WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar: Which Is Better?

Elf Bars and Geek Bars are so similar, so how do we tell the difference?

Single-use vape products have never been more popular. Trailblazing brands like Elf Bar and Geek Bar lead the way for innovative, stylish disposable vape pens. But which one do you choose? The only way is to pit them against each other in an ultimate battle of flavors, models, price points, and design choices.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar; let’s dive in.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar Overview & Key Features

Elf Bar

iMiracle Technologies is the creative giant behind Elf Bar, and are based in Shenzhen, China. However the brand will soon change it’s name to EBDESIGN, due to trademark disputes in the US.

Elf Bars are disposable vape pens that are pre-filled with vape juice and pre-charged. They are minimalist and functional. Elf Bars always contain nicotine salts, so they offer an immediate and effective vape hit.

In recent years, these disposable vapes have risen to the rank of vape royalty. Elf Bar has become the go-to choice for busy vapers who want to enjoy an immense flavor experience without all the fiddly buttons and customization options. Some of the disposable vapes are entirely single-use, whereas others are rechargeable.

Elf Bar Popular Disposable Models


  • Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vape Device – Elf Bar 600 is the vape pen that started it all. This slim, self-sufficient pen requires no maintenance or even set-up! Just remove the packaging and take a drag. Vapers are delighted to discover how many vape juice flavors are available with Elf Bar 600.
  • Elf Bar 2000 Pod Device – This pen-style disposable vape features a two-toned ombré body and a flat mouthpiece. It also has a dual coil which guarantees an unbelievable flavor sensation and big, dense clouds. It’s unusual to get dense clouds from a disposable vape, which makes this device very popular.
  • Elf Bar 4000 Disposable Vape Device – Elf Bar 4000 has a much higher puff count than Elf Bar 600, and it also offers a more modern style and exterior. The short, stout body is perfect for people who want to hold their device snugly in the palm of their hand, and the three-toned body is ideal for aesthetic individuals.

Popular Flavors

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Vape Juice – We can’t talk about Elf Bar flavors without mentioning Strawberry Ice Cream. This nic salt is layered with rich, indulgent, sweet sensations. If you fancy a mid-week treat, this vape juice can scratch that itch.
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Vape Liquid – Elf Bar fans are well acquainted with Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava. This e-juice is unbelievably sweet and has undertones of sourness from the kiwis. Disposable devices don’t get more satisfying than this.
  • Cherry Cola E-juice – If you’re searching for an e-liquid that is equal parts nostalgia and refreshingness, you’re in the right place. Cherry Cola nic salts are infused with the childhood taste of cola and a generous handful of sweet and tart cherries.

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Geek Bar

Geek Bar has been around since 2015. This brand comes from Geekvape, a well-established name in the vape community.

Like Elf Bars, Geek Bars are tailored towards convenience and minimalism. They are typically sleek, featureless, and tend to have curved edges. Beginner vapers love devices in the Geek Bar collection because they have a low learning curve.

Each disposable comes pre-filled and pre-charged, and some even have rechargeable batteries.

Geek Bar Popular Disposable Models


  • Geek Bar B5000 Disposable Vapes – B5000 offers a flavorful, smooth throat hit. This MTL (mouth-to-lung) device is unparalleled in terms of flavor. You can choose from twenty fun, fruity, and unusual taste sensations. B5000 is only 80mm tall, which means it is one of the most unobtrusive disposable vape pens on the market. Read our full Geek Bar B5000 review here.
  • Geek Bar S6000 Vape Pen – If you’re searching for something a little unusual, Geek Bar B5000 is perfect. The chocolate bar design is encased in plastic and attached to a flat mouthpiece. The e-liquid capacity is only 14ml, but the device is rechargeable. For the same great vape experience in a smaller package, try Geek Bar S600.
  • Geek Bar X5500 Disposable Vapes – X5500 is a fun, vibrant vape pen. It might be little, but it has a large personality. The body of the device and the mouthpiece both come in a block color, which makes for an eye-catching contrast. This easy-to-use disposable vape contains 5% nicotine-strength liquid and delivers satisfying hits time after time.

