WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD | Review

Nuleaf Naturals CBD | Review

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NuLeaf Naturals Company is one of the leading hemp companies in North America. First founded in 2014 in Colorado, the company is one of the top pioneering hemp companies in the United States, with some of the highest-grade CBD oil on the market. The company’s creators had a simple goal: “to deliver premium cannabinoid wellness products to the health and well-being market.”

In addition, NuLeaf Naturals Company says its proprietary genes enable it to build a whole plant CBD extract that’s highly consolidated in CBD. They also use an advanced CO2 extraction method, resulting in no heat to damage products or solvents to pollute them. Their products come in various sizes, including full–spectrum CBD oil, full-spectrum capsules, and CBD gummies. 

The Top NuLeaf Natural Products in January 2023

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Oil

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Oil

NuLeaf Naturals only produces one type of tincture: the full-spectrum CBD oil made from hemp extracts and virgin seed hemp oil created by the CO2 extraction method. Although NuLeaf Naturals often lack variety in their products, they often make up for it with quality and potency. As a result, over 21,000 reviews have given NuLeaf Naturals a 4.9 rating on its website, which is highly impressive. 

Moreover, customers say their full-spectrum CBD oil has helped them battle anxiety, stress, and insomnia. The product always comes in a 60ml size, regardless of the amount you buy. If you purchase the 30mg per serving option, it’ll be ultra-concentrated and highly potent. That’s great if you want to receive the maximum health benefits. However, make sure you check with your doctor before you consume the product because it’s highly potent. 


  • Third-party lab testing 
  • All CBD oils include 60 mg/ml CBD
  • Superficial CO2-extracted hemp extract 


  • No flavored options 
  • Limited product selection

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Capsules

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Capsules

One of the best options if you want to receive maximum benefits from your CBD is the CBD Full Spectrum Capsules. Since then, the product has had a successful 5-star overall rating from its customers, showing the potency and quality of the product. In addition, the soft-gel capsules include full-spectrum extracts from naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. 

What’s more, the full spectrum capsules offer exact dosing of 15 mg per capsule; they’re superb for people that want a simple yet effective way to consume CBD. The company also uses advanced CO2 extraction to ensure a complete range of cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes. They also use other beneficial hemp-based phytonutrients in their soft gels to ensure maximum health benefits. 


  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Made with organic hemp oil
  • Advanced subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction.


  • Only available to buy in the United States of America. 

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Pet Oil

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Pet Oil

If you have pets, it’s a wise idea to use CBD oil to boost their overall health and well-being. You can even use CBD on horses. Many customers who’ve used the NuLeaf Naturals CBD Full Spectrum Pet Oil suggest it’s highly effective for boosting the health of their pets, especially for joint pain, seizures, anxiety, and much more. Their CBD oil is a whole-plant extract with a full spectrum of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.

Every drop of 3mg of CBD is perfect for adding to your pet’s food and treats. You can even place it in your cat’s mouth. The CBD comes in 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes. And they all have the same strength: 60 mg/ml. The only difference between CBD oil for people and CBD oil for pets is the paws sign on the bottle. However, side effects for your pets may include tiredness. If that happens, reduce the dosage size. 


  • Available in high doses 
  • Uses full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp 
  • Lab testing results are available in every product batch


  • There’s only a limited selection of products
  • Refunds are only for new, unopened, and unused products. 

A Full Review of NuLeaf Naturals 

The Overall Quality

NuLeaf Natural’s full-spectrum CBD product line is created with organically grown hemp. As a result, it produces high-quality results for the consumer. First founded in 2014, NuLeaf is now one of the leading CBD brands in the United States because many CBD companies are only 1-3 years old. 

The Extraction Methods 

The company prides itself on using high-quality methods to produce the best CBD. That’s why they use advanced subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction to get CBD from hemp. Experts consider this method to be the cleanest method, resulting in the safest and most potent CBD. 

This method also involves using carbon dioxide in the extraction process instead of solvents and alcohol to prevent any chemical residue from being left behind. 

Third-Party Lab Tested 

When buying any CBD product, you’ll want to ensure that you purchase the safest, most rigorously tested CBD products. Thankfully, all Nuleaf Naturals products are third-party tested with independent certificates to ensure they’re free of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals.

