WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit | Review

Innokin Proton 235W Kit | Review

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Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Innokin has been somewhat renowned for their more conservative approach to vape devices, both in terms of power and design.

So what happens when the team at Innokin decide to take on the competition in 2018 with a premium looking dual battery mod? A thing of beauty happens – the Proton 235W kit.

The Proton is a dual 18650 device capable of firing up to 235W, which features an easy to use joystick and comes paired with the Scion II sub-ohm tank.

The Good

Elegant looks, brilliant user interface, easy to use joystick and overall outstanding performance.

The Bad

I’m really not sure! Maybe the Scion II is not the best sub-ohm tank available – but it’s still good.

The Bottom Line

Innokin have surpassed themselves, and in my eyes also the competition. I think this is the best dual 18650 device currently on the market. It’s tasteful, elegant looks, excellent build quality and incredibly easy to use interface make it a joy to use. Oh, and of course it vapes outstandingly well also.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Innokin for the purpose of this review.


  • Product Dimensions: 85*44.6*29.6mm
  • Minimum / Maximum Wattage: 6.0W–235W
  • Minimum / Maximum Voltage: 0.0V–9.0V
  • Temperature Control range: 150℃–315℃/300℉–600℉
  • Maximum Charge Current: 2A
  • Maximum Output Current: 40A
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.05ohm – 3.5ohm
  • 1.45″ TFT Color Screen Display
  • Joystick Selector Button
  • Side-Panel Squeeze Fire Button
  • 6 Color Display Themes
  • Individual Cell Battery Life Indicator
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading
  • Dual 18650 Batteries
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Preheat Function
  • Adjustable Memory TCR
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Ni200 Nickel, Titanium & SS316L Support
  • Material and Mode Selection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Dual Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection

In the Box

  • 1 x Proton Mod
  • 1 x Scion II Tank (0.36ohm installed)
  • 1 x Plexus Coil 0.15ohm
  • 1 x Spare Bubble Glass Tube (5ml)
  • 1 x Extra Drip Tip
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Spare O-rings Set
  • 1 x Vape Band
Innokin Proton 235W Kit

There are very few instances in design where form, functionality, simplicity, and aesthetics blend together perfectly – I believe the Proton Kit is one of those cases.

This device not only looks great with its subtle branding and sweeping accents but the inclusion of an ergonomic side fire button, joystick-style selector, and an impressive 1.45” color screen display further add to its usability.

Of course, design choice doesn’t just stop on the outside, even the UI and menu of the Proton is the perfect unity of attractive presentation and ease of use.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


I’ve seen countless vaping devices in my time, and this is genuinely one of the first mods that I couldn’t help but make an audible ‘wow’ sound at when I took it out of the box.

It’s modern looking, classy and elegant. And is exactly what I like in a device, no pointless flashing lights or garish colors.

The Proton comes in 3 different colors, which all look great: Black, Gun Metal, and Rainbow.

Somehow even when Innokin makes rainbow style mods they look classy, this is probably the only vape device with a rainbow-effect on that I truly love the look of.

The subtle branding and inclusion of a very grippy but stylish backplate all add to the overall clean appearance. Which is all aided by the lack of clustered buttons as the hidden side fire bar and dimpled joystick are the only controls.

Some might prefer a centered 510 on a dual battery mod of this shape. Personally, I like where it is situated, and the Proton is still capable of housing atomizers up to 28mm with no overhang.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Build Quality

The build quality of the Proton is exceptional, it feels solid and robust in the hand whilst maintaining it’s quality appearance.

The display sits beneath seamless glossy perspex, and it is an excellent bright and clear screen.

The 510 connection is spring loaded but solid in structure, and I don’t think there will be any issues there.

The battery door is one of the best I’ve experienced on a dual battery mod, easy to open and close with absolutely no rattle or gaps when closed. It also has some very fine angled vent holes which just look part of the design.

The side fire button has the right amount of throw and clickiness to it and is barely noticeable as a button.

The joystick controller protrudes ideally from the body of the device and is especially easy to maneuver and click. There’s only a very minimal amount of loose wiggle to it, but it doesn’t rattle at all if you shake it.

On the whole its an excellently crafted device one of the best in this price range for sure.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


While the Proton does have a little weight to it, it’s actually surprisingly lightweight for a dual-battery device, and the weight that’s there is the comforting solid construction kind.

It’s also an incredibly slim and pocket-friendly device, only measuring 85 x 44.6 x 29.6mm – I’ve used plenty of single 18650 devices that are bigger in stature!


We have seen joystick style controllers on mods before, like those from Yihi, and side fire bars from the likes of Smok originating with the Alien.

But Innokin has to be praised for taking some of the best aspects of other popular devices and implementing them to perfection. Especially with regards to the joystick and vivid color display.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit

The Proton is packed full of the usual features with a full temperature control suite, TCR, Curve (Pre-heat) options and Bypass mode.

There’s also the ability to change the color of the display and other setting options including puff counter, brightness, and vape cut-off time adjustments.

The device is firmware upgradeable, so Innokin may bring some further features or improvements down the line.


The Proton really couldn’t be easier to operate. Innokin has done a great job at incorporating a simplified UI, doubled with the ease of navigating with the joystick.

The interface is so intuitive that it only takes a couple of minutes to get accustomed to it, and it actually makes other interfaces seem a little clunky.

