Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System | Review

More than just a looker & worth the wait.


The Mi-Pod 2.0 is, as the name suggests, the second iteration of the ever-popular Mi-Pod – and it’s been a long time coming.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 keeps a similar design language but is slightly taller to accommodate a 1250mAh battery.

The integrated pods have also seen an upgrade and now utilize 0.9Ω mesh coils for better flavor production.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 is available in 4 colors: Vortex, Merkaba, Seed of Life, and Lotus Flower.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

The Good

Stylish compact design, lightweight, pocket-friendly, easy to use, On/Off switch, great performance from mesh coils.

The Bad

Airflow is one size fits all, Micro-USB charge port.

The Bottom Line

The Mi-Pod 2.0 is exactly what you’d want from version 2. It’s essentially an upgrade on all the things we loved about the original. The new mesh coils deliver excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Sadly the airflow is not adjustable, and there’s still a micro-USB for charging. Overall a unique and stylish pod system that will please many.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System – Specs & Features

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System Specs
  • Dimensions – 72.5mm by 45.6mm by 13mm
  • Integrated 1250mAh Battery
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.1-3.7V
  • 4 Power Levels – LED Indicator Light
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • On/Off Switch
  • 2mL Refillable Pod Capacity
  • Side Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Integrated 0.9ohm Mesh Coil
  • Slide-In Pod Connection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • 8S Vaping Overtime Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over-discharge Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Available in Vortex, Merkaba, Seed of Life, and Lotus Flower
Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System Kit Contents
  • 1 x Mi-Pod 2.0
  • 2 x 0.9ohm Pods
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 2 x Lanyards
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card
Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

Design & Style

The original Mi-Pod really punched a hole in the market. It was probably one of the first devices to make pod systems popular with the masses.

It had such a unique design that was both pleasing to the eye and functional.

So much so that I remember going to a lot of Vape Expos in 2018, and all you could see were people with Mi-Pods hanging from lanyards around their neck.

It’s taken a long time for a true upgraded version to hit the market, and I was intrigued to see how far they would deviate from the original design.

As it turns out, not much.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 keeps that same unmistakable form factor but sits slightly taller than its predecessor at 72.5mm.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

At first glance, it looks like two Mi-Pods stacked on top of each other but actually, it’s not even 50% taller. 

That extra height accommodates the new 1250mAh battery (compared to a 900mAh), which is definitely needed in today’s world of sub-ohm mesh coils.

As for the rest of the design, I’m pleased to say it keeps that amazingly slender profile at just 13mm thick. This lends itself to not only being one of the most comfortable pods systems to hold in the palm of your hand, but also it’s barely noticeable when you slip it into your pocket.

Like the original, it’s crafted from Zinc alloy, so it’s unbelievably lightweight. Which is a good thing because the Mi-Pod 2.0 comes with two lanyard loops, so it can be paraded from your neck just like the original.

Another reason the Mi-Pods were so successful where the plethora of designs and colors. They acted like more of a fashion accessory than your typical generic vape device.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

Thankfully the Mi-Pod 2.0 follows suit, with some rather detailed sacred geometric patterns embellishing the entire device. While there are only 4 color options available now (each eye-catching in their own right), I’m sure more will follow soon.

Not much has changed with the rest of the design of the Mi-Pod. It accommodates a press-fit pod in the top corner of the device. Although the pod itself has seen probably the most significant upgrade – more on this later.

It’s also still a simple draw-activated device, which keeps it clean from buttons. However, there is now the addition of an actual on/off switch on the side. 

I think this is a wise move for such a pocketable device and is a damn sight easier than having to punch a fire button 5 times just to switch it off. Something I wish a lot more pod systems would use.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

There are also now 4 LED lights that sit above the on/off switch and act as a power gauge for the device.

Sadly beneath the LED lights and on/off switch sits a Micro-USB port. Yes, you read that right, and yes, Micro-USB ports do still exist in 2021.

Overall the Mi-Pod 2.0 has stayed true to its roots with the design and form factor. This is a good thing as it’s not only one of the most recognizable pod systems on the market but also possibly one of the best looking.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System


There’s not much in the way of features with the Mi-Pod 2.0. It’s a straightforward device to use, which is a mass part of the appeal.

It comes with all the necessary safety protections like low voltage, 8S cut-off, short-circuit, low resistance, overcharge, over-discharge, overheating protection.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 utilizes an internal 1250mAh battery, which is charged via Micro-USB. 

