WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Stop a Disposable Vape From Auto Firing: 7 Quick Steps

Fix your auto-firing vape device at home.

Auto-firing is a unique problem that affects disposable vape devices. If you’re a fan of the convenience and simplicity of disposable vapes, you need to learn how to prevent auto-firing. All sorts of things can cause your device to activate itself, so you need to be aware of the possibilities.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to protect yourself from an auto-firing vape pen.

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What Does Auto-Firing Mean?

There is a bit of confusion about the term auto-firing.

Manual firing happens when you press the fire button on the device. This causes the internal mechanisms to awaken, and very shortly after you’ll have a mouthful of vapor.

Auto-firing happens when you inhale to activate the device. If you have a draw-activated device, it will every time you want to vape.

There is also another definition for the term. In the context of this article, auto-firing occurs when the vape device activates itself without your input. This means that it can fire in your pocket, handbag, or somewhere in your home.

Why Is Disposable Vape Auto-Firing a Problem?

When your device auto-fires, it wastes precious e-liquid. This is especially frustrating for people who buy disposables that can’t be refilled.

E-liquid wastage isn’t the only problem. Auto-firing also:

  • Damages the coils in your disposable vape
  • Singes your clothes, pocket, or anything else that the disposable vape comes into contact with
  • Increases the chance of accidental fires

Auto-firing is no joke! So, what’s the problem with your auto-firing vape device?

Reasons Why Your Disposable Vape Auto Fires

When the question of how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing comes up, we point toward six common answers. Batteries, e-liquid, connection, overheating, defects, and the firing button are the most common causes.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Defective Battery

Believe it or not, a defective battery is often to blame for a disposable vape auto-firing.

Each vape battery contains a chip, better known as a chipset. A chipset acts as the brain for your device. They have lots of safe-guarding features, and usually monitor minimum and maximum outputs for power, temperature, and a host of other features.

Chipsets can malfunction in any number of ways. If your drop your device on the ground or in water, the chipset can easily become damaged. Regardless of how you do it, chip malfunctions can spell disaster for your disposable vape.

A damaged chip will tell your device to fire, even when you are not operating the device!

E-liquid Leaked into Battery

E-liquid Leaked into Battery

Another battery-related issue, this time with e-liquid.

If you leave your disposable vape lying on its side, the e-liquid can seep into the battery. This causes the device to auto-fire.

To solve this issue, never leave your disposable vape pen on its side. Instead, always stand it upright, and be careful not to overfill the pod/tank.

Poor Connection

Auto-firing can be a result of a poor connection between the internal parts of your device.

To solve this problem, you need to clean each internal part and reassemble the device. This should facilitate a better, stronger connection between the bits of tech.

Stuck Firing Button

Sometimes the reason for your vape auto-firing can be as simple as a stuck fire button.

You might be able to unstick the button by tapping it, pressing it, or gently shaking your device. If none of these options work, we recommend disposing of the device and buying a new one.

Of course, if your disposable vape pen has a sticky button right away, you can send evidence to the manufacturer and get your money back.

Disposable Vape Auto Firing by Overheating


Extreme temperatures can have a big impact on pod systems and other disposables. Direct sunlight (or even just hot environments) can cause your device to overheat and auto-fire.

Always store your device in a cool space.

Manufacturing Defect

Unfortunately, manufacturing defects are a very real possibility. Most manufacturers have rules and regulations in place to detect defects, but some devices still make it through the vetting process.

If your disposable vape is auto-firing straight out of the packaging, it might have a manufacturing defect. You should never attempt to fix a device that is a dud from the get-go. Instead, contact the retailer that issued you the device. They should give you a refund and review their vetting practices.

Wondering why your disposable vape light is blinking? Our troubleshooting guide can help you solve the problem.

How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto-Firing?

Now you understand why the problem is happening, you need to learn how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Disposable Vape

Your device can only auto-fire when it’s turned on. Before you attempt any of the solutions in this article, you need to switch your device off.

In most cases, you can simply press the fire button for ten seconds or press it a few times. The amount of times varies from device to device, so make sure to check the user manual.

Some disposables don’t have a power button. In fact, a lot of modern disposable vape devices are so sleek and streamlined that they have no features at all! If your device doesn’t have a definite off button, you need to remove the battery.

To access the battery, you need to remove the external body of your device.

Step 2: Clean the Contact Points

Once you have separated the battery from the rest of the device, you can clean the contact points. Battery contacts are not uniform; in fact, they vary in shape and size from battery to battery. Most of the time, you’ll be able to identify the positive and negative contact points pretty easily.

Give the contact points a thorough clean with a piece of tissue or a cotton bud. This should remove any lingering debris and dirt that is making your disposable vape malfunction.

If there is a lot of debris on the contact points, you should dip your tissue or cotton bud in isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3: Examine the Coils

Coils are a common issue, especially for beginners who don’t have enough vaping experience to know when it’s time for a new one.

In essence, coils are thin metal wires. For your device to work properly, the coil has to heat up. Over time, the coil reaches its maximum capacity and burns up. This can also happen as a result of misuse, and it can cause an unpleasant burnt taste.

If this applies to you, dispose of your old coil properly and add a new coil to your device.

Step 4: Check the Voltage

Most of the time, disposable vape devices don’t have a variable voltage output. The voltage is set, meaning you’ll either get small amounts of vapor or huge clouds.

However, some disposables allow for different settings. The voltage should rest somewhere between 3.2V and 4V. If your device has a lower voltage than that, you’ve found the reason why it’s auto-firing.

To set the voltage to an acceptable range, you need to restart your device. To turn a typical pod system on and off, you just need to press the fire button a certain number of times in quick succession. When the device turns back on, it should show you different setting options. When you find the voltage option, you can adjust it to an acceptable number.

Step 5: Cool Your Vape Down

Your device may just be struggling to deal with high temperatures. After all, many disposable vape devices are only small. You’ll usually be able to assess whether or not this is the problem by touching the outer casing.

Is it hot? If it is, you need to add a few drops of e-juice to your tank. The juice will evaporate pretty quickly, but it will also cool the coil.

Step 6: Only Use Nic Salts

The type of juice that you use can have a big impact on your vaping device. A disposable vape might auto-fire if it contains anything other than nicotine salts.

Whereas traditional freebase nicotine products need a lot of power and heat and produce a lot of vapor, nic salts need far less power. As a result, nicotine salts auto-fire far less.

Besides, nicotine salts are absorbed into the bloodstream far faster than freebase nicotine products. By switching to nic salts, you can get your nicotine hit sooner and also prevent auto-firing!

Step 7: Remove the Battery & Inspect It

If everything else has failed to make a difference, you need to return to the battery. As we’ve discovered, the battery can be one of the main reasons why your device auto-fires.

More often than not, the problem lies within the chipset. Anything can happen to the chipset. Accidental damage, water, fire, and any other number of things can cause it to deteriorate and malfunction.

Ultimately, you may need a new battery. This can be a frustrating extra expense, but it can also solve all your auto-firing problems!

Final Words

Auto-firing is about much more than just manufacturer errors. Human mistakes can also cause your disposable vape to become dangerous, so it’s important to be aware of all the contributing factors.

Now you have all the answers you need for how to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing. You can handle extreme temperatures, replacement parts, and sensor problems. The next time your device starts auto-firing, you don’t have to panic.

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