WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Joyetech Widewick Kit | Preview

Is a wide wick better?

The Widewick Kit is the latest budget pod kit from Joyetech.

Joyetech has been a significant name in the industry since its inception with its Evic range and many other great starter kits. However, they’ve not been as prolific in recent years.

The new Widewick pod kit from Joyetech is as simple as they come and perhaps is even trying to appeal to those in the disposable vape pen market.

It features an internal 800mAh battery that supports USB Type C charging. However, it’s not the fast kind as it’s only rated at 0.5A charging speeds, and there’s no cable included in the kit.

The Widewick has no fire button or adjustment buttons and can only be used through draw-activation. What could be simpler?

It has an LED that will light up while vaping to show it’s active and while charging. There’s no indication at this stage if it will also show battery status….but it would be a massive error on Joyetech’s part if it didn’t.

Joyetech Widewick Kit Preview

The pod is refillable and has a 2ml capacity. It connects to the device through magnets, so it should be easy to snap into place. There is also has a childproof port version available.

However, the most interesting aspect of the Widewick Kit is the coil design.

The coil is integrated into the pod, so each pod is disposable, which again should appeal to beginners by keeping things simple.

However, the pod features an extremely wide wick system (as its name suggests). It also uses a polymer composite cotton, which allows for far better liquid absorption. All of which should help to prevent any dry hits.

This vast amount of wicking surrounds a 1.2Ω mesh coil which should deliver excellent flavor while sustaining good coil life.

Another advantage of the wide wick design is that Joyetech claims it will give less spit-back and less chance of leaking, which makes sense as all the juice will be absorbed.

Here is Joyetech’s introduction video to give you a better idea of the Widewick features:

The Joyetech Widewick will be available in 7 color options: Black Rubber, Red Rubber, Dark Blue Rubber, Romantic Purple Rubber, Sky Blue Rubber, Metallic Grey, and Metallic Blue.

Joyetech Widewick Kit Colors

Specs & Features

Joyetech Widewick Kit Specs
  • Size: 23.5×12.5x113mm
  • Output: 9-12W
  • Battery: 800mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED Indicator
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • USB Type C port – 0.5A charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, fixed mesh coils
  • Auto draw activation
  • Magnetic pod connection
  • Top fill port – childproof version available
Joyetech Widewick Kit Contents
  • Joyetech Widewick device
  • Widewick Pod 1.2Ω (mesh)
  • User manual
Joyetech Widewick Kit Preview

Who is it for?

Vapers who want a simple to use pod kit that can also deliver great flavor.

Joyetech Widewick Kit Preview

Our Vibe

Joyetech used to be one of the best companies when it came to creating simple-to-use vape pens. However, we’ve not really seen them make a significant impact on the pod market.

It’s good to see them back with something that’s not only simple to use but a little bit different.

Just how good that ‘Widewick’ system will turn out to be, I’m not sure it might just be a gimmick. However, I can’t see it hindering the pod’s performance, as that will come down to the mesh coil and the airflow and flavor it can deliver.

It’s clear to see why they made it a refillable pod and not replaceable coils, as that’s all the design can allow. But it also keeps things incredibly simple, especially with no buttons on the device. It’s as close as you can get to a disposable vape pen.

I guess that’s also why they didn’t include a USB-C charging cable to help keep costs down, and I’m expecting this to be an incredibly affordable kit.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Joyetech with this one; they are a great company that deserves to have a popular device in the pod market.

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