A simple & slimline disposable oil vape.

The GLIST Bar1 by Cilicon is an interesting disposable THC vape pen.

CILICON is an OEM that manufactures many oil vape pens, and the GLIST Bar1 most likely won’t be sold directly to consumers. Instead, other companies will brand this device up for their own use, potentially prefilled with their own oils.

The GLIST Bar1 is a sleek and easy-to-use device. It comes with a built-in 290mAh rechargeable battery and can output 7.7W.

CILICON have incorporated their “Reoregin” ceramic heating coil in the device. This is supposed to adapt to a lower vaporizing temperature, with even heat distribution to most out of your oil, and maximize terpene flavor.

The GLIST Bar1 will be available in multiple colors with either a 1ml or 0.5ml tank.



  • Sleek & slender design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Decent oil windows
  • Can handle thin and thick oils
  • Great flavor from ‘Reoregin’ ceramic coil
  • Wicks well
  • No leaking issues


  • Vapor is on the cool side
  • No option to refill
  • Micro-USB charging

The Bottom Line

The GLIST Bar1 does an excellent job for what it is, a disposable oil vape pen. It has a nicely compact design, is lightweight, and delivers a quality vape experience. The ceramic coil is efficient and delivers some great flavor, even if the vape is on the cooler side.


Design & Style

The CILICON GLIST Bar1 has quite a simplistic but sleek design to it.

While there are some similarities to typical nicotine-style disposables, it also has a unique look. Our 1.0ml capacity yellow version for review resembles a slightly oversized pencil.

I think that’s mainly down to the octagonal shape (and color). However, that shape does make it extremely comfortable to hold. Even though I said it resembles a large pencil, it’s a very slender and lightweight device, making it ideal for discreet THC vaping.


The GLIST Bar1 only weighs 19.2g, and you can barely feel it in your pocket. The dimensions are slightly different from the two variants, with the 1ml capacity version being slightly taller at 112.9mm and the 0.5ml version only coming in at 102.1mm. However, both versions have the same width and depth of 12.6mm, making them perfect for concealing in the palm of your hand.

Like most THC vapes, the GLIST Bar1 has two windows for viewing your oil level. They are slender windows which adds to the sleek look, but you can still make out your fill level just fine.


The Bar1 uses a 316l stainless steel center post and has a ceramic heating coil that CILICON has called the ‘Reorigin.’ This coil technology is supposed to vaporize at lower temperatures, extracting the maximum terpene flavor from the material while distributing the heat evenly. We will find out later how that performs.

It’s worth noting at this point that the review samples we received came with the mouthpiece detached. Once you fill the device and attach the mouthpiece, there is no way to remove it again for a second refill. It is truly a one-fill disposable oil vape pen.

CILICON GLIST Bar1 Charge Port

Even though it is disposable, you can recharge the 290mAh battery. Sadly there’s no USB-C, it is only micro-USB charging. While this is a little disappointing, it’s not the end of the world with a disposable of this format.

The GLIST Bar1 does feature an LED indicator light on the front of the device so you can see when it’s active and charging.

Overall I like the design and build quality of the GLIST Bar1. It’s simple, sleek, and lightweight, which is all you need for a disposable oil pen.



The GLIST Bar1 has few features as it’s easy to use disposable.

It features a 290mAh battery, which is rechargeable via micro-USB.

It can output at a maximum of 7.7W. This might seem low, but in combination with the ‘Reorigin’ ceramic coil should deliver good performance with efficient battery life.

There are no fire buttons for the device. Instead, it works solely on draw activation.


How to Use

The GLIST Bar1 is incredibly easy to use, but it will depend on how you receive the device.

As previously mentioned, CILICON plans to partner with other brands, so the Bar1 may not be available directly to consumers as we currently have it for review.

This means it may come prefilled with THC or CBD oil and branded by another manufacturer. If that is the case, then it will be extremely easy to use out of the package, just like any other prefilled disposable.

If, however, it is sold empty (and with the mouthpiece unattached), then you have the choice to fill it with your own oil.


To do this is as simple as any other oil cartridge/tank.

It’s best to fill it with a relatively thin syringe because there’s limited space between the center post and the tank wall. Make sure to feed the oil slowly down the side of the tank wall.

After filling the tank, the mouthpiece snaps onto the top. You can ensure that the clips on the mouthpiece align with those on the tank by checking the inside of the tank.

Two flat sides in the tank wall indicate where the clips attach, and the mouthpiece has a silicone gasket on the bottom for a secure seal to prevent any possible leakage.


CILICON advises if you are using thin oils, it is best to attach the mouthpiece after 90 seconds. For thicker oils or distillates, 180 seconds of waiting time is ideal.

After attaching the mouthpiece, wait at least 30 minutes before using the device. When filling with thicker oils or distillates, you will need to give it a lot more time, and CILICON states at least four hours before use.

We’d recommend filling the device and leaving it standing overnight for optimum results.

Once the mouthpiece is attached, there’s no way to remove it without breaking the tabs. As a result, the Bar1 becomes a one-fill device with no option for multiple refills, making it a disposable THC pen.



Whether sold by another brand or marketed under another name, the most significant aspect of this product is, as always, its performance.

I have to say I was instantly impressed with the GLIST Bar1. It actually delivered a quality vape experience greater than I expected for an oil disposable.

We had a couple of review samples sent to us. So I was able to test the Bar1 against a thin oil and a thicker distillate.


CILICON claims their ceramic coil technology works best with live resin oils, and I have to agree. It delivered excellent flavor from the thin live resin oil in my first unit, as clean as anything I’ve tried before.

The performance was still good with the thicker distillate, but the 7.7W wasn’t quite enough to create the vape I’m accustomed to. It was a little too cool and not quite as much vapor. That being said, the flavor was still great.


There were no wicking or leaking issues with either consistency of oil, which is excellent.

It’s also worth noting that the auto-draw trigger works really well on the device, and the draw is exceptionally smooth.

I think the ‘Reoregin’ coil works great and is very efficient. I’m intrigued to see how CILICON develops it further in the future.

While the vape may be on the cool side, the Bar1 can deal with both thin and thick oils and deliver a quality experience with both.



While I’m not the target demographic for a disposable THC vape pen. I can’t help but be impressed by the vape experience the GLIST Bar1 delivers.

It’s a sleek, stealthy little device that delivers excellent flavor from its ceramic coil.

Ultimately your experience will come down to whether the device is pre-filled or not and what it is filled with. However, rest assured that the device itself, the coil technology inside, and the overall build quality are excellent.




The GLIST Bar1 does an excellent job for what it is, a disposable oil vape pen. It has a nicely compact design, is lightweight, and delivers a quality vape experience. The ceramic coil is efficient and delivers some great flavor, even if the vape is on the cooler side.
Danny Blanton
Danny Blanton
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The GLIST Bar1 does an excellent job for what it is, a disposable oil vape pen. It has a nicely compact design, is lightweight, and delivers a quality vape experience. The ceramic coil is efficient and delivers some great flavor, even if the vape is on the cooler side.CILICON GLIST Bar1 | Review