WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flum Vape Overview: Discover the Best Flavors, Prices, & More

Flum Vape Overview: Discover the Best Flavors, Prices, & More

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If you want to move away from the mainstream hype around Elf Bars and Geek Bars, you might be interested in Flum vape. Flum disposable vapes are as fun and fresh as the name suggests. These devices are climbing the ranks of disposable vape royalty, and the name Flum is popping up in conversations about convenience and style.

Before you dive head-first into this new brand, make sure that you know the essentials. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Flum and answer all your burning questions, including the ever-popular ‘what is a Flum vape?’

What Is a Flum Vape?

So, what is a Flum vape?

Flum disposable vape devices are made by a company called Flumigo Technology Ltd. These devices are known for convenience, style, and premium-quality materials. Flum disposables are well-built and effective. Flum Float disposable vape is the first model that gained the attention of vapers all over the globe.

If you have seen these devices before, you will have noticed the characteristic cylindrical design. Flum devices are interesting to look at; the cylindrical design is accompanied by a super slim mouthpiece.

Flumigo Technology Ltd. has created a few different Flum models, all of which come pre-charged and pre-filled. Whichever disposable you choose, your device will have a draw-activated firing mechanism. You won’t have to fiddle with buttons, instead, you can take a puff by simply drawing on the mouthpiece.

Flum products come pre-filled with a range of interesting e-liquids. Fruity Hawaii, Cotton Candy, and Peach Gelato are just a few of the exciting flavors on offer.

What Is Inside a Flum Vape?

As with any pre-filled vape products, Flum Float disposable vape devices contain a few essential e-liquid ingredients.

Flum Vape Juice Ingredients

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Flavors

E-juice always contains a base of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). In freebase nicotine, it’s common to see combinations of 50VG:50PG, 60VG:40PG, and 70VG:30PG. Of course, different juice ratios have different properties. For example, vegetable glycerin is better at creating dense clouds, whereas propylene glycol is better at carrying flavor.

Nicotine salts have a composition of 50VG:50PG. All Flum vape models come with 8 to 16mL of nicotine salt e-liquid that contains 5% nicotine strength. In terms of acidity, nicotine salts are much more neutral than freebase vape liquid, which means that a higher nicotine strength can feel much milder. Humans also absorb nic salts far faster than freebase nicotine, so you’ll get your nicotine hit as soon as you take a drag.

Once manufacturers have created the perfect blend of VG and PG and added nicotine, they need to think about flavors. Flum is one of the most adventurous manufacturers out there! Strawberry Ice Cream, Icy Berry Lemon, Mixed Berries, and many more flavors await you.

Flum Float, Wafer, Mi and Pebble

How Long Does a Flum Vape Last?

Look at the packaging of a disposable vape device and you’ll probably see a puff count. In the vaping world, manufacturers measure the longevity of their devices in puffs.

Of course, all the different models are designed to different specifications and have different puff counts. Let’s take a look at Flum Float disposable vape. This disposable vape offers an astounding 3,000 puffs!

That being said, everyone has a different vaping style. If you take long, frequent puffs, you won’t get as many as 3,000 puffs out of your Flum Float disposable vape. The opposite is true for people who take short, infrequent drags on their devices.

Let’s look at some of the other models.

    • Flum Wafer disposable vape – 1,600 puffs
    • Neno Flum disposable vape – 600 puffs
    • Flum Mi disposable vape – 600 puffs
    • Flum Pebble – 6,000 puffs

    As you can see, there is a Flum disposable vape device for everyone! This brand caters to people who want a quick, reliable vaping experience and people who want to keep their disposable vape for a week or so.

    What Are the Best Flum Vape Flavors?

    What Are the Best Flum Vape Flavors?

    Juice, juice, and more juice! It’s uncommon to find a disposable vape brand that has nearly half as many e-liquids as Flum. Remember, each device comes pre-filled and pre-charged, so you don’t even have to worry about pesky e-juice spills.

    Lush Ice

    Bask in the delightful taste of fresh, juicy watermelons with Lush Ice. This e-liquid is not to be ignored; it’s astounding that Flum has managed to pack so many juicy, fruity flavors into one vape juice! A bolt of ice cuts through the layers of sweet sensations to create an unforgettable mix of cold and fruity flavors.

