WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Use The Last Drop Out Of Your THC Cartridge

Vaping with THC cartridges is one of the easiest, cleanest, and most affordable ways to enjoy cannabis, but it does leave us with a sticky problem. What should we do if we have leftover oil in the THC cart? 

Designated 510 thread vape batteries are great, but they can only heat the THC oil that reaches the heating element. This means that even the best 510 vape batteries that we recommend will still leave some THC behind. However, you don’t have to abandon that THC just because your vape can’t reach it! 

Let’s leave no THC behind! Here are 5 clever ways you can get every last drop of THC out of your vape cartridges. 


  • Vaping’s Sticky Situation: Vaping with THC cartridges is clean and affordable, but leftover oil poses a challenge. Don’t abandon that precious THC; there are ways to retrieve it!
  • Safety First: Never expose your vape cartridge to direct flames. Smashing open your cartridge can leave dangerous glass shards in your THC oil.
  • Creative Uses for Leftover THC: From supercharging a joint to adding a kick to your bong, there are multiple ways to enjoy the remaining THC oil. You can even transform it into an edible treat or incorporate it into your dab.
  • Vape the Leftovers: Heat your cartridge with a hairdryer to get the oil flowing. This way, you can vape the last drops without dismantling anything.

A Word to the Wise 

There are two big warnings we need to start out with when it comes to getting the leftover oil out of your near empty vape cartridges. 

The first is that your vape was only ever meant to be heated by a 510 thread battery. This means that direct flames can damage or destroy your cart or the pen itself. Never expose your vape cartridge to fire—there are smarter and safer ways to get at that leftover THC oil.

We’ve also seen plenty of guides advertise smashing open your oil cartridges. Depending on how your vape cartridges are made, this can leave some dangerous glass in your THC oil which is something you never want. 

We’ve got some more clever ways to open up an empty THC cartridge than smashing it with a rock like a caveman. 

How to Get the Oil out of a THC Cartridge 

Your first step is going to be to get the oil out of the THC cartridge.

Right off the bat, we should say that you don’t always have to get the remaining oil out to make use of it. We’ve got a few tips for getting that leftover cannabis oil to the heating element so you can vape without having to break open your cart.

However, you can do the most creative things after you open your THC cartridge. This is going to depend on the make and model of the cartridge that you’re using.

You should be able to use some small tools—like a flat head screwdriver or needle nose pliers—to gently separate the different pieces of your cart. Pulling and twisting is the way to go! 

You can also heat up the THC cartridge to the leftover oil flowing again. THC oil is sticky stuff and small amounts don’t move throughout your cart very easily. 

All you need to do is to apply gentle heat to your cart with a hair dryer. The oil should start flowing around and you can work it back towards your vape pens heating element. 

Make a Supercharged Joint

Let’s say you manage to get some of your leftover oil out of the THC cartridge. The first thing you can do is make a supercharged joint.

All you need to do is pour on a little oil when rolling your next blunt. The joint is supercharged with the THC oil from your now empty vape cart, and it will make for a much more potent high.

Twax a Joint

You can also twax a joint. This is similar to making a supercharged joint, but it takes a little bit more technique.

All you have to do is have the oil from the THC cartridge to the rolling papers before you roll a joint. The paper will then be infused with THC oil adding an extra kick to your next joint.

You can also roll that joint and kief to make one of the most powerful joints you’ve ever smoked.

Add the THC Oil to a Bowl or Bong

The THC oil that’s in your vape cartridge is good to go. This means that one of the fastest ways to enjoy it is just to sprinkle a little in your next bowl or bong.

All you need to do is save up some THC oil from leftover cartridges, and you’ll soon have enough to spice up the next few bowls you smoke.

Remember, THC oil is often much more concentrated than cannabis flower. This means you want to go easy at first if you’re not used to adding a little THC oil to bowls and bongs.

This is also a great trick to bust out when you’ve got friends over or while throwing a party. Take the puff puff pass mentality of sharing to the next level by giving everyone the opportunity to add an extra kick to their bong hit. 

Start the Munchies Off With an Edible 

The next way of enjoying the leftover oil in your THC cartridge is going to depend on these specific brands of cart that you vape.

THC needs to go through a process called carboxylation before it can get someone high. Raw THC does not have the ability to induce a high or many of the medicinal benefits that we associate with cannabis.

High-end THC cartridges are carboxylated and ready to go. This means that you can add the oil from those THC cartridges directly to an edible.

You can save up enough oil to make yourself a batch of classic cannabis brownies or you can pour a little oil into tea or coffee for a little extra boost during the day. 

Add it to Your Dab

When you think about it, your vape is essentially just a modern roof on a classic dab. So, why not just dab your leftover THC cartridge oil?

Now, THC oil from a cartridge does run a little thinner than the wax you would typically use on your dab rig. This means that you should mix the oil with wax. think about this as making a supercharged joint, but for your dab rig. 

Try to Vape The Leftovers

You can put that 510 thread battery in your vape pen to work by just vaping the leftover oil in your THC cartridges.

This method requires a little bit of problem solving on your end, but it is ultimately the quickest and easiest way to enjoy leftover THC oil in your vape carts.

All you need to do is heat your cartridge with a blow dryer. Keep the blow dryer on a low or medium setting and heat up the cartridge until the oil starts to flow freely. 

You can then quickly get the oil near the heating element and enjoy the last few puffs in your cartridge without having to take anything apart. 

Wrapping Up How to Use Leftover THC Cart Oil

Hopefully now you have the answer to how to get the last bit of oil from a disposable cart? You’ve got plenty of options for enjoying the leftover oil in your THC cartridge. 

Whether you’re looking to add an extra kick to your next bowl or you just want to heat up the vape cartridge and get a few more puffs from your favorite vape, you never have to let THC go to waste again. If you are always struggling with pre-filled cartridges you could always invest in a high-quality refillable oil cartridge.

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