Moo E-liquids | Review

Incredibly delicious milkshake flavors that you won’t want to put down.

Moo E-liquids

Moo E-liquids

Moo E-Liquids is actually the brainchild of the same people behind the popular Kilo e-liquids brand.

Flavors Tested

  • Strawberry Milk
  • Banana Milk
  • Blueberry Milk
  • Vanilla Almond Milk
  • Neapolitan

In just over a year, Moo E-Liquids has become one of the most popular brands in the vaping industry. It might simply be down to the appealing packaging and great social media marketing. However juices don’t become that popular without tasting good, and these are some simple but very well put-together flavors.

Let’s get vaping on these Moo E-Liquids and let you know our thoughts…

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped the Nom Nomz e-liquid line on a collection of different setups for this review. From the Digiflavor Siren to the Serpent SMM RTA and the Smok TFV12 – In a mix of wattage and TC modes on the Vaporesso Revenger. All of the e-liquids vaped had a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and contained 3 mg/mL nicotine.

Strawberry Milk

Moo E-Liquids Strawberry Milk

They Say: A decadent, creamy blend of juicy, ripe strawberries and milk.

Our Vibe: This for me tastes just like a Nesquick strawberry milkshake I used to love as a kid. The Strawberry flavor isn’t quite as strong as the other Strawberry juices out there, and the milky undertone isn’t quite as creamy either. But that makes it perfect for all-day vaping, without getting too sickly. If you’re looking for more intense flavors, it might not be for you.

Banana Milk

Moo E-Liquids Banana Milk

They Say: A velvety sweet milk harmoniously blended with sliced golden bananas. This unique, gentle taste will leave you wanting more and more!

Our Vibe: I’m a big fan of Banana vape flavors, but getting them right can be difficult. However, I loved this Banana Milk. The Banana flavor is strong, but not too overpowering, and you can definitely feel that velvety smooth milk undertone as well. I enjoyed this one so much I nearly polished off the 30ml bottle in 2 days!

Blueberry Milk

Moo E-Liquids Blueberry Milk

They Say: A nice cold glass of milk infused with the wonderful taste of blueberries.

Our Vibe: I don’t think I’ve tried a Blueberry Milk vape before, so I was intrigued to know what this would taste like. It’s a sweet vape, but not as sweet as I expected. It’s kind of like a savory blueberry jam with a creamy, milky vibe. I really enjoyed this one, and it will unquestionably fit into my all-day vape list.

Vanilla Almond Milk

Moo E-Liquids Vanilla Almond Milk

They Say: Simply creamy milk with a kiss of vanilla and crushed almonds. Pair this delicious flavor with your favorite breakfast cereal, muffins, or coffee for flavorful enhancement.

Our Vibe: This one was the surprise of the bunch for me. It’s the only one which isn’t fruit based, so I wasn’t expected it to be sweet and I can’t really say I’m a fan of almond milk. But there’s a lot more vanilla going on here, which is great. It’s more like a Vanilla Almond Milk. You get the subtle sweetness of vanilla on the inhale and the smooth and creamy fresh almond milk on the exhale. A really enjoyable vape.


Moo E-Liquids Neapolitan

They Say: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Ice cream blended down to a smooth milky texture.

Our Vibe: I always worry about e-liquids containing chocolate, it can sometimes taste a bit chalky. This one, however, definitely doesn’t. It’s actually incredibly well balanced and tastes exactly as it should. You get the creaminess of the vanilla, the subtle sharpness of the strawberry with a hint of cocoa. May not be an all day vape for me, but another great e-liquid.


Moo E-liquids are hands down some of the best milkshake inspired e-liquids that I’ve laid my hands on. If you have a sweet tooth just like me, then it’s impossible not to find them enjoyable.

What sets these juices apart from others in this category is the creamy taste of the fresh milk, and the flavors don’t taste fake or synthetic. Every liquid I tried had a natural and delicious taste.

The Banana Milk has become one of my favorite all day vapes, and the other flavors are right up there too.

If you’re into creamy dessert juices, then I’d definitely recommend you give these a try.