxy Mod

What the Augvape Druga lacks in features it makes up for in pure power performance.

It’s such an incredibly easy device to use, and it certainly feels like it’s giving you the wattage or power you set it to. I also really like the fact that it adjusts in full-watt increments, and in 0.1-volt increments.

It seems Augvape’s conscious decision to keep the board simple has also paid dividends when it comes to battery efficiency. I don’t have exact figures for you but having used this device a lot over the last 4 weeks and at high wattage, it definitely beats my other daily dual battery device the Innokin Proton for efficiency and that was also great.

It’s also worth mentioning that over the 4 weeks of use, and I’ve had no issues with the quick release system. I don’t find myself using it all of the time, but when I do, I’m reminded how neat and well implemented it is.

Good Vibes

  • Stunning looks
  • Excellent build quality
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick-release system works well
  • No button rattles
  • Adjusts by voltage or wattage
  • Great performance
  • Centered 510 pin
  • Can fit 26 mm atomizers without overhang
  • +/- buttons protected by panel
  • Extremely durable

Bad Vibes

  • No Temp Control (subjective)
  • No preheat options (subjective)
  • Small display screen
  • No USB port for firmware updates/charging
Augvape Druga Foxy Mod


The Druga Foxy by Augvape is not only one of the nicest looking devices on the market it’s also one of the most solid in terms of build quality and performance.

If like me you’re not fuzzed by the negatives I’ve listed above, as you are a simple power vaper then you are going to love this device. It’s easily made it into my top list of dual 18650 mods, and I’m sure we’ll see it in our best vapes mods list soon.

I love the fact that Augvape not only keep it simple with the looks and the chipset of the device, but they are also bold enough to try something new with the quick-release system, and it works. In fact, it works incredibly well and even if you think it’s just a gimmick you don’t have to use it.

The Druga Foxy is one hell of a device and one I highly recommend.

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