    Strawberry Ice Cream

    A few puffs of Strawberry Ice Cream will transport you back to simpler times. This e-juice is designed to evoke memories of a carefree summer’s evening. The ripe, satisfying taste of strawberries combines with rich, indulgent layers of ice cream to create a truly unforgettable vaping experience.

    Cool Mint

    Who doesn’t love Flum Float Cool Mint? This vape juice does exactly what it says on the tin. It contains a layered, intricate array of refreshing cooling notes, and is peppered with bolts of icy sensations. Cool Mint is perfect for people who need a pick-me-up mid-way through the day.

    Aloe Grape

    No vape juice connoisseur can resist the unique taste of Aloe Grape. But what exactly is it? Aloe Grape has confused vapers since it arrived on the market. It’s only when vapers taste the flavor themselves that they get it. The floral flavor of aloe vera pairs well with the tart, tangy taste of grapes to create an e-liquid that is truly original.

    Cotton Candy

    Cotton Candy is another nostalgic sensation. Prepare your taste buds for a trip down memory lane! Just one puff of Cotton Candy salt nicotine will make you smile. The fluffy, fragrant, and fun taste of Cotton Candy will overwhelm your senses and leave you wanting more. This vape juice comes in a Flum Float disposable vape device.

    Icy Berry Lemon

    Icy tones are a running theme throughout Flum products, and why not? They work! Icy Berry Lemon is a delightful combination of sweet and tart summer berries, tangy lemons, and icy mint. If you’re searching for a layered, complex vape juice that will tantalize your taste buds, Icy Berry Lemon is the one for you.

    Fruity Hawaii

    Looking for an exotic flavor? Fruity Hawaii could be the answer to your problems. Creamy mango, piquant pineapple, and ripe peaches create the perfect blend. You can expect a sweet and tart flavor profile from this e-liquid.

    If you crave more exotic flavors, try the popular Exotic Lychee disposable.

    Flum Vape Cost

    Ultimately, a Flum disposable vape will cost as much as you want it to. The cheapest model starts at $5.99, and the most expensive model clocks in at $15.99, so there are lots of different price points to choose from. The good news is that all the models are very affordable, which might be why they are so popular.

    Here are all the Flum disposable vape devices, from cheapest to most expensive.

    How to Recharge a Flum Vape

    Flum Float vapes aren’t designed to be recharged, which is disappointing considering it’s the most popular model. This is a common problem; plenty of modern vapers love the style and convenience of disposable vape devices until they discovered that they are designed to be thrown away.

    But not all Flum vapes are single-use. Flum Pebble has a charging port, which means that you can top up the charge whenever you want. You just need to buy a USB-C cable (unfortunately, Flum doesn’t include one in the package) and plug it in. Remember, Pebble isn’t designed to be refilled, so when the e-liquid runs out you have to throw it away.

    Why Is My Flum Disposable Vape Blinking?

    It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to add an LED light indicator to their devices. It’s less common in disposable vape devices, but not unheard of.

    Flum Float disposable vape device has an inbuilt LED light, and so do the other models. When you take a puff on any of these disposables, the light will shine. The light will blink when the battery is nearly dead.

    Where Can I Buy a Flum Vape?

    Flum is a rising disposable vape brand, so you’ll be able to find them everywhere. Your local vape shop should carry all the models, but if not, you’ll have to go online. You should always buy your Flum Float disposable vape from a reputable reseller, or else you could get a counterfeit product.

    The easiest way to check for fake products is to read the information on the packaging. Flum prints an authenticity code on each product. Grab the code, input it into Flum’s website, and check to see if your product is legitimate.

    Final Thoughts

    When a fellow vaper asks, ‘what is a Flum vape?’ you’ll be able to answer in detail.

    You can tell them that there’s a lot more to Flum than meets the eye. One of the most impressive things about this brand is the sheer range of interesting e-liquids on offer. You can treat your taste buds to an unforgettable flavor sensation with Strawberry Ice Cream, Peppermint Polo, Peach Gelato, and a number of other delicious salt nicotine liquids.

    Even better, a lot of the models have a higher-than-average puff count. Flum Pebble offers a massive 6,000 puffs, which is enough to satisfy even the most adventurous vaper.

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