WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Tell if Your Disposable Vape Is Nearly Empty: 5 Easy Signs

Disposable vapes might be super convenient and streamlined, but they do have a few downsides. Some disposables don’t have battery power indicators, and most of them don’t have clear tanks. It can be difficult to gauge how close your disposable vape pen is to shutting down completely.

So, how can you tell when your battery power and e-liquid are running low?

If your brand new disposable vape isn’t working, don’t panic. Check out our troubleshooting tips.

Why Do I Need to Know When My Disposable Vape Is Running Low?

When a vape battery runs out, the device will simply stop working, right?

Well, there’s a lot more to it than just that.

Disposable vapes are designed for a convenient vaping experience. Lots of vapers buy these kinds of devices for traveling, or even just trips to the office. When a disposable vape pen unexpectedly stops working, it could spell disaster for your working day.

Even worse, if the vape juice runs out before the battery, there is a high chance of burnt hits. A burnt hit occurs when there isn’t enough vape juice in the system. These hits are very unpleasant and, unsurprisingly, they create a burnt taste that is hard to shake. Every vaper has experienced at least one burnt hit in their lifetime, but it’s a good idea to avoid an encore.

5 Clear Indicators

If you’re wondering how to tell if your disposable is nearly empty, you’re not alone! Even the most experienced vapers struggle.

When it comes to disposable vapes, there are five clear indicators that you need to know about.

Dead Battery: Indicator Light Blinking

Battery light indicators can be a lifesaver for disposable vape enthusiasts. It’s true that some vape pens don’t have them, but most do.

If the battery in your disposable vape device is depleted, the LED light will blink when you take a puff. Alternatively, it might change to a different color entirely, whether you’re taking puffs or not. Every brand is different. Some devices will flash with blue light, whereas others will use red to signify danger.

Not sure how to deal with a disposable vape light blinking? Our expert advice can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Tasteless: Dull Flavor

One of the clearest indicators that your disposable vape is running low on e-juice is the flavor. The flavor will be dull, and probably not satisfying anymore. This is due to the fact that there is less vape juice left in the tank to soak the wick.

When you notice a drastic drop in flavor intensity, you need to check the e-liquid levels in your disposable pen. More often than not, you’ll need to add in new vape juice. Of course, a lot of disposables are not made to be refilled, so you might need to buy a new vape pen.

Charred or Burnt Taste

If you’ve just charged your disposable vape and the light is still flashing, the e-liquid is probably depleted. This might be accompanied by a burnt or charred taste.

A true burnt hit only happens when there is no e-liquid in the disposable vape, but you can still get a nasty taste when there’s a bit still left in the tank.

It’s important to remember that a burnt or charred taste could have nothing to do with the amount of e-liquid in your tank. You might burn the coils in your device by taking long, drawn-out puffs. The frequency of your puffs can also have a big impact. If this sounds like you, you should take shorter puffs at longer intervals to protect your coils.

Metallic Taste

It’s not uncommon for disposable vapes to emit a metallic taste when the e-juice is running low. This only happens when the coil is made from metal mesh. When you start puffing on a device that doesn’t contain enough liquid, the metal will burn, hence the metallic taste.

Less Vapor Is Produced

One of the hallmarks of a disposable vape is that they produce massive amounts of vapor, especially in the first few puffs. A new disposable vape pen should be steadily producing a decent amount of vapor. Poor vapor production is a sign that something is wrong.

When a disposable vape starts producing less vapor, it’s time to invest in a new one.

How to Tell if Your Disposable Vape Is Nearly Empty

Dead Battery Vs. Empty Cartridge

It’s difficult to tell whether your pen is empty or the internal battery is simply dead. Even experienced vapers struggle to identify the problem, especially with draw-activated devices. Draw-activated devices can be activated by simply taking a puff on the mouthpiece, so you don’t have to press a button to get your vape hit. It’s easy to take drags without noticing, which means that you could end up with far less vape juice than expected.

So, how can you tell?

Indicators That Your Battery Is Dead

  • Cold device
  • LED lights aren’t working
  • Unresponsive device

These are the three main signs of a dead battery. If you take a drag on your disposable vape (or press the fire button) and nothing happens, the battery is completely dead.

Indicators That Your E-Liquid Has Run Out

  • Warm device
  • Less vapor
  • LED lights are working

If your disposable vape device remains active (meaning the LED light indicators are working and the device is warm), but no vapor is coming out, you’ve run out of vape juice. No matter how many puffs you take, you won’t get as much vapor as you would from a full tank.

Of course, if there’s no e-juice left at all, you might get a burnt hit.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to convenience, disposables are unparalleled. Unfortunately, even the best disposable vape pen doesn’t have a long lifespan. If you’re a big fan of disposables, you need to be able to spot the signs that your pen is ready for a refill (or for the recycling box).

Now you know how to tell if your disposable is nearly empty, there’s no reason why you might be caught without a replacement. If you’re ever unsure, you can refer back to this article.

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