Lost Vape Orion vs. Zeltu X Pod Kit

Lost Vape Orion or Zeltu X? Find out which pod kit is best.

Lost Vape Orion vs. Zeltu X Pod Kit Intro

Lost Vape’s first pod mod has taken the market by storm with its high-end design and excellent DNA Go chipset by Evolv.

The Orion may have got rave reviews across the board, but is it really worth the money compared to other pod systems on the market?

In this battle, we’ve decided to pair it against a lesser known premium style pod system that we were impressed with, the Zeltu X.

The Zeltu X was designed in London and was actually released before the Orion. It features a similar design, more strip-backed features and is nearly half the price of the Orion.

Lost Vape Orion vs. Zeltu X Pod Kit

Decisions are based on all Vaping Vibe team picking their favorite for each category.

Lost Vape Orion DNA GO


You could say it’s a bit of an unfair battle comparing two pod systems at very different price points. However, these two not only share a lot of design features in common but are surprisingly well matched when it comes to performance and other pod system aspects.

Build quality and design is no contest. Of course, the Lost Vape at almost twice the price looks, feels and is the more premium device. The Zeltu X does hold it’s own though and has far more quality than plastic pod systems around the same price point.

The Orion clearly outweighs the Zeltu X with features from it’s DNA GO board. You not only have the ability to use different power settings on the fly, but it can also be customized through Escribe, and then there’s ‘Replay’ mode to protect you against burning out your pods.

Do all these extra features translate to far better performance from the Orion compared to the Zeltu X?…..Yes, but only slightly.

Lost Vape Orion DNA GO

They are both comparable on flavor produced and do a good job at DTL as well as MTL with the airflow. Although we feel the Orion is the stronger DTL device, especially with it’s designated DTL pods. Also having the ability to set your wattage and pre-heat boost with the Orion does give it a more satisfying experience.

As for battery life, both pack almost the same capacity. The Zeltu X has 1000mAh, while the Orion has 950mAh. The Zeltu uses higher resistance coils (1.2 &1.6Ohm) which are great for battery life, but the efficiency of the DNA board equals this one out – we’ll call it a draw.

The Lost Vape Orion is without a doubt the most high-end pod system on the market, but are those extra bucks justified over something like the Zeltu X?

Our conclusion is yes, but only if you are an intensive pod vaper and one that wants the versatility of power settings and customizing through Escribe. We’d also recommend the Orion if primarily want to use it as a DLT device.

If however, you are just looking to dabble in the pod market and are budget conscious, or if you don’t plan on changing any settings, then go with the Zeltu X.

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