Popular Flavors

  • Blueberry Cotton Candy E-liquid – Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic e-liquid. The light, airy taste of childhood cotton candy is interwoven with freshly picked, juicy blueberries. Blueberry Cotton Candy will transport you to a more carefree time.
  • Unicorn Shake Vape Liquid – If unusual flavors are your thing, look no further. Unicorn Shake e-liquid contains sliced bananas and a glass of ice-cold milk. Just a few puffs on this Geek Bar will make you feel ready to handle the day.
  • Sweet Strawberry Vape Juice – To create this e-juice, Geek Bar plucked the juiciest strawberries possible. Each disposable is pre-filled with super sweet, satisfying strawberries. We recommend this e-liquid to vapers who want delicious sensations that deliver time after time.

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Key Differences Between Elf Bar and Geek Bar

To find out the true winner in the battle of Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar, we’ve got to cover every base. We’ve had a look at the key features of Elf Bar and Geek Bar, so we need to look at the key differences between them.

Elf Bar BC5000 Vs. Geek Bar B5000

Elf Bar BC5000 and Geek Bar B5000 are both popular disposable vapes in their own right.

Elf Bar BC5000 specifications:

  • Dimensions: 79mm x 41mm x 19mm
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 13ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%, 3%, 0%
  • Puff count: 5,000
  • Draw activated: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Price: $17.99

Geek Bar B5000 specifications:

  • Dimensions: 78mm x 42mm x 22mm
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 14ml
  • Nicotine strength: 5%
  • Puff count: 5,000
  • Draw activated: Yes
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Price: $14.99

As you can see, both the Elf Bar and Geek Bar have similar specifications. The puff count is identical as well as the internal battery. Geek Bar B5000 contains slightly more e-liquid and is a tiny bit shorter and wider.

Both devices contain nic salts, but Elf Bar BC5000 has more nicotine strength options. Ultimately, you can expect a satisfying vape experience from both of these disposable vape devices.

The choice is yours! Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar, who is your winner?

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar E-Liquids

In the world of disposable vapes, e-liquid options reign supreme. Disposables come pre-filled, so vapers have to trust the brands that they buy their devices from.

Elf Bar is one of the most trusted disposable vape brands because it creates delicious flavor sensations. Even better, Elf Bar disposables are available in over 40 flavors! This applies to the iconic Elf Bar 600, and a lot of the other models as well.

Geek Bar 575 is comparable to Elf Bar 600, but it only comes in 19 flavors. Still, the range is bound to keep you occupied. It’s full of fun, unusual flavors like Unicorn Shake and Banana Ice.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar Build Quality

Although both brands are known for creating functional, effective devices, Geek Bar has the edge. This brand is owned by Geekvape, a premium disposable vape manufacturer. Each device in the Elf Bar range looks and feels high-quality. Of course, the performance matches!

Which Is Better?

There’s a reason why both these brands have amassed millions of loyal fans. Each brand is brilliant by itself, so we can’t choose between them. However, what we can do is recommend a brand based on your personal taste.

Who Should Choose Elf Bar?

If you want the ability to explore different flavor sensations, invest in Elf Bar disposable vapes. These vapes will offer you a wealth of flavor profiles in a sleek, ergonomic, compact package!

Just to be clear: Geek Bars also come in a range of fantastic flavors, but there’s no doubt that Elf Bars attract a wider range of vapers.

Who Should Choose Geek Bar?

Geek Bar is ideal for people who care about aesthetics and are conscious about quality. A few Geek Bar models are available with ombré or three-toned exteriors, which imbue them with a fun, summery slant. To add to that, Geek Bars are ideal for tactile vapers who appreciate high-quality materials.

Again, we are not saying that Elf Bar vape devices are low quality. We’re just saying that Geek Bars are premium-quality, satisfying devices.

Final Thoughts

Elf Bar Vs. Geek Bar, who is your winner?

Whichever disposable vape you choose, you’ll be pleased. These devices perform brilliantly for MTL vapers, and the range of exterior designs and salt nic flavors will only enhance your experience.

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