It features an On/Off switch, and 4 LED power indicators that light up to show battery status when the device is switched on and when in use.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 also features draw-activated firing, which is incredibly responsive.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

The Pods

The most significant upgrade with the Mi-Pod is the new 2.0 pods, and it comes with two in the kit.

The pods are wider and slimmer than the original Mi-Pods but still have the same 2ml capacity.

They are slightly tinted but remain clear enough for you to see your juice level through. I tend to tip the device upside down to get a proper view of my remaining juice.

The pods now have the fill port on the side, which is wide enough to accommodate most bottle tips. 

Filling them does require a little patience because if you just blurt your juice in there, you’ll more than likely end up with lots of air bubbles. That’s definitely not what you want when trying to maximize that small 2ml capacity. So it’s best to take it slow when filling.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

It’s worth noting that it’s best to leave a fresh pod for 5 minutes after filling before vaping it to really let it saturate the wicks.

The pods load into the device through a press fit. It’s a nice and secure fit with very minimal play, and they are equally easy to remove.

The pods only fit the device in one orientation, with the fill port pointing towards the outside (curve edge) of the device. This leaves the other side of the pod with the airflow slot towards the center.

You’ll notice there’s a small opening on that side of the device, which leaves a tiny slither of the airflow exposed. It’s an excellent position for the airflow, as it’s directly into the pod but is in place that never gets obstructed while handling the device.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

Sadly there is no adjustable airflow with the Mi-Pod 2.0. It’s very much a one size fits all affair like its predecessor (more on this later).

The most important upgrade on the pods is they are now integrated with a 0.9Ω mesh coil. Remember, these are disposable pods, so you will have to replace them each time (not just a coil).

Mi-Pod claims each pod is good for up to 5 refills. Thankfully I got a little more mileage out of them, as you’ll find out below.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System


The Mi-Pod vape experience was always quite unique in its style, and the 2.0 version vapes similar, but better in my opinion.

It’s one of the very few devices that can deliver an MTL and DTL vape from the same pod and same airflow. 

When I reviewed the original, I remember it was a negative for me that it struggled to give a decent tight MTL draw. I felt it kind of sat in the middle of neither MTL nor DTL.

I’m not sure whether it’s the punchiness from the new mesh coils or whether I’ve become more accustomed to this type of draw years on. But I really don’t mind it, and you can definitely do a good (loose) MTL draw with it.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

It’s the sort of MTL draw that goes well with nicotine salts, that kind of laid-back, smooth MTL vape.

It’s also got to be said that the flavor delivered from these coils is excellent. Exactly what you’d expect from a Mi-Pod with mesh coils.

The coil life on the Mi-Pod 2.0 is excellent. As mentioned above, they claim it’s good for 5 refills, and I’m on my 7th refill with an 80VG juice that’s wicking perfectly and as fresh as day when with the flavor.

Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System

The new 2.0 pods are a vast improvement on the originals, in my opinion.

When it comes to battery life, I’m not sure what kind of magic mojo they manage. Just like the original Mi-Pod’s battery (900mAh), the Mi-Pod 2 manages to surpass your expectations.

The 1250mAh has seen me effortlessly through a day vaping, which is a noteworthy achievement for such a small capacity battery. I’ve used other pod systems with 50% more battery capacity that don’t make it into the evening without a top-up.

It’s just a crying shame that along with the other updates, we didn’t get Type-C charging on the Mi-Pod 2.0.

Good Vibes

  • Good build quality
  • Stylish
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • 4 LED battery gauge
  • Simple to use
  • On/Off switch
  • Excellent performance from coils
  • Good battery life

Bad Vibes

  • Micro-USB charge port!
  • No airflow adjustment (subjective)
Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System


The Mi-Pod 2.0 is a true version 2 upgrade. 

It’s basically everything you loved about the original Mi-Pod but improved upon – except for that damn Micro-USB port!

If you liked the draw and vape experience with the original Mi-Pod, you will love the 2.0. Especially with those improved mesh coils.

However, if you are the type of vaper that wants either; a really open DL or a tight MTL vape, then there are better-suited pods systems on the market.




The Mi-Pod 2.0 is exactly what you'd want from version 2. It's essentially an upgrade on all the things we loved about the original. The new mesh coils deliver excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Sadly the airflow is not adjustable, and there's still a micro-USB for charging. Overall a unique and stylish pod system that will please many.
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The Mi-Pod 2.0 is exactly what you'd want from version 2. It's essentially an upgrade on all the things we loved about the original. The new mesh coils deliver excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Sadly the airflow is not adjustable, and there's still a micro-USB for charging. Overall a unique and stylish pod system that will please many. Mi-Pod 2.0 Pod System | Review