Can CBD Improve Energy Levels?


  • CBD can improve energy levels indirectly by reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep.
  • CBD can also help regulate metabolism and promote better overall physical and mental health.
  • CBD may be particularly helpful for people with sleep disorders or chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Individual results may vary and more research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBD on energy levels.

We all need energy during hard days at work. Some people drink red bulls; other people drink black coffee. Although caffeine offers many energy benefits, it’s not the only way you can boost your energy levels. 

Did you know CBD might be able to boost your energy too? That’s right. With the right CBD products, you may be able to increase your energy to power through your day. You can find CBD in various forms—including oils, capsules, beverages, and gummies. 

In this article, we’ll show you whether CBD can boost energy and why it might be a great option for you:

Does CBD Increase Your Energy Levels?

CBD is one of the various cannabinoid compounds. Unlike THC—which makes you feel high—CBD doesn’t provide any psychoactive effects. 

Although there’s growing research on the positive effects of CBD for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, there’s limited scientific research on energy. With all that said, CBD can reduce other health symptoms, including anxiety, which decreases your overall energy levels. If anxiety is giving you sleepless nights, you can use CBD to decrease your anxiety. Not bad, right?

One study found that CBD can cause a stimulating effect in small doses, whereas medium to large doses improves overall sleep quality. THC, on the other hand, can reduce overall energy. Therefore, if you want to boost energy, you should use pure CBD oil instead of one with THC. 

How Does CBD Impact Energy?

CBD’s impact on energy levels depends on the individual; it can impact everyone differently. If you want to use CBD for energy, you should conduct some research. Find a company with a stellar reputation that produces high-quality CBD extract. Some CBD products contain different CBD concentrations, so always check the CBD serving. 

You should also check whether the company has tested the CBD with a third-party lab. That’s an obvious sign that the company is serious about top-quality results. Remember, there’s no scientific proof that CBD can directly boost energy levels. For sure, it can impact other symptoms that destroy your energy, but always consult a doctor if you’re taking CBD for energy. 

Can CBD Improve Energy Levels?

What Symptoms Can CBD Help?

CBD can help with numerous frustrating symptoms that destroy your daily energy levels. Here are some of them:

1. Anxiety 

Anxiety is terrible. It can destroy your life and force you to feel continually fatigued with daily activities. However, CBD can help with anxiety caused by numerous things. For example, CBD can reduce symptoms of PTSD. It can also help ease social anxiety disorders. If these issues cause fatigue—try using CBD to boost your energy. 

2. Insomnia 

Daily life can be formidable, but poor sleep makes it more challenging. If there’s one thing that’ll destroy your energy levels—it’s insufficient sleep. Unfortunately, many people suffer from insomnia. CBD, however, can help with specific sleeping disorders. As a result, it can boost your daily energy levels. 

3. Chronic Pain 

More people worldwide are living with energy-destroying chronic pain. Regardless of the pain location, it’s a thoroughly unpleasant and debilitating experience. However, many people use CBD products to help manage chronic pain. Scientists need to conduct more research, but early research is promising. 

What’s The Best Way to Use CBD for Energy?

If you’re excited by the thought of taking CBD for energy, you need to know how to get the most out of your CBD. The way to consume CBD is by buying from reputable companies. That’s first and foremost. Then, you should choose the perfect CBD product: gummies, oil tinctures, or capsules. CBD 

If you want fast energy, you could try CBD drops. They’re excellent at giving rapid results. Another way to boost your CBD benefits is by taking regular doses. Pick a time each day when you can consume CBD; this will increase the benefits over time. 

How To Choose the Right CBD Product for Energy

It’s essential to choose the best CBD products for energy. You should ensure safety, transparency, and quality. Always look out for:

  • A company that’s used third-party testing
  • Hemp that’s grown in the United States 
  • It doesn’t contain high levels of THC for energy and legal reasons 
  • It passes the safety checks for heavy metals, pesticides, and molds. 
  • Has excellent product potency 
  • The company has superb internet reviews 

If your CBD products tick all these boxes, there’s a strong chance the CBD will be good for energy purposes. 

What Are The Best CBD Products for Energy?

1. CBD Inhalers

CBD inhalers are an excellent way to consume CBD for energy. If you travel regularly, CBD nasal inhalers might be your best option. They provide fast energy effects and are convenient. Simply breathe the CBD through your nose and wait for the effects to begin. 

2. CBD Oil 

CBD oil tinctures are a popular method of consuming CBD oil for energy. You can add it to a beverage or place it under your tongue. Many people dislike the distinct taste of CBD oil, so remember that before you try it. Avoid using CBD oil tinctures with THC because they can make you feel sleepy instead of energized. 

3. CBD Edibles

As you may have guessed, you can eat CBD edibles; they’re delicious, simple to use, and highly effective at producing strong side effects. CBD edibles include CBD candies, CBD gummies, CBD chocolates, and CBD baked goods. You could also try CBD capsules; they’re excellent for anyone who dislikes the taste of CBD, which you may still experience with some CBD edibles. 

