WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin EQ vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO

Innokin EQ vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO? Find out which pod mod is best.

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Innokin EQ vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO Intro

Innokin’s entry into the pod market the ‘EQ’ has been earning rave reviews for its simplicity and performance.

So we decided to pair it up against the Nautilus AIO, the latest in a long (somewhat similar) line of pod mods from Aspire.

Aspire have been our go-to brand for refillable pod systems this year, and the Nautilus AIO might just be the pick of the bunch.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether Innokin can beat Aspire at the first attempt.

Innokin EQ vs. Aspire Nautilus AIO

Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.

Innokin EQ vs Aspire Nautilus AIO


Wow…that was a tough one. Actually, I think both these devices deserve to win this battle, but for different reasons and possibly for different vapers.

The Innokin EQ is the more stylish device. It’s slightly smaller and a lot sleeker. We absolutely love the rubberized coating on the main body, and in comparison, the Nautilus feels a little cheap and plasticky.

The EQ also has an excellent refill method for the pod, but the Nautilus AIO can come with a larger 4.5ml capacity compared to the TPD compliant 2ml of the EQ.

When it comes to features, both have their strong points. The EQ gives you the ability to change the power with boost mode and uses their brilliant plexus coils.

However, there’s no adjustable airflow with the EQ, which may be a complete turn off for some MTL vapers. The Nautilus AIO one the other hand has excellent adjustable airflow, allowing for a far tighter MTL draw.

It also utilizes the Nautilus BVC coils, giving you far more options for replacements with different resistances and at a cheaper price.

That being said the EQ and it’s Plexus coils may cost more, but they do last a little longer.

Innokin EQ vs Aspire Nautilus AIO

Battery life is really close. The EQ has 800mAh capacity while the Nautilus AIO has 1000mAh in it’s slightly bigger frame. The Nautilus just wins out on this capacity and the fact you can use higher ohm coils to extend that life.

When it comes to performance there’s not much to pick between them, they both deliver excellent flavor, nice warm vapes with a decent amount of vapor production.

However, the EQ doesn’t have the tightest of MTL draws. So those that like a traditional tight draw would be far better suited to the Nautilus, with its adjustable airflow.

There’s also less wastage with the Nautilus AIO as you only need to replace the coil, not the entire pod, and being kinder to the environment has got to count for something.

So we are going to pick the Nautilus AIO as the overall winner. Primarily based on the fact it has adjustable airflow and a variety of coils so it can suit more vaping styles. Both are excellent refillable pod systems that won’t disappoint.

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