WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

dotMod dotAIO V2 | Review

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The dotAIO V2 is the latest release from dotMod and one that many people have been waiting for, especially after the massive success of the original dotAIO.

The V2 brings with it a fully adjustable chipset allowing adjustable wattage mode up to 75w. It also features auto mode, bypass, and temperature control modes.

The dotAIO V2 now also has an LCD screen to easily view your settings and an upgraded V2 tank utilizing dotMod’s own stock coils.

The dotMod dotAIO V2 is available in Black, Silver, Red, and Royal Blue.

dotMod dotAIO V2

The Good

Stunning looks, excellent build quality, compact, lightweight, 4 power modes, easy to use.

The Bad

Stock coils are good but not great.

The Bottom Line

The dotAIO V2 is an excellent device and probably one of the best-looking, compact AIOs on the market. dotMod has done a fantastic job integrating the upgraded chipset and screen while keeping a premium pocket-friendly device. Probably best to use with a separate RBA tank, but the stock coils do deliver a decent vape experience.

dotMod dotAIO V2

dotMod dotAIO V2 – Specs & Features

dotMod dotAIO V2 Specs
  • Size: 77.8x 45.2x 22.7mm
  • Material: Aluminium alloy & Plastic & Glass & PCTG
  • Battery: single 18650 battery(not included)
  • Output: 5-75W
  • Temperature range: 200-600℉/100-315℃
  • Mode: very soft, soft, medium, hard
  • Capacity: 2.7ml


  • High-quality AIO pod system
  • Single 18650 battery, max 75W output
  • Compact and elegant design with soft-touch side panels
  • VW/Power/TC(Ni, Ti, SS) modes
  • 4-stage automatic modes: very soft, soft, medium, hard
  • LCD color display with 7 different display color schemes
  • USB Type-C quick charge
  • 2.7ml e-juice volume with window, child-safe side filling design
  • Infinitely adjustable airflow from MTL to DL by new airflow control base
  • Ergonomic and exchangeable 510 drip tip
dotMod dotAIO V2 Kit Contents
  • 1 x dotAIO V2
  • 1 x 2.0 ml e-juice tank (PCTG)
  • 1 x airflow control base
  • 1 x tank plug
  • 1 x silicone bumper replacement
  • 1 x 0.3-ohm coil
  • 1 x 0.7-ohm coil
  • 2 x Drip tips 
  • 6 x Spare O-rings
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
dotMod dotAIO V2

Design & Style

The dotAIO’s have always had one of the cleanest design aesthetics on the market. It’s a sleek box that manages to fit an external 18650, chipset, and boro-style pod in such a compact design.

I’m amazed that dotMod has managed to go one further and include a full board and screen in exactly the same size device without compromising anything. The dotAIO V2 measures in at 77.8mm x 45.2mm x 22.7mm – it’s dot for dot the same size as its predecessor!

If you take into consideration that their limited edition frosted plastic versions of the original dotAIO came in a little larger in size, it’s even more impressive.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Size

However, it’s not all about size. DotMod has also made some excellent choices in material changes. The original dotAIO was a full aluminum body device with slender aluminum side panels and weighed 89g without a battery.

The dotAIO V2 keeps the same aluminum outer shell on the body, but the internals are now plastic. This, alongside the new plastic/glass combo side panels, means the V2 weighs only at 70g without a battery!

The side panels deserve a little more focus here because not only are they slimmer than the originals, which allows for the device to be a touch wider to compensate for the internals without changing the overall size. They are also incredibly smooth to touch and barely look any different from the matte aluminum ones.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Panels

There is a moment when the light catches the glass side panels, and they have a nice shimmering prism effect, which I’m sure will be even more apparent on the lighter colored mods than the ‘Black’ version we have in for review. 

The change in materials and the use of glass panels is a subtle design change most might not even notice, but it makes a big difference without compromising the overall quality.

DotMod has also been very deliberate in ensuring that all the design changes never deviated from the original design so that all side panels and other customization are cross-compatible. This must be commended, as too many manufacturers see a new device as a cash-grab opportunity without considering the users.

It’s the small attention to detail that allows this to happen. Even with changing one adjustment button to two adjustment buttons for the new board, dotMod made sure to recess them so old side panels would still fit ok.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Size

So onto the most significant change, that new board and integrated screen.

