WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Enovap Personal Vaporizer | Preview

Could this smart vape be the perfect hit?

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Enovap Personal Vaporizer Intro

Enovap is a French startup that has partly crowdfunded their idea not on some big international platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, (Nicotine consumption is a tough sell) but a local French platform which specializes in health and well-being, Wellfundr. The funding was a success with 206 contributors and 200% of their goal reached.

The initial idea by Alexandre Scheck was that of an electronic cigarette whose nicotine concentration could vary according to the desire of the user.

In the long term, it is also thought the technology can be used with other products for the treatment of pain, making Enovap a true medical device.

Enovap Personal Vaporizer

What Is it?

The Enovap is elegant in appearance, sophisticated in design and offers a completely new take on vaping technology.

Equipped with a double tank and a small screen, is cloud-connected with a smartphone app and uses artificial intelligence to determine how to decrease the nicotine delivery. Over the first days of use, the app records consumption, then it establishes a personal plan to reduce nicotine consumption.

It does this using a patented design of two tanks. The first tank contains a high nicotine concentration, while the second tank includes a lower nicotine concentration (can be 0 mg/mL). Each tank can be re-filled via two tiny holes labeled clearly on the side of the device.

But what if I don’t want what smart automatic intervention? Then you switch it to manual mode and customize your own personal settings for nicotine and vapor.

The Enovap comes in a range of colors using cowhide made in France: white, beige, taupe, dark brown, electric blue, orange or black.

Enovap Personal Vaporizer

Who is it for?

The Enovap is specifically designed as a unique solution to help smokers and vapers keep control of their nicotine consumption.

Enovap Personal Vaporizer

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There is nothing this unique!

Our Vibe

A product that reduces nicotine delivery in an automated, innovative and scientific way is a big thumbs up in our books. This product solves the problem for both smokers wishing to quit and move to vaping, and vapers who are still on a high nicotine level and haven’t yet mastered the gradual decrease.

It is also possible that this technology could be used in the long term as a medical delivery system, as some nebulizers and inhalers currently used by patients mimic the technology in a vaping device.

Enovap provide a health-oriented approach to electronic cigarettes and as long as the technology works then this could represent a turning point in the vaping industry if it does improve the health of millions attempting to get away from big tobacco.

What if it works and I succeed getting off the nicotine?

If you do succeed in getting off the nicotine, (after using the Enovap) having the double-tank facility and delivery system gives you the opportunity to create cocktails of unique flavors without changing liquids.

Where can you get it?

Specs & Features


  • Battery: 3000 mAh (18650 provided)
  • Overall power: 55W
  • Variable nicotine concentration: 0 to 20 mg/mL – depending on the concentration of liquids in the tanks
  • Screen: OLED Large Screen
  • Resistance supported: 0.5 to 3 Ohms, compatible with OCC Kangertech
  • Connectors: Magnetized
  • Double tank: Yes
  • Total tank capacity: 7 mL
  • Passthrough: Yes
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • Fire button: Clickable, on the front
  • Adjustment Buttons: 3
  • Drip tip: Removable and standard


  • Connected App – monitor your usage
  • Learns your vaping patterns
  • Mobile application: IOS / Android / Windows Phone
  • Upgradable firmware: Yes
  • Filling: From the top, child proof, leak proof
  • Charger: μUSB / USB cable
  • Magnetic cover: Leather / Polymer – Choice of color possible
  • Colors: white, beige, taupe, dark brown, electric blue, orange or black

Kit Contents:

  • 1 ENOVAP, leather cover
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