WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best CBD Vape Cartridges – Pre-filled & Re-fillable 2023

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CBD vape carts are fantastic for consuming CBD. There are two main options: pre-filled CBD vape carts and refillable CBD vape carts. Pre-filled CBD vape carts are a superb choice if you want a variety of strains, you don’t want to refill or maintain, and you want reliability. Refillable CBD carts are great for long-term usage and saving money. 

CBD can offer many benefits to users—including anxiety reduction, stress relief, insomnia relief, and muscular relaxation. That’s why vaping CBD from pre-filled or refillable CBD vape cartridges is such an excellent idea. All you need is a 510 thread battery or CBD vape pen then you can connect and any CBD vape cartridge. It really that easy to vape CBD.

Here are our best CBD cartridges for 2023:


Secret Nature CBD - Lemon Diesel Sativa

Secret Nature CBD Cartridge 

Secret Nature always delivers strong results when it comes to CBD, and the Secret Nature CBD cartridge is no different. Secret Nature makes its CBD cartridges with rich cannabinoids and terpenes, which results in a tasty experience. Better still, the Secret Nature CBD cartridges come in 700m and 1200mg full-spectrum CBD with various high-profile strains. 

The CBD cartridge is 100 percent organic, is 3rd party lab tested, and has zero additives. Therefore, you know you’re using a high-quality CBD product. Many users suggest this CBD vape cartridge with its powerful Sativa properties gives them a massive creative boost throughout the day.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Vape Cartridge - Cactus Cooler

Cheef Botanicals CBD Pen

Cheef Botanicals CBD vape carts are excellent for all cannabis fans; you can use them with any 510-threaded battery or Cheef’s 350 mAh battery. Either way, you’ll enjoy excellent results. The carts come in twenty different flavor options with two strengths: 200 and 400 mg. 

As always, we ensure you’re purchasing high-quality CBD, and all Cheef Botanical products are 3rd party lab-tested, THC-free, and have CO2-extracted broad-spectrum hemp oil. What’s more, Cheef Botanicals offer their CBD vape pen cartridges in many flavors: mango, pineapple, sour diesel, cactus cooler, fruity cereal, and much more.

Funky Farms CBD Cartridge - Lemon Cake

Funky Farms CBD Cartridge

Funky Farm’s CBD vape carts are fantastic for vaping many strains—including Granddaddy Purple, Pineapple Express, and Natural. Each cartridge contains around 600mg of full-spectrum CBD. Funky Farms source their CBD from hemp grown on US farms; therefore, it contains no fillers. That’s why the company’s motto is all funk, no junk. 

In addition, Funky Farms has ensured their products contain lower than the legal THC limit. The products all contain 3rd party lab reports to ensure maximum safety and quality. They’re also compatible with 510-threaded batteries. 

JustCBD CBD Vape Cartridge - Northern Lights

JustCBD Cartridge 

JustCBD is a top CBD company with numerous high-quality CBD products, and their CBD vape cartridges are no different. Their cartridges contain around 200mg of CBD isolate, which is enough to cause some superb side effects. The products come in different flavors, such as sour diesel, pineapple express, and vanilla custard cream. 

They also come in three strain-specific terpene-flavored varieties. These CBD vape cartridges are perfect if you prefer a light and smooth vaping experience. That makes them ideal for daily dosing. JustCBD also have a great range of CBD vape juice if you prefer to use a refillable CBD vape cart.

Refillable CBD Cartridges

Linx Hermes 3 Atomizer

Linx Hermes 3 Atomizer

If you’re looking for an excellent refillable CBD cartridge, look no further than the Linx Hermes 3 Atomizer. With its revolutionary ceramic heating technology, Linx has created a refillable cartridge that can vape all CBD oil types, ensuring you have the best vaping experience. 

The Link Hermes 3 Atomizer eliminates all waste, is made from robust stainless steel, and includes a ceramic heating core. The vape cart also works with most 510 thread batteries, making it fantastically versatile. We think the Linx Hermes 3 is the best CBD vape cartridge for those want to use their own CBD oils.

SPRK Ceramic Cartridge

SPRK Ceramic Cartridge

If you want to get the greatest flavor from your concentrates, the SPRK Ceramic Cartridge is ideal for you. SPRK built this cartridge purely from ceramic, which ensures your oil and concentrates never touch metal or other materials. You’ll experience maximum safety. 

In addition, the SPRK Ceramic Cartridge has a patented design that features a true ceramic core. This allows the vape cart to offer a more reliable vaping experience. Most importantly, you can refill it over and over again before you ever reach that annoying burnt taste with one use of a standard 510 cartridge.