Some might say that the inclusion of an LCD screen on the outside of the mod (instead of neatly tucked away behind the side panels like other AIO devices) takes away from the overall clean aesthetic. It’s something that I was concerned about when I saw the new V2 designs. However, up close and in use, it doesn’t really detract from the design. It makes it a lot more user-friendly (than having to remove the panel to see data), and there’s something quite boldly brazen about it showcasing its a more updated version just from the exterior.

If you find the screen a little too intrusive, you can always switch it off with the ‘stealth’ mode in the settings. On the flip side, if you like to add a little more fun and style, you can change the screen’s color to match your other customizations – again, it’s the small touches.

The screen also has brightness settings, and even though there are 4 adjustments, it goes from bright to incredibly bright, in my opinion. However, it displays all the necessary vaping data clearly on the screen, which we’ll cover in the features section later.

dotMod dotAIO V2 USB Port

Now that the screen takes up the side real estate of the device, the USB Type C charging port has relocated to the base of the device. While this is the only logical place to put the charge port, I wonder whether it might be more prone to damage if placed down on wet or rough surfaces.

To be honest, I always charge my batteries separately (as I’d recommend), so it’s not much of an issue.

The final changes in the V2 design come with the accessories. The tank has also had an upgrade (which we will cover later), and there are some subtle changes to the two included drip tips.

The wide bore (DTL) drip tip seems to be about the same size, but the MTL drip tip is now a whistle-style tip. The materials and colors have also changed, so they are now tinted plastic that matches the color of your mod.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Drip Tip

There are no other design changes to the dotAIO on the V2 version, the simple branding is in the same place, and even the fire button keeps the LED ring around it to show battery status.

Overall I’m very impressed with the design changes made by dotMod to the dotAIO V2. They have been particularly thoughtful about the subtle upgrades without detracting from the overall build quality and size.

I’m still amazed that the dotAIO now has a screen in the exact same form factor.

dotMod dotAIO V2


The dotAIO V2 is a single 18650 device that has a maximum output of 75W.

The V2 also offers a fully adjustable chipset allowing down to 0.1w changes. It has 4 different power settings: Power Mode, Bypass, Temp Control (Ni/Ti/SS), and Auto Mode.

Auto mode is the same as on the previous dotAIO where based on the coil resistance, you can set the power to be very soft, soft, medium, and strong). This is all based on the below:

Auto Power Setting Table:

Very Soft45W20W14W10W8WNot in resistance range
Soft55W25W16W12W10WNot in resistance range
Medium65W30W18W14W12WNot in resistance range
Strong75W35W20W16W14WNot in resistance range
dotMod dotAIO V2 Screen

The LCD screen will display the mode you are in, the coil resistance, Wattage & Voltage, battery level, and puff count. The screen can be put into ‘Stealth’ mode or changed between the following colors: White, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Tiffany.

The dotAIO V2 is incredibly easy to use and navigate:

  • 5 x fire button = on/off
  • 4 x fire button = locks adjustment buttons (can still fire)
  • 3 x fire button = Menu – to select power mode or settings.
  • To navigate the menu, use the +/- buttons and fire button to select.
  • Settings (in menu) – can change screen color, stealth, or brightness.

The dotAIO V2 also features dry burn protection that cuts the current when the e-juice level is low, helping to extend the life of your coils.

There’s a USB Type C port for charging that supports 2A fast charge and passthrough so you can vape while charging.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Screen

Along with the battery status level on the LCD screen, there’s also an LED ring around the fire button that indicates battery status with the following:

  • Green Light = 61-100% (3.85V-4.20V)
  • Blue Light = 21-50% (3.55V-3.85V)
  • Red Light = 1-20% (3.30V-3.55V)

The dotAIO V2 has all the usual safety features along with a ‘deep sleep’ function. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the device will enter into a sleep state to reduce battery consumption.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Pods Coils

The Pods

The dotAIO tank has also had an upgrade and is now aptly named the dotAIO V2 tank.

The V2 tank has a 2ml capacity and has the same form and ease of use as the original. The tank slots into the device by pushing down the spring-loaded contact and has a little notch on it to grab for easy removal.

