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The perfect refreshing vapes for those sticky summer days.

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Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays e-Liquids - Flavors Reviewed


Dinner Lady took the vape juice market by storm with their award-winning line of traditional English dessert flavors.

They have now added two exciting new flavors to their Summer Holiday range.

We take a look at the full current range and give you our views on each refreshing summer flavor.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Dinner Lady for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on a collection of atomizers, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode. The atomizers of choice were the Serpent SMM RTA and the Wotofo Recurve RDA.

Flip Flop Lychee

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Flip Flop Lychee

Dinner Lady say: We took a huge citrus burst and offset it with Asian Lychee and a liberal splash of ice to deliver a taste of sunshine.

Our Vibe: Lychees are not the most typical fruit that you find in vape juices, and they have such a sweet and definitive flavor. The ones I’ve tried before were just too sweet and left a pretty awful aftertaste.

Dinner Lady, have done an excellent job with this one, as the lychees are juicy and sweet, but they are perfectly balanced off by the refreshing citrus.

There’s also a nice cooling throat hit on the inhale from the koolada or ice.

A perfect mouthwatering and refreshing juice, and the first lychee one that I truly love.

Suntan Mango

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Suntan Mango

Dinner Lady say: A complex blend of unripe alphonso and honey mangoes combined with ice for a taste of pure paradise.

Our Vibe: I’m a big fan of mango flavors, and Suntan Mango is no exception.

It has quite an unusual but delightful mix of mango flavor on the inhale, which is a mix between natural earthy and sweet mango. The added subtle flavor of honey help to lift the sweet profile, and works sublimely.

There’s also a cool icy kick which is just right to provide a sweet and refreshing vape.

Suntan Mango has just taken my expectations of mango vape juice up a level, it really is that good.

Black Orange Crush

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Black Orange Crush

Dinner Lady say: Blackcurrant berry and orange crushed with ice and a little extra. All of this combined into one kick-ass burst of flavor.

Our Vibe: This is an interesting one which I can’t really suss out. I get more of a tropical taste and find it difficult to distinguish either the blackcurrant or orange flavor.

It is still a nice juice, but it’s more of a sherbet taste with an explosion of different fruits, with a nice mellow cooling effect to it.

Not bad, but probably my least favorite of the range.

Guava Sunrise

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Guava Sunrise

Dinner Lady say: Wake up your taste buds with this smooth fusion of Guava and cream with a subtle hint of pineapple.

Our Vibe: This is another really interesting concoction from Dinner Lady.

I was expecting a punchy sweet Guava. Instead, it’s more of a Pineapple and Guava mix all enveloped in a creamy base.

It’s also the least icy of the range. However, it still maintains the perfect summer vibe and is one of those juices that just gets better each time you try it.

An impressive creamy and fruity mix, unlike any other I’ve tried. Another possible hit for Dinner Lady.

Cola Cabana

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays Cola Cabana

Dinner Lady say: Quench your thirst with our Refreshing Cola infused with a Cherry Punch to add that needed stir.

Our Vibe: If you like cherry cola, you are going to love this juice.

It’s such a clean and fresh cola vape, perfect for a hot summers day.

There’s an excellent cola taste on the inhale with the perfect amount of cherry goodness on the way out, and it really does taste authentic.

Again Dinner Lady has got the right balance of refreshing coolness to it, it’s slightly iced but not brain freeze territory.

I like cherry cola, but I absolutely love this juice….that’s how refreshingly good Cola Cabana is.

Vape Dinner Lady Summer Holidays

Dinner Lady knows how to get the balance of flavors right so that all of their juices taste good on whichever device you are using.

I like the fact they have taken a different path to their dessert line, and have created some really refreshing and flavorful mixes.

The two new juices; Guava Sunrise and Cola Cabana are among their best yet, and Suntan Mango and Flip Flop Lychee are also incredibly delicious.

If you haven’t had a chance to try any of the Summer Holiday range yet, trust me you won’t be disappointed when you do.


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Dinner Lady knows how to get the balance of flavors right so that all of their juices taste good on whichever device you are using. I like the fact they have taken a different path to their dessert line, and have created some really refreshing and flavorful mixes.
Viki H
Vicki is our quintessential flavor chaser. She is always testing new tanks and juices to find the perfect flavor setup. Vicki says ‘there’s no better feeling in the world than a fresh wick and new juice to vape on.’

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