The lab tests also test the number of terpenes and cannabinoids in each product. Therefore, you’ll know the products contain accurate amounts of cannabis. More importantly, Nuleaf Naturals is a GMP-certified company, meaning they follow the Good Manufacturing Practices laid down by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The CBD Concentration 

The company’s CBD oils include the same amount of cannabinoids in each bottle: 60 mg/ml. The potency of the company’s full-spectrum CBD capsules is also the same: 15mg per soft gel capsule. As a result, you’ll always get a robust dose of CBD when using their products. 

The Product Range

The company only has three organic hemp products: Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules and Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil. Although they don’t have a vast range of CBD products, they make up for it with high quality and potency. 

The Customer Service 

Nuleaf Naturals has excellent reviews for its customer service. After 20,000 highly positive reviews on their website, it shows how superb their customer service is. They offer discounted prices for military veterans, first responders, nurses, and people on low incomes. 

They want people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy their products and they’ve succeeded in doing so. 

The Return Policy

When purchasing any new CBD product, you’ll want the best return policy to ensure maximum safety. Thankfully, Nuleaf Naturals says all new, unused, and opened products can be returned within 30 days after their delivery to your home. However, they suggest customers must pay for the shipping costs. 

In addition, the brand says that CBD will affect everyone differently. They bear zero responsibility if the product doesn’t give the consumer their desired effects. However, they will give a full refund if you need to return a damaged, defective, or empty product. 

The Hemp Source

Nuleaf Naturals grows all its hemp on licensed farms in Colorado. 

The Pros of Using Nuleaf Naturals Products 

  • Third-party tested
  • Eco-friendly production 
  • They offer CBD to humans and pets 
  • The products are organic, gluten-free, and vegan 

The Cons of Using Nuleaf Naturals Products 

  • They’re not registered with the US Department of Agriculture Organic database.
  • Unflavored products 
  • Limited product range 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using CBD Oil

So far, there hasn’t been a massive amount of evidence regarding the pros and cons of using CBD oil due to legal issues. However, that’s now shifting with the legalization of cannabis in many nations worldwide, including Canada and part of the United States. 

Then again, many studies have shown that CBD oil is excellent for reducing pain and anxiety. In addition, some studies have shown that CBD is great for ending muscle spasms, removing insomnia, and treating PTSD. 

However, there could be some side effects to using CBD products. These include nausea and loss of appetite. But the side effects of CBD are rarely dangerous. Instead, they’re more irritating. It’s always a smart idea to chat with your doctor before you take any CBD oil because they can mix with other medications. 

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain 

Many people use CBD oil to treat pain. However, it’s always wise to start with the lowest dosage and work your way up. A good way to begin is by placing a small drop under your tongue. If you find that’s not enough to give you the right effects, double the dosage and work your way up. 

If your goal of using CBD oil is to reduce pain, it might take a higher dosage. The goal should be to maintain a steady level of CBD in the blood, but you might need to take CBD oil twice per day to achieve this. 

The legality of CBD is often a gray area, especially if you live outside of North America. In truth, it depends on where you live in the United States. For example, CBD is federally legal in the United States if it includes less than 0.3% THC. 

Of course, thankfully, many brands ensure there’s less than 0.3% THC to prevent any legal issues for their customers. But CBD laws can be highly contentious outside of the United States. In fact, CBD is barely legal in some European nations. 

So, if you’re unsure of the laws and you want to travel with CBD, be careful and keep it at home. You can always buy CBD from your destination instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nuleaf CBD Good? 

Nuleaf is one of the most reputable brands of CBD in North America. In addition, customer reviews have always been very positive. So it’s definitely good CBD with excellent benefits. 

Is Nuleaf Expensive? 

Nuleaf CBD products are more expensive than many other options, but the quality of these products is fantastic. They have a high level of quality during the production phase, resulting in excellent CBD. 

Where Can I Purchase Nuleaf Products?

You can purchase Nuleaf products from many CBD sales outlets in the United States and Canada. In addition, the company ships its CBD products to many locations, including Australia, China, France, Hungary, Hong Kong, and South Korea. 

Can I Get High From Nuleaf Products?

No. There’s not enough THC in Nuleaf Products to get you high. In fact, that’s the same for most CBD products. You’d need to consume far more THC to feel high. 

Wrapping Up: Are Nuleaf Naturals CBD Products Worth It?

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD from one of the top producers in the United States, look no further than Nuleaf Naturals. Sure, they only have 3 products, but that doesn’t matter. These products have high-quality CBD that will give you supreme health benefits if you use the right dosage. 

Now it’s over to you to give them a try!

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