The two new features of the pod are the new removable and fully adjustable airflow base and the child-proof fill port.

The fill port has a small seal inside to prevent excess liquid from coming out and is an improvement over the previous tank’s port.

dotMod dotAIO V2 Pod Fill Port

The new airflow base also works well, and the change in design accommodates the dotMods brand-new mesh coils. There are two included on the kit as follows:

  • 1 x 0.3Ω mesh coil – 25-40W
  • 1 x 0.7Ω mesh coil – 14-20W

It’s worth noting that the dotAIO V2, just like the original, is compatible with the dotAIO RBA base and the full selection of third-party RBAs.

dotMod dotAIO V2


The dotAIO V2 device performs flawlessly.

If you choose to run it in ‘Auto’ mode, there’s going to be no difference to the original dotAIO – which is a good thing.

I primarily used the V2 in ‘Power’ mode and was grateful for the extra adjustment in 0.1W increments to really tailor my vape.

I also tested the V2 in ‘Temp Control’ with a simple wrapped SS coil. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was really on point with the TC.

I’m a regular dotAIO (original) user, so I was also pleasantly surprised when I noticed that power consumption seems to be exactly the same with the V2 even though it’s powering a screen on that new chipset. It’s also a major bonus to be able to see a more detailed battery status.

So as I said, the dotAIO V2 device is flawless, in my opinion.

As for the dotAIO V2 tank, it wasn’t all plain sailing. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, it performed good, but not great.

I’m not sure whether I’ve been spoiled recently with all the different types of mesh coils, or more likely that my use of RBAs in the dotAIO just meant that the coils were a little lackluster.

dotMod dotAIO V2

I think most people will have no complaints about the performance delivered from the MTL (0.7Ω) and DTL (0.3Ω) coils. Both deliver very good flavor, and the draw is super smooth. I also like that the adjustable airflow base does make a difference when adjusting.

I just feel that the dotAIO and especially now the dotAIO V2 work best when paired with an RBA base like the dotShell, Pioneer dotRBA, or even dotMod’s own.

You also keep greater juice capacity on the tanks with those RBAs, with some almost double that of the measly 2ml stock coil tank.

One other thing to note is I actually prefer the MTL mouthpiece from the original dotAIO as it was slightly taller but had a smaller bore all the way through.

The new whistle-style MTL tip has a small bore that opens up, which in my opinion means you lose a little flavor and that real tight MTL.

However, the device can be used with any 510 style drip tip, so it shouldn’t really be a problem for most users.

Good Vibes

  • Excellent build quality
  • Stunning looks
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • 4 Power modes
  • Clear & bright screen
  • Good performance from coils
  • Efficient battery consumption
  • Cross-compatible with old dotAIO accessories

Bad Vibes

  • Stock coils are good but not great
dotMod dotAIO V2


The dotAIO V2 was definitely worth waiting for.

It is an excellent upgrade to the original. I really like all the subtle changes dotMod has made, especially fitting a fully adjustable board and LCD screen into the same size device.

That being said, if you already own a dotAIO and are happy with its performance in ‘Auto’ mode, there is absolutely no reason for you to upgrade.

However, if you want a fully adjustable ‘Power Mode’ or even ‘Temp Control,’ it is undoubtedly worth the jump. Plus you can still use your old accessories with the new one.

If you don’t own either, then it’s a no-brainer; get the dotAIO V2. It is probably the most stylish, well-built AIO on the market.

Just bear in mind it’s not the cheapest device, and to get the absolute best performance, I’d advise going for an RBA base like the ones mentioned above.

I’m currently rocking mine with my dotShell as my daily driver, and I love it.




The dotAIO V2 is an excellent device and probably one of the best-looking, compact AIOs on the market. dotMod has done a fantastic job integrating the upgraded chipset and screen while keeping a premium pocket-friendly device. Probably best to use with a separate RBA tank, but the stock coils do deliver a decent vape experience.
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The dotAIO V2 is an excellent device and probably one of the best-looking, compact AIOs on the market. dotMod has done a fantastic job integrating the upgraded chipset and screen while keeping a premium pocket-friendly device. Probably best to use with a separate RBA tank, but the stock coils do deliver a decent vape experience.dotMod dotAIO V2 | Review