WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Recharge a Disposable Vape: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reviving Your Device!

It wasn’t too long ago that disposable vapes took the market by storm. The impact was so immense that manufacturers started creating rechargeable disposable vape devices. The name suggests that the device is only good for one or two uses, so it can be confusing to work out exactly what rechargeable disposable vapes do and don’t do.

Charging is one of the most confusing aspects of rechargeable disposable vape pens. In this article, we’re explaining everything you need to know about charging your disposable.

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How Do You Know if You Have a Rechargeable Disposable Vape?

Simply put, if your device has a charging port, you have a rechargeable disposable vape device. This could be an old USB, micro USB, or USB C charging port, depending on the model.

A non-rechargeable disposable vape will not have a charging port. In fact, most ‘traditional’ disposable vape pens don’t have any features at all.

How to Recharge a Disposable Vape Device

Now we’ve cleared that up, we need to explain how to recharge a disposable vape.

  1. Locate the charging port
  2. Connect your charging cable to the device and to a power source
  3. Ensure that the charging light is on

Seems simple enough, right? Well, there are a few more things that you need to be aware of.

Disposable Vapes Charging Ports

Key Information on Charging Ports

Charging ports are nothing to worry about; you just need to make sure that you have the correct charging cable and power source.

Most disposables have micro USB ports. In this case, you just need to grab a micro USB cable, connect one end to your device, and connect the other to a power source. The source could be a wall socket or a power bank.

Some disposable vape pens have USB-C ports. For this kind of port, you need a C-type USB cable. Put one end of your cable in the device and the other end into a charging adaptor or a computer USB port.

The good news is that this type of charging cable is far faster than standard cables, so your device will charge far quicker.

How Do You Know Your Rechargeable Vape Is Charging?

Even the simplest disposable puff bar usually has a battery indicator. Each model is different, but most vape pens have a LED color system that signifies different levels of charge, and another color to show that the device is charging.

Lost Mary OS5000 is one of the most popular rechargeable disposable vapes on the market, and it has a LED battery indicator that makes recharging the device very simple.

  • Red – low charge
  • Blue – medium charge
  • Green – full charge

When the device is charging, it’ll go from red to blue to green.

What If My Disposable Doesn’t Have a Battery Indicator?

If your disposable vape doesn’t have an LED battery indicator, you’ll need to rely on your senses.

Is your device warming up? Vape pens should never get too hot when they’re charging, but it’s not uncommon for them to feel slightly warm.

Can you take a puff? Take your vape pen off charge after twenty minutes or so and take a puff. If it works, your cable is working and the device was charging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Disposable Vape?

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vape pens aren’t known to have massive internal batteries. Fan favorite rechargeable Fresor B9000 only has a 500mAh battery, and Boom Max has an even smaller battery! At just 400mAh, it doesn’t take long to charge.

You should expect to recharge a disposable vape in about an hour, but if your battery is old it could take longer. This is one of the key signs that it’s time for a new device.

Can You Recharge a Disposable Vape Without a USB Port?

Believe it or not, adventurous vapers have developed a method for recharging disposable vapes that don’t have charging ports. This manual method should only be undertaken by people who have a working understanding of electricity and safety standards.

Most disposable vape devices contain alkaline batteries. These kinds of batteries are far more likely to overheat whilst charging. They can expand, leak, and burst, so you need to follow the steps carefully. You can also weak gloves and goggles for an added bit of protection.

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How to Manually Recharge a Disposable Vape

If you still want to manually recharge your vape’s battery, follow these steps.

  1. Grab an old charger – When the cable is not plugged into any power sources, cut the end off.
  2. Strip the wire – Strip two inches of the wire away until the red and black wires are exposed.
  3. Reveal the bare wires – Use wire cutters to take the black and red coating away. You need to have half an inch of bare wire showing.
  4. Remove the bottom of your disposable vape – Use pliers to remove the bottom of your vape. Depending on the model, you might be able to remove part of the bottom to access the battery. For other models, you’ll have to remove the bottom entirely.
  5. Find the positive and negative terminals – Once you’ve found the positive terminal (signified by a + symbol) you’ll notice that it has a red wire attached to it. The negative terminal (signified by a – symbol) has a black wire attached to it. If the wires are taped down, you need to remove the tape.
  6. Attach alligator clips to the wires – Put an alligator clip on the negative black wire, then put an alligator clip on the positive red wire. Careful, don’t let the red and black wires touch!
  7. Connect the dots – Connect the clip that is attached to the red positive wire to the positive battery terminal. Do the opposite for the black negative wire.

When you’ve completed this process, you should only have to wait for ten or so minutes for your disposable vape to charge in full.

Beware, smoke can be an early sign of danger. If you notice any smoke at all, unplug all the bits and bobs. Rather than trying to recharge your device yourself, we recommend buying a new disposable vape altogether.

Safety Tips for Charging Disposable Vapes

Safety Tips for Charging Disposable Vapes

The main thing that you need to remember is that USB cables that are suitable for phones, laptops, and other similar devices are not appropriate for vape pens. This type of charging cable is designed to boost charging with high amperage, which disposable devices are not designed to handle.

If you do want to recharge a disposable vape with the same USB cable that you use for your phone, you’ll have to be vigilant about overheating. We recommend staying in the same room as your disposable as it’s charging, just in case there are any problems.

How Often Should You Recharge a Disposable Vape?

Quite simply, you should recharge your disposable vape as soon as the battery dies. Some people prefer to get their charger immediately when the LED light flashes red, but either way works.

You might notice that the battery is depleted when:

  • You don’t get much vapor
  • The flavor isn’t as intense
  • The LED light indicator is red

Remember, your device might be dead but still have a full tank of vape juice. With rechargeable disposables, the e-liquid amount is not necessarily an indicator of the battery inside.

What to Do if Your Disposable Vape Isn’t Charging

We’ve all been there, the dreaded dead disposable. Even modern rechargeable disposable vapes only have so much life in them, so it’s important to know when it’s time to give up.

If your disposable isn’t charging, the problem could lie with your charging cable. Read the user manual that came with your device to make sure you’re using the right cable. Cables all look the same, so it can be easy to use the wrong one.

When Is It Time to Discard Your Disposable?

If your disposable vape pen is cold to the touch and unresponsive, it might be time to buy a new one. Ultimately, a disposable vape pen isn’t designed to last forever, even if it is rechargeable.

Here are some signs that you’re ready for a new disposable vape pen.

  • Your device is not producing vapor
  • Your device is unresponsive
  • The LED lights are not on

If these issues persist after you’ve tried to recharge a disposable vape, then you need to throw it away. Lots of disposable vapes can be recycled, so make sure you are disposing of yours in the right way.

Wondering how much do disposables cost? Our guide provides the average price range and factors that can affect the cost.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to recharge a disposable vape, you can save money and enjoy your favorite disposable vape for longer!

Disposable vapes are easy to recharge, but only when they come with a charging port. Disposables that don’t have a charging port are not designed to be recharged, but innovative members of the vape community have developed an almost surefire method. That being said, people who don’t have extensive experience handling electrics shouldn’t attempt to complete the charging process, which comes loaded full of potential dangers.

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