Bryn’s Special Sauce E-Liquid | Review

Bryn has been creating a proper gourmet range of Special Sauces... are they any good?

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Bryn's Special Sauce E-Liquid

Bryn has been brewing some Special Sauces to delight and satisfy vapers with a discerning palate….are they any good?

Flavors Tested

  • Papricot Custard
  • Sour Blue Sorbet

We get sent a lot of e-liquids to review and unfortunately don’t have the time to do a detailed review of all the lines. However, now and then there are some that we just can’t let slip by without mentioning them.

Bryn’s Special Sauce range is one of them. There are only 3 in the range, but they were that impressed with them that JAC Vapour snapped up Bryn to be their very own special sauce maker.

Spoiler Alert: They are some unique and impressive mixes here that won us all over, so it’s definitely worth a peek if you’re looking for something new to vape on.

All the juices are 80/20 VG/PG mixes and come in either 3 or 6mg nicotine strength.

Disclaimer: We received the Bryn’s Special Sauce from JAC Vapour for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on a collection of atomizers, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode. The weapons of choice were the trusted Serpent SMM, the Advken Manta and the Wasp Nano RDA, all sitting on top the Modefined Sirius.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Papricot Custard

Bryn's Special Sauce Papricot Custard

Bryn’s say: Even a man’s man like Bryn needs a little comforting from time to time. Where does he turn? His patented Papricot Custard juice of course.

Warm, soft peach, combined with fruity crushed apricot and finished off with a touch of rich vanilla custard for a sweet and creamy vape which is as comforting as it is delicious. With an added hint of assorted dried fruits, including grape, plum and apple.

Our Vibe: Firstly I have to confess I have never tried apricot custard, or apricots and custard as food, let alone as a vape! I usually stick to the unexciting banana or strawberry with my creams and custards.

However, even from the smell of the juice, you can tell it’s not a straight-up plain fruit and custard. It’s dense, complex, yet finely balanced.

On the inhale you get a strong and fairly sharp apricot taste punch through, which is then met with a softening taste of the sweeter peach.

But it’s on the exhale that everything comes together in a creamy and dreamy nectar concoction, as the custard almost seems to envelop the fruit in rich, creamy goodness. It’s not an overpowering custard and is balanced perfectly with the fruit.

At higher wattages and especially on the Serpent SMM I started to notice more complexities of what must be the dried fruit. It’s hard to explain what dried fruit vapes like but it certainly only adds to the experience.

This is a seriously impressive custard juice and has got me heading to the supermarket to buy some apricots, peaches, and custard.

Bryn's Special Sauce TE'

Bryn’s say: Bryn travelled the Orient searching for intense, rare flavours to create this one, and it’s something truly remarkable.

Fresh and candied citrus fruits, and rangpur are blended with notes of Jasmine, Darjeeling and Assam and balanced out with just a hint of menthol for a light, tantalising vape.

Our Vibe: I know a thing or two when it comes to drinking Tea; from Oolong, to Rooibos and Puerh. I’m obsessed with drinking the stuff but never have I had a Tea flavored vape.

The only question is…..Why haven’t I? – this juice is amazing!

This isn’t just a tea vape, and in all honesty, I can’t really distinguish the tea blends in there. But it is the most perfect balance of subtle earthy tea infused with citrus.

And if that wasn’t enough to have your taste buds cleansed and tingling, the added hint of menthol (which is only ever so slight) just makes this one of the best balanced, refreshing all day vapes I’ve tried.

If you like tea…try it!

If you don’t like tea…try it!

Just try it….trust me this juice is something ‘Special.’

Sour Blue Sorbet

Bryn's Special Sauce Sour Blue Sorbet

Bryn’s say: A true, sour vape has been the El Dorado of juice makers for years, but Bryn has truly cracked it. A genuine sour vapour, with lashings of blue raspberry and just a touch of cool menthol to help cleanse the palate. Simple, but incredibly well executed.

Our Vibe: Ok, so this flavor isn’t as unique in the vaping world and was also my least favorite out of the bunch.

That’s not to say it’s a bad juice, in fact, it is a well mixed, simple blue raspberry menthol vape. I guess I just had extremely high expectations after the other more complex juices in the line.

On the inhale you get a distinct sour taste, it’s natural tasting and pleasant but is quickly ousted by the sweetness of the blue raspberry. The raspberry taste is juicy, yet light and is no way artificial tasting like some on the market.

On the exhale you are met with the subtle fresh menthol, which gives the all-round experience of a clean palate cleansing sorbet.

If you like sorbet or blue raspberry style vapes, this is a really good juice. It’s simple, subtle and light and can be vaped all day without becoming too sickly.


As mentioned up top, it’s very rare that we get juices through that are so different and impressive that we have to shout about them.

In both the Papricot Custard and TÉ flavors, Bryn has unquestionably created two incredible e-liquids that will satisfy vapers with a discerning palate. They are not the types of juices I would usually gravitate towards trying, yet now I have….I’m addicted to them.

The Sour Blue Sorbet isn’t quite up there for me but is still a good juice.

If you are a bit bored with your current juices and are looking to try something unique, then Bryn’s Special Sauces are absolutely ideal.

This Bryn guy is a mixology master, and I hope JAC Vapour make him add even more juices to the line soon.


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Viki H
Vicki is our quintessential flavor chaser. She is always testing new tanks and juices to find the perfect flavor setup. Vicki says ‘there’s no better feeling in the world than a fresh wick and new juice to vape on.’

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Bryn's Special Sauce E-Liquid | ReviewBryn has been brewing some Special Sauces to delight and satisfy vapers with a discerning palate....are they any good? Papricot Custard TÉ Sour Blue Sorbet 1Intro We get sent a lot of e-liquids to review and unfortunately don't have the time to do a detailed review...