4. CBD Topicals 

CBD topicals are highly popular for muscular pain, but can they boost your energy levels? Possibly. You can apply CBD topicals anywhere on your body. They are wonderful at reducing chronic pain, which can boost your mental health and energy levels. CBD topicals include soap, balm, lotion, body oil, and roll-on. 

Can CBD Improve Energy Levels?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can CBD Keep You Awake?

If you’ve ever had a night out and Red Bull or Monster cans all night, you’ve probably had sleepless nights. As a result, you may feel concerned about whether CBD can keep you awake. Here’s the reality: CBD—unlike red bulls—is unlikely to keep you awake. In many cases, CBD will improve your sleep instead of keeping you awake. 

If you believe your CBD products are keeping you awake, here are some things you can consider:

  • The dosage: how big is the current dosage? If you’re constantly awake, you may want to reduce your dose. 
  • The time of day: When do you take your CBD products? If you take them at night, you may want to try taking them in the morning or afternoon. 
  • The combination of both: In some cases, the combination of a high dose at night time could give you sleep issues. It’s unlikely, but it’s something you should consider. 

What’s the Ideal CBD Dosage for Energy?

The ideal CBD dosage depends on age, body weight, and body fat levels. So it can be challenging to find the perfect CBD dose—especially for boosting energy levels. CBD gummies, capsules, and pills are easy to manage because the package says the dose. 

CBD oil for energy, however, comes in a dropper bottle. The package might tell you how much CBD is within each drop, but it’s not definite. Some CBD bottles tell you the overall CBD content within the bottle instead of a single drop. 

If you’re looking to boost energy, it’s simply a case of trial and error. Start small and work your way up. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil for Energy?

Yes, it’s possible to take too much CBD—but it’s unlikely to harm you. Sure, you may experience anxiety and nausea—which aren’t pleasant. But it won’t kill you. You’d need to take a significant CBD dose to feel any adverse side effects. It’s easier to consume too much THC—but CBD products don’t contain enough THC anyway. 

So don’t worry. Start small, judge whether it’s improving your energy, and consume more CBD oil for energy. 

What If I Consume Too Much CBD Oil for Energy?

Don’t panic if you’ve consumed too much CBD oil for energy. You’ve learned a tough lesson, but it’s not a lesson that will harm your health. First, stay calm. The side effects will eventually stop. You should take a walk, rest, drink plenty of water, have a cold shower, and speak to your friends.

What does the Research Say About CBD and Energy?

Various factors boost your energy. If you’re struggling from poor sleep and you aren’t eating well, you are less likely to have energy. With that said, current scientific research on CBD suggests you might be able to boost your energy levels, but scientists need to undergo more research on CBD oil for energy to be sure. 

Why Do I Lack Energy?

If you find yourself lacking energy, there could be many reasons why. Either way, trying CBD oil for energy is an excellent option. Here are some reasons why you may lack energy:

  1. You skip meals – Skipping meals is a definite way to decrease your energy levels. 
  2. You don’t work out – Exercise is one of the top ways to boost your energy. Failing to work out can make you feel extremely lethargic. 
  3. You don’t drink enough water – Drinking water is essential for energy, especially in a hot climate. Drink up to 4 liters per day if you’re a man and 2 liters if you’re a woman.
  4. You have a vitamin deficiency – Eating vegetables, fish, and whole grains can give you the nutrients your body requires. 
  5. You suffer from anxiety. One of the worst contributing factors to fatigue is anxiety. 
  6. You have an underlying medical condition – If your fatigue is a mystery and isn’t going away with lifestyle changes, you should contact a doctor. You may have an underlying medical condition. 

Is CBD Legal?

Before you take CBD oil for energy, you should determine whether it’s legal or not. It entirely depends on where you live. In many states in the United States, CBD is permitted if it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. However, some states have strict laws on purchasing CBD oil for energy, including North Dakota and Minnesota. 

You should always be careful if you travel internationally with your CBD products. Outside of the west, many countries treat CBD the same way they treat cannabis: they have harsh punishments for possession and consumption. So, if you’re unsure about a nation’s laws before you travel, drink coffee instead and leave your CBD at home. 

Does CBD Help You Focus?

CBD interacts with your feel-good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. Whenever you feel considerable stress, your body produces cortisol. High cortisol levels can destroy your ability to focus. However, CBD can help manage this problem by interacting with your high cortisol levels. As a result, your brain can release more dopamine and serotonin—which directly affect your energy and motivation levels. So yes, CBD can help you focus. 

Final Thoughts 

Using CBD oil for energy is an excellent idea. Although there’s currently little scientific information on CBD and energy, the early signs look incredibly promising. We know that CBD can relieve many energy-draining conditions, such as anxiety and chronic pain. Try CBD oil for energy if you’re interested in its effects. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this booming product.

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