SPRK Cartridge

SPRK Cartridge

Another superb option from SPRK is the SPRK Cartridge. Similar to the SPRK Ceramic Cartridge, the SPRK Cartridge has a patented design that ensures none of your concentrates or oil leaks during use. Therefore, you can say goodbye to leaking carts destroying your 510 batteries. 

The SPRK Cartridge also comes with CAT 3 Compliance. As a result, they provide testing results for every SPRK cartridge they offer. They’re proud to announce that the test results are always excellent and show maximum safety.

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What Are Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges?

Instead of going through many disposable vape pens for your CBD and THC requirements, a pre-filled CBD cartridge ensures you only dispose of the top part of the vape. You can screw any CBD vape cartridge onto your vape pen or 510 vape battery, and it’ll work at the same quality as the start. As long as you charge the base, it can heat up the contents of a pre-filled cartridge, which includes a high CBD or THC percentage. 

Many pre-filled vape carts contain over 70% THC, making them ideal for heavy cannabis users. In addition, pre-filled CBD cartridges often have various high-quality flavors, which are excellent for anyone with a sweet tooth. In contrast, there are pre-filled vape cartridges that contain high CBD levels instead of THC. These are excellent for anyone who wants CBD benefits without getting high. The best options are full-spectrum CBD products, but CBD isolates are also a solid option. 

What Are Refillable CBD Cartridges?

Refillable CBD vape cartridges are empty tanks that use a wicking system and internal coil. You can fill these with either CBD vape oil or distillate, depending on your preferences. Better still, refillable CBD cartridges are often inexpensive and more cost-effective than disposable vape pens or pre-filled cartridges. 

To refill a refillable CBD cartridge, you must unscrew the top of the tank to fill it up. However, different CBD vape pens have different-sized tanks. In most cases, these vapes have a button that you need to press to vape. Refillable vape carts can be more complicated than disposable vape pens, but their cost-effectiveness makes up for that in the long run. 

How To Fill an Empty CBD Oil Cart?

Do you need to refill an empty CBD cart? Don’t worry. It’s not a complicated process, and we will help you learn it. 

Here are four simple steps:

  • Firstly, you need to twist the mouthpiece clockwise until it comes off. If it doesn’t come off, it’s not refillable. 
  • Secondly, you must fill an eye-dropper or a syringe with concentrate. Most vape carts can hold between 0.5 and 1 gram and include a maximum fill line. 
  • Then, you should insert the syringe into the open side of the cartridge; you can then push the CBD oil out of the syringe. Many vape carts have a metal piece in the center, which means you can place the syringe into a space around the metal piece. 
  • After that, you can simply screw the mouthpiece onto the vape and you’re all finished. However, be careful that you don’t over-tighten your mouthpiece because this can damage the threads. 

Although it may feel a little tricky at first, it should be simple after the second or third time. 

How To Use a CBD Oil Cartridge?

Using a CBD oil cartridge, although it may seem complicated at first, will soon become second nature. 

Here’s a simple guide to using a CBD oil cartridge:

  • Connect your CBD cartridge to your 510 battery. 
  • Click the power button 5 times to switch the battery on.
  • Press the button while inhaling the CBD. Start with small and steady puffs.
  • Wait around 5 to 10 minutes between puffs to observe how the CBD affects you. 
  • Take longer or smaller doses depending on how the CBD affects you. 

Again, this will become second nature after a couple of attempts. Don’t worry if you fail to master it on the first attempt. 

Is CBD Legal?

If you’re new to vaping CBD, you’re probably wondering whether CBD is legal—which is an important query. Here’s the truth: it depends on where you are. In the United States, CBD is legal if it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC. 

Most pre-filled CBD vape carts deliberately include less THC than this amount to protect users. However, that’s not true for all CBD companies—especially unreliable brands. So always buy from the best CBD companies that ensure lower THC levels than 0.3 percent. 

CBD laws vary outside of North America. In some nations, especially outside of the Western hemisphere, CBD laws are extremely strict. The local authorities don’t separate CBD from THC, which means they consider CBD a drug. It’s best to leave your CBD vapes at home if the laws are strict or uncertain. 

Wrapping Up 

It’s no wonder why CBD vaping is becoming so popular; it’s a safer, more reliable, and truly effective way to enjoy incredible CBD health benefits. Always use the best pre-filled or refillable CBD vape carts to ensure the best experience.

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