EHPRO Bachelor X RTA | Review

A solid single coiler from EHPRO without the 'X' factor.

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EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

EHPRO have revamped the old Bachelor name, this time it comes in the form of the Bachelor ‘X’ RTA. It’s a 25mm single coil RTA with a 3.5 ml capacity, which can be bumped up to 5ml with the included bubble glass.

It also features simple top fill, an 810 Ultem drip tip, adjustable dual bottom airflow and a gold-plated 2 post build deck with a large airflow port.

It’s been busy in the single coil RTA category recently, let’s if the Bachelor X can graduate from such a competitive class.

The Good

Excellent flavor, 5ml capacity with included bubble glass, good build quality.

The Bad

Can be tricky to wick right, a little noisy with a restricted lung hit airflow.

The Bottom Line

The Bachelor X is very solid single coil RTA. It surprised us with both it’s simplistic design and excellent flavor. Possibly not the best overall single coil RTA, but definitely up there as an excellent choice, especially if you like a restricted lung vape.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by EHPRO for the purpose of this review.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA
1Design & Build Quality

EHPRO have kept the design of the Bachelor X RTA nice and simple; it’s primarily stainless steel and resembles a cross between a Kylin Mini and a Serpent SMM.

It’s a 25 mm diameter RTA and measures just over 33 mm from the bottom of the base to the top-cap (not including the drip tip). This means much like the other tanks mentioned; it is stubbier in form than other 25mm RTA’s. This leads to the Bachelor X only having a 3.5ml capacity.

But fear not as it also comes with a bubble glass included in the tank, which expands the capacity up to 5ml. Previously I would’ve shied away from bubble tanks due to them looking a bit ridiculous, but now they are more popular, and the Bachelor X holds it well.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

The styling of the Bachelor X is classic looking but comes with some branding which is not too obtrusive. There is a Bachelor graduation hat logo etched on one side of the chimney, and an ‘X’ on the other. The AFC ring also contains EHPRO, and Bachelor X engraved on either side, but it’s quite subtle and aids in gripping the control ring. The top cap also features some discrete knurling to assist in removing, but again it’s subtle and gives the Bachelor X an overall neat and clean look.

One thing I’m not a big fan of is the PEI Ultem drip, it is an 810 wide bore drip tip, but I just think it would look better in black. Not a huge issue as you can always use your own.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

The Build Deck

This is where the Bachelor X shares another similarity to the Serpent SMM. The deck contains 4 post holes, so you can pace your single coil in any which way you choose.

However, in order to fit the coil, you do have to completely remove one of the gold-plated post screws, as there is no side slot and the screws are positioned on top of the deck. The post holes are also not the largest, so you may struggle to clamp down on huge exotic leads, that being said it didn’t cause me any issues with simple fused Clapton.

Where the Bachelor X does differ to the Serpent SMM is in airflow. Where the SMM has dual side airflow slots on the deck, EHPRO has gone with one central bottom airflow on the Bachelor X. However, it is a huge airflow hole, measuring 4.6mm in diameter.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

On either side of the deck are the wicking slots which are common with most of these GTA style build decks; these are rather large again so you do need to be careful when wicking to make sure you don’t under or over do it with the cotton, so it wicks well and doesn’t leak.

The threads in the base, the chimney and even the top cap of the Bachelor X are all nice and smooth. The airflow ring also has just the right amount of tension to it, so I think overall the machining is very good, and it’s a pretty solid RTA.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA
2Specs & Features

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Features and Specs:

  • 25.2 x 43mm (without 510 thread)
  • 3.5ml Innovative single coil build RTA
  • 5ml Extra bulb glass tube included
  • Centered build system making installing coil super easy
  • Gold-plated deck for perfect electrical conductivity
  • Adjustable bottom-up direct airflow control
  • Easy top filling design
  • PEI 810 wide-bore drip tip with high heat resistance
  • Available in 3 colors – Black, Silver, Gold.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA Kit Contents:

  • Bachelor X RTA
  • Allen key
  • 5ml bubble glass
  • pack of spare o-rings
  • 1 sheet of cotton
  • 4 extra gold plated grub screws
  • 3 Pre-made parallel Clapton coils
  • User manual
EHPRO Bachelor X RTA
3Features & Performance

I was glad I had Bachelor X RTA to review because at heart I’m a single coil flavor vaper. My usual go-to RTA is the Serpent SMM, so when it comes to performance I was conscious that this was clearly what I was going to measure it up against – after all it is similar in design.

Firstly the Bachelor X is not the airiest of RTA’s; it is more of a restricted lung vape. However wide open it definitely has more airflow than the Serpent SMM, which leads to it producing slightly more vapor.

On the flavor front, I was very impressed, and it performed far better than I expected. It produces an intense, flavorful vape when you get the wicking right.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

And that’s the thing with GTA style deck’s is you do need to have a couple of goes at it to get the right balance of wicking. In fact my first couple of attempts, I was a bit too stringent with the cotton and had some flooding issues. Something that I think the Bachelor X will be a little more prone to due to the large bottom airflow, and large wick slots.

But once you do master the knack of wicking the Bachelor X it is a seriously solid single coil RTA. It wicks well, and I never once had a dry hit, but I am used to building and wicking these types of decks, and it certainly isn’t the easiest for new vapers.

Do I prefer the flavor the Bachelor X produces over the Serpent SMM…..No. But it does run it pretty close, which again surprised me.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA

I think the intense flavor comes from it having such a small chamber and chimney with the large bottom airflow. This does also lead to it being somewhat noisy on the airflow, much like the Serpent SMM.

So if like me you like single coiler and like to vape around 40-60W this is an excellent flavor RTA, that will not disappoint.

Granted it’s not the easiest to wick right and doesn’t quite surpass the Serpent SMM in my opinion. But it is a 25mm tank that can hold 5ml of liquid with the Bubble glass and so for that reason it’s one that I can definitely see in my rotation.

EHPRO Bachelor X RTA


  • Excellent flavor
  • Reasonable clouds
  • Large wicking slots
  • Large fill holes
  • 5ml bubble glass included
  • Fits 810 drip tips
  • Gold plated grub screws
  • parallel Clapton’s included


  • Wicking right can be tricky
  • 1 post screw needs to be removed to install coils
  • Airflow is a little restricted

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting too much from EHPRO and the Bachelor X RTA. It may not have anything particularly unique or ‘X’ factor about it, which means it’s kind of gone under the radar somewhat – which is a real shame.

EHPRO certainly deserve some honors for creating a remarkably flavorful single coil RTA; it’s compact in size, has excellent build quality and 5ml capacity with the Bubble glass.

It’s fairly simple to build on, although not the easiest to wick. However, when you do get it right, the Bachelor X can rival and possibly beat most other single coil RTA’s out there for flavor.

It’s not the airiest of RTA’s, so may not satisfy those that love their big clouds. But if you are after a large capacity single coil flavor RTA, that’s simple and understated; then the Bachelor X is an excellent choice.

I’m certainly keeping mine.


Build Quality
Build Deck


The Bachelor X is very solid single coil RTA. It surprised us with both it's simplistic design and excellent flavor. Possibly not the best overall single coil RTA, but definitely up there as an excellent choice, especially if you like a restricted lung vape.
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The Bachelor X is very solid single coil RTA. It surprised us with both it's simplistic design and excellent flavor. Possibly not the best overall single coil RTA, but definitely up there as an excellent choice, especially if you like a restricted lung vape.EHPRO Bachelor X RTA | Review