Main operation:

  • 3 x clicks of side fire bar to turn on and off
  • 3 x clicks of the joystick to enter menu
  • Use joystick to scroll through options and click once to select
  • Click fire bar to exit menu
  • While on home screen hold joystick left/right (or up/down) until wattage or temp level start flashing, then move the joystick up/down (or left/right) to increase or decrease the setting.
  • Hold joystick to the right and click fire bar to lock and unlock device

If I did have one small gripe about the menu, it would be when deep in the settings pressing the fire button takes you straight back to the home screen, and not back one in the menu.

Scion II Tank8.5
Innokin Proton 235W Kit

The Proton comes with Innokin’s Scion II sub-ohm tank which includes two glass tanks, a straight 3.5ml capacity, and a 5ml capacity bubble glass.

It also comes with 2 coils, a standard 0.36-ohm pre-installed coil which is a quad coil and can be fired between 80-150W. Then one of Innokin’s new 0.15-ohm Plexus coils, which is a mesh design single coil claimed to last 3 times longer than normal coils (more on this later) and can be fired between 60-110W.

The tank also has a slide-to-fill system and comes with a removable 810 Delrin drip tip.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


As with most modern sub-ohm tanks refilling couldn’t be easier.

The slide top fill design is well implemented on the Scion II and has a small arrow and tiny ‘push to fill’ writing indicating where to push open.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


The standard 0.36-ohm coil produces good flavor and has slightly more restricted airflow than the wide open mesh Plexus coil.

I’m not sure if it was in comparison to the Plexus coil, or just that I was using a particularly sweet juice, but mine didn’t seem to last too long.

However, the Plexus coil I was really impressed with.

It produces really good clean flavor, which is stable across all wattage levels. However, I didn’t feel the need to venture above 70W with it too often, as it heats instantly and gives a nice warm and dense vape.

As for the lifespan of the Plexus coil, I’m still rocking mine after 10 days of testing on the same juice as the standard coil, and the flavor is still on point. Whether it will last 3 times longer than normal coils, I’m not sure, but it’s undoubtedly the better coil out of the two.

With both coils, it took about a tanks worth of juice for them to really shine.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


The Scion II has bottom airflow with two large air holes.

It is easily adjustable as it sits slightly proud of the rest of the tank and has some knurling on it. The airflow control ring also clicks into place as you move it, with 4 possible settings.

Obviously, airflow is a little dependant on which coil you have inside the tank, but the vapor production was plentiful with both. The Plexus coil wins out at high wattages if you are a cloud chaser.

As with most wide-open sub ohm tanks, it’s not the quietest airflow, especially with the large mesh Plexus coil. However, it’s not a turbulent draw and remains pretty smooth.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Ok, so far you’ve heard me gush about the design and usability of the Proton. I’ve told you about the above average performance of the Scion II tank.

So this is where you’re expecting to hear me say ‘unfortunately the Proton is not up to scratch on the performance front.’

Well actually……No, the opposite.

After all, it’s an Innokin device so why expect anything less than solid performance. In fact, the Proton surpasses that, it’s excellent, Innokin’s best yet.

Wattage Mode

The Proton feels like it’s bang on the money when it comes to wattage mode, even when you head into the upper echelons of power.

It also has pretty instantaneous firing, irrelevant of where you press on the fire bar.

Curve wattage mode is also amazingly easy to set with the use of the joystick, and every adjustment is noticeable in the vape.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Temperature Control Mode

I ran both a single and dual SS316 coil in temperature control on the Proton, and it was an incredibly smooth experience.

I did notice that with the dual coil I needed to bump the wattage up a little more than expected to get a warmer vape.

Dry firing in temp control mode caused little to no banding or burning of the wick, so overall an excellent device for temp control users.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit

Battery Life

The Proton also seems to be reasonably efficient when it comes to battery life.

I don’t have any exact figures, but you definitely won’t be cursing at this device for draining your batteries too quickly.

It also comes with 2 amp charging, so if you are caught short, it can top them up pretty quickly. Although as always we advise charging your batteries in an external charger.

Innokin Proton 235W Kit


  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • Excellent build quality
  • Side fire button
  • Excellent performance in all modes
  • Intuitive interface
  • Joystick is easy to use and responsive
  • Bright & colorful display
  • Good battery life
  • Fits 28 mm atomizers
  • Solid battery door
  • Lightweight for a dual 18650 battery
  • Scion II is a decent sub-ohm tank


  • Some may not like the offset 510


I think you might be able to tell how this final verdict is going to go…

Innokin has done a fantastic job. The Proton has a tasteful, elegant look with exceptional build quality and outstanding performance.

When combined with the Scion II, which is a good sub-ohm tank, it’s an excellent kit.

However, the Proton mod really is the star of the show.

Innokin has worked wonders with the excellent user interface and responsive joystick in such a compact and attractive package.

The word proton is Greek for “first” and this device is unquestionably first on my list of dual battery devices currently on the market.


Innokin have surpassed themselves, and in my eyes also the competition. I think this is the best dual 18650 device currently on the market. It's tasteful, elegant looks, excellent build quality and incredibly easy to use interface make it a joy to use. Oh, and of course it vapes outstandingly well also.

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Innokin have surpassed themselves, and in my eyes also the competition. I think this is the best dual 18650 device currently on the market. It's tasteful, elegant looks, excellent build quality and incredibly easy to use interface make it a joy to use. Oh, and of course it vapes outstandingly well also.Innokin Proton 235W Kit | Review