How to Vape CBD Oil?

The global CBD industry is booming. You can find CBD in various products—including sweets and chocolate. However, vaping CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular consumption methods.

First, you must understand that you can’t vape CBD oil. When people say ‘vaping CBD oil,’ they refer to CBD vape carts or CBD vape juice. Manufacturers design these for inhalation; vaping pure CBD oil can cause significant health issues.

In this article, we will discuss how to vape CBD oil and enjoy maximum benefits.


  • CBD E-Liquid: A mix of hemp extract, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin, sometimes flavored to mask hemp’s taste.
  • Dosage Matters: Start low and adjust in 5mg increments to find the right CBD dosage, considering body factors.
  • Choosing a Vape: From simple pods to advanced refillables, there’s a CBD vape for every user’s preference.
  • Vaping Process: Similar to nicotine e-juice; start with small puffs, assess effects, and adjust as needed.

What Is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid—usually called CBD vape juice—is a liquid made from hemp extract, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. When you heat CBD in a vaporizer, it creates a vapor you can inhale to deliver the active ingredients to your bloodstream. In some cases, the manufacturer will add flavoring to disguise the taste of hemp to make it more pleasant.

Choose Your CBD Dosage

The first step to enjoying vaping CBD oil is knowing the correct dosage. Although vaping too much CBD oil is unlikely to yield any adverse side effects, you’re unlikely to feel the full benefits without mastering your dosage.

There are various factors to consider when choosing your vaping dosage—including body chemistry, body weight, and the seriousness of your condition. It’s ideal to start with the lowest dosage and increase by 5mg each time, depending on the side effects.

If you consume too much CBD, you may feel extreme drowsiness, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness, and an upset stomach. However, although the side effects might be slightly unpleasant, don’t worry. These effects will quickly subside.

To ensure you vape CBD oil safely, you can learn more about CBD dosages and whether you can overdose on CBD.

How to Choose Your CBD Vape

Choosing the best vape for you can be challenging with the number of options. Some CBD vapes are easier to use than others—but vaping CBD oil is generally straightforward. If you feel overwhelmed at first, which isn’t uncommon, start with the most straightforward option and work your way up. Some vape devices have excellent technology that’s perfect for experienced users.

The most comfortable options are pods, cartridges, and disposables. However, refillable vapes are more advanced—yet more cost-effective.

1. CBD Oil Cartridges

A CBD oil cartridge is a thin vape tank with CBD or pre-filled vape juice. They require a 510 thread battery compatible with standard 510 cartridges or a vape pen. CBD oil cartridges often contain around 0.5 to 1ml of CBD vape juice. They’re the second most uncomplicated way to vape CBD.

2. CBD Pods

CBD pods are comparable to CBD oil cartridges but have a modern design. They’re compatible with a vape battery, one of the most typical vapes on the market. Better still, people with JUUL products can now effortlessly swap between nicotine and CBD by using a JUUL-compatible CBD pod. Or you can use a refillable pod device and use your own CBD vape liquids.

3. Disposable CBD Vape Pens

Look no further than disposable CBD vape pens if you want an inexpensive and easy way to vape CBD oil. They are lightweight cigarette-style pens pre-filled with CBD vape liquid. However, disposable vape pens aren’t the best option if you’re a heavy vaper; you’ll have to dispose of them after a few hundred puffs. As a result, you could save money by choosing refillable CBD vape pens.

4. Refillable CBD Vape Pens

If you’re looking for simplicity, it’s hard to look past refillable CBD vape pens. CBD vape pens are more cost-effective and produce more taste than disposables. However, they require some maintenance—so it’s a wise idea to use them once you’ve gained some experience.

5. Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are excellent if you’re looking for a refillable option. However, the pod vape must be capable of managing the thicker viscosity of e-liquids. Some pod vapes may look like JUUL but come in various shapes and sizes.

How to Vape CBD Oil?

How to Vape CBD Oil

Now you’ve decided to vape CBD, it’s essential to follow these simple steps. First, read the user manual to ensure you fully understand the device. Some vaping devices have different functions, so ensure you understand them. On the other hand, a disposable CBD vape pen needs no preparation; you only need to inhale.

Moving to CBD e-juice will be straightforward if you currently vape. You could use your current vape device or switch to a device designed for CBD vape oil. Most importantly, vaping CBD oil is the same process as vaping nicotine e-juice, so you will master it fast enough.

1. How to Use a CBD Oil Cartridge

  • Connect the CBD cartridge to your 510 vape battery.
  • Click the power button five times if the device has one.
  • While inhaling, press the button and start with small inhalations.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes between puffs to ensure you enjoy the optimal dosage.
  • If you can handle the side effects, start taking longer puffs.

2. How to Use a CBD Pod

  • Use a pre-filled CBD pod or fill a pod with your own CBD vape juice
  • Connect your CBD pod to the pod device.
  • Once you’ve activated the device, start by taking small puffs.
  • Wait around 5 to 10 minutes between puffs to determine the strength of the CBD.
  • Start slow and work your way up to find the best dose.
  • If the side effects feel fine, start taking more extended and frequent puffs.

3. How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

  • Get some CBD e-juice and load it inside the vape pen.
  • Prepare your coil by priming it for maximum performance.
  • Wait around 5 to 10 minutes for the coil to soak.
  • Click the power button around five times to switch the vape pen on.
  • Dial to your preferred setting if it has adjustable airflow.
  • Press the button as you start inhaling.
  • Observe how the CBD affects you and wait around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Work your way up to the ideal dose by starting slowly.
  • Once you’re comfortable with the side effects, take larger and more frequent puffs.
  • Clean your vape tank regularly to ensure high maintenance standards.

Final Thoughts

Although there are various ways to consume CBD oils, CBD vaping is becoming one of the most popular methods. With an excellent vaping device, you’ll enjoy a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and convenient way to vape your CBD oil.

Danny Blanton
Danny Blanton
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