Glas Basix Series E-liquid | Review

Glas Basix series are aiming to become my everyday essential e-liquids.

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Glas Basix Series E-liquids

Glas Basix series are aiming to become my everyday essential e-liquids.

Flavors Tested

  • Blueberry Cake
  • Strawberry Gummy
  • Butterscotch Reserve
  • Fizzy Lemonade
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Caribbean Passion

Glas Vapor has grown into one of the leading names within the vaping industry. They are known for creating high-quality e-liquids and mechanical mods. Picking up numerous awards along the way for their Glas Vapor E-Liquid range.

The Glas Basix range is a new line up of e-liquids aimed to be vaped as ‘everyday essentials’ from the Glas stable. There are six brand new flavors, each one mixed to the extremely high standards set by Glas. They are available in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio in 50ml short fill bottles.

I’ve only tried a few of the Glas premium ‘Badge’ collection before and was impressed. But let’s have a look at what the Glas Basix range has to offer…

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the Glas Basix juices on a collection of atomizers, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode. The weapons of choice were the trusted Serpent SMM, the Digiflavor Siren 2 and the Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA, all sitting on top the Voopoo Drag.

Blueberry Cake

Glas Basix Series Blueberry Cake

Glas say: Warm, velvety layers of rich vanilla cake, sweet buttercream, and fresh blueberries, drizzled in a sweet sugar glaze.

Our Vibe: It’s like vaping on an elegant high-end blueberry muffin. You are greeted with a delicious fluffy vanilla cake texture; then you get the depth and volume of a creamy filling. But it is the ideal addition of natural blueberries jumping in on the mix, that really make this juice. The blueberry profile is not too sweet or tart and leaves a really pleasant lingering aftertaste. I’ve heard a few other people rave about this juice, and now I know why – it was an absolute treat to vape.

Strawberry Gummy

Glas Basix Series Strawberry Gummy

Glas say: A classic take on the iconic strawberry sour belt but with a gummy bear twist that will blow your taste buds away.

Our Vibe: The one thing about candy style vapes is they can sometimes be too sweet and strong. This, however, is gentle on the sweetness (which is good for your coils). It’s like a moreish naturally tasting strawberry gummy bear juice. I didn’t get that much of the sour belt taste; it is definitely more of a sweet vape. Right now this is hands down my favorite candy vape on the market; it’s not too sweet, and this is certain to be going into my ADV rotation.

Butterscotch Reserve

Glas Basix Series Butterscotch Reserve

Glas say: Our first tobacco flavor, featuring an extraordinary butterscotch and caramel component.

Our Vibe: I’m not a tobacco vaper, however, if I was going to choose one to vape it would be a sweet tobacco. This juice has the perfect marriage of the earthy, woody tobacco, the sweetness of the caramel and the dense creaminess of butterscotch. It is a really well rounded sweet tobacco vape. I wasn’t overly enamored with the lingering tobacco aftertaste, and this probably isn’t for those that prefer a traditional RY4 tobacco vape. Still, it is one of the nicer sweet tobacco’s that I’ve tried to date.

Fizzy Lemonade

Glas Basix Series Fizzy Lemonade

Glas say: A sweet and refreshing sparkling lemonade poured over lemon-lime shaved ice with a carbonated twist.

Our Vibe: This was the one I was looking forward to trying. I’ve vaped countless lemonade e-liquids in search of the perfect traditional lemonade vape – finally, I think my quest is over. This is just perfectly balanced; it has the delicious, zingy and almost bitter traditional lemonade taste that hit you right up front, followed by the most accurate amount of fizz at the end. In my opinion, it is lemonade perfection – thank you, Glas!

Sugar Cookie

Glas Basix Series Suage Cookie

Glas say: From the oven, warm buttery cookie dough glazed with golden brown-sugar caramel, with a cinnamon & nutmeg twist.

Our Vibe: I’ve been on record saying I’m not a fan of cookie vapes. It’s usually down to the fact they are overpowered by cinnamon or sickly chocolate and cookie dough. This seems to be a common theme here, but Glas have got the balance of this one spot on. There’s a smooth cookie dough base, with a hint of vanilla, which is closely followed up with a blend of sweet caramel and the unmistakable taste of cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s not too intense; it’s sweet, subtle and very realistic. I’m now a big fan of cookie vapes when they are done right like this.

Caribbean Passion

Glas Basix Series Caribbean Passion

Glas say: Like the intoxicating vibe of the islands, the perfect blend of mouthwatering pineapple, sweet strawberry, refreshing apples, & and a hint of apricot . . . it’s sheer tropical bliss…

Our Vibe: This was a mixed bag for me, it is a very nice exotic summery vape, with bundles of flavor. I just couldn’t quite distinguish each of the fruit flavor profiles coming through, and it tasted quite different on each atomizer at different wattages. At lower wattage, I got the undertones of strawberry and apple, but at higher wattage, the pineapple took center stage. It is still a good tropical juice, but I guess after the other perfectly balanced juices I was expecting a little more.


I know what Glas have tried to do here by naming this line ‘Basix,’ and marketing it as ‘everyday essentials,’ but I think it does the quality of these e-liquids a massive discredit. There is nothing basic at all about this range in my opinion.

Not only have they got the perfect balance in the lineup, covering different categories of juice from Sweet Candy to Tobacco, but they have also got the perfect balance of flavor profiles in each liquid, which is something you rarely see these days.

I was so impressed with some of these juices that I have to state again that this is a completely unbiased review, and yes taste is entirely subjective. Something I might like… might hate. But seriously when the quality of mixing and flavor experience is this good, I have to sing its praises. If you get the chance to try any of these liquids, you must, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Right, I think I’ve made my point that these are great quality e-liquids. I’m going off to finish my bottles of Fizzy Lemonade, Strawberry Gummy, and Blueberry Cake……yum!

“A big thankyou to Sean Glas for supplying the e-liquids for review”


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Glas Basix series are aiming to become my everyday essential e-liquids. Blueberry Cake Strawberry Gummy Butterscotch Reserve Fizzy Lemonade Sugar Cookie Caribbean Passion 1Intro Glas Vapor has grown into one of the leading names within the vaping industry. They are known for creating high-quality e-liquids and...Glas Basix Series E-liquid | Review