JUUL vs. Phix

JUUL or Phix? Find out which pod mod is best.

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JUUL vs. Phix Intro

Pod systems have exploded in 2018, not literally but figuratively of course.

A lot of that trend was due to the popularity and marketing of JUUL. A closed pod system that some referred to as the Apple of the vaping world.

However, they’ve been many other devices that have tried to dethrone the JUUL as the king of the closed system pod mods. One of those is the Phix by MLV.

The Phix takes a slightly different approach using ceramic coils, larger pod, and battery capacity to try and deliver a better experience.

But can it beat the JUUL, let’s find out?

JUUL vs. Phix

Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.

Juul vs Phix


We actually have a divided camp with this one. There’s no denying that the JUUL has a better flavor range and superior build quality.

It’s easy to see why they are so popular, not just because of the mass marketing, but because it is an excellent closed system with a great distribution network.

However, the Phix has it trumped for battery life and pod longevity, which are two significant things when it comes to pod systems. The 1.5ml capacity and ceramic coils work wonders to make sure each pod lasts approx 400 puffs (twice that of the JUUL at 0.7ml and 200 respectively).

It also means the Phix is the better value. Even though a pack of 4 pods will cost up to $5 more than the JUUL’s, they should last you twice as long.

In theory that should give the Phix the outright win, but when it comes to vaping experience with each of them, it’s a little more subjective.

We all agree that JUUL has the best flavor options, but the draw from each is slightly different. The Phix delivers a drier vape and has a less intense throat hit than that of the JUUL.

So it really comes down to personal preference on the draw. We slightly lean toward the JUUL for the better overall vape experience, but those ultimately looking for the best value won’t be disappointed with the Phix.

The JUUL just takes the crown in this particular battle to remain king of the closed system pod mods.

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