WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA | Review

Let's see what all the buzz around this RDA is about.

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Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

Oumier may not be a household name when it comes to vape gear, but that might be about to change. They have taken the approach of creating a low profile 22mm single coil RDA, with an Ultem top cap, BF Pin, and side airflow at an incredibly affordable price.

The Wasp Nano definitely won’t sting your wallet, and is available at many retailers for less than $20!

But don’t let the price deceive you, this is an impressive little RDA – especially when it comes to squonking.

The Good

Amazing flavor, amazing build quality for the price, and not too shabby on the clouds. An ideal RDA for Squonking.

The Bad

Nothing really considering the price. Maybe the deck space will be a little cramped for some, and the flat head screws are not great.

The Bottom Line

Oumier has proved that budget can be brilliant. The Wasp Nano is an excellent low profile, single coil RDA that produces awesome flavor and will be at home on any squonker.


Oumier Wasp Nano RDA
1Design & Build Quality

There are a lot of vape devices called ‘nano’ that are anything but. However, the Wasp Nano really does live up to its name. Measuring in at a diminutive 22mm wide by 22.5mm tall, it is genuinely a low profile RDA.

The curved Ultem top cap along with double black o-rings showing through instantly remind you of a Wasp’s thorax, so one thing’s for certain they couldn’t have named it better.

The Wasp Nano is quite an uncomplicated RDA, and its simple design reflects that. There’s no brash logos or branding anywhere to be seen except the base of the RDA, and it’s styling all comes from the one piece Ultem top cap.

While there are not many parts to this RDA, meaning less chance of bad design flaws and build quality – it really does have great build quality, far more than you’d expect for the price. One example of this is the tolerance of the o-rings which hold the top cap solidly, something which $50 drippers sometimes fall short on.

So all in all a budget RDA with above par build quality…..a good start for the little stinger.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

The Deck

The deck on the Nano consists of two large blocks, each with a post hole in one corner, and a flat head screw to coincide with the post hole.

The post holes themselves are open on each side and have a curved space for the coil legs to sit. They are capable of fitting flat wire builds fairly easily, although they are not the largest. There’s also a notch out of each block so as you can feed you coil leg through, and trim them easily without causing a problem touching the top cap.

In the center of the deck and between each block is the space for your coil. The channel itself does limit the width of coil that you can use, but I had no trouble with 3mm inner diameter coils. And because of the length between each terminal, you also have to be quite particular about the length of your coil to make sure it fits ok. This usually meant I ended up giving the coil a couple of extra wraps than I ordinarily would.

The Wasp Nano has a solidly constructed deck, but being only a 22mm diameter RDA it’s not the roomiest, and as mentioned above it does mean it’s quite a compact chamber around your coil. However, all this contributes to Wasp producing fantastic intense flavor.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA


The side airflow for the Wasp Nano comes from two oval slots cut out of the top cap, which aligns with two air holes on the center of each block.

This enables the air to travel through and hit your coil directly. You coils will always sit inline with the airholes, so there is very little room for error.

You can adjust the airflow by twisting the top cap. Fully open it will produce a slightly restricted lung hit, and closed right down it gets close to a loose mouth to lung draw. However, if you are after a tight MTL experience or a wide open, airy vape, there are better options out there. But if you want a slightly restricted full-on flavor RDA, the Wasp is right on the money (and very little money at that!)

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

Building and Wicking

For a single coil RDA, the Nano deck does fit rather long coils. As mentioned above it usually means you end up with a couple of extra wraps than you normally would.

Right now I’m actually using a 7 wrap spaced SS316 Clapton coil with 3mm diameter, coming in at 0.4 Ohms.

When it comes to building on the deck it’s pretty easy, just simply slide your leads through the open ends of each post hole. Then once you’ve secured your leads, with the not so amazing flat head screws, you can adjust your coil. There’s not much space to maneuver your coil, but I did find raising them slightly, so they sit just above the interior air holes produced the best flavor. I think it’s because it gives the air a chance to hit the bottom of the coil.

Wicking is straightforward on the Wasp Nano also. The juice well is surprisingly big for such a small RDA, so I found that pulling the cotton through and lining it up with the bottom o-ring and then cutting it there gives me just the right length. Then it’s just a matter of tucking it into the juice well. Nice and easy, and I’ve had no problems with it wicking when I squonk.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA


This little RDA was born to squonk.

As it’s such a small RDA, it really doesn’t make sense to use it as a dripper, but being a single coil with such a low profile, it is perfect for squonking.

It has a deceptively deep juice well, and because the surface of the bottom of the deck is flat and wide open, the juice disperses equally and gets absorbed well. The squonk pin functions well and has a wide enough hole that minimal pressure is needed to squonk up juice and retract excess back.

The only one minor caveat when it comes to squonking is sometimes it’s fairly easy to oversquonk. This is only due to the air holes being in the middle of the deck and being straight. You get used to the right amount of pressure to apply after a couple of goes, and it’s not really an issue. But if Oumier made the airholes slightly higher and slanted downward (like the Dead Rabbit), then it may have prevented any juice escaping.

Seriously that’s me just being a little picky, this is a brilliant RDA for squonking and is now a mainstay in my squonking RDA arsenal.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Box
2Specs & Features

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Features and Specs:

  • 22mm diameter
  • Big deck for easy building
  • Unique adjustable airflow system
  • Bottom filling design with exchangeable squonking pin
  • Size: 22.5mm x 22mm
  • Thread: 510
  • Weight: 65g
Oumier Wasp Nano RDA
3Features & Performance

I’ve tried the Oumier Wasp Nano with both 2.5mm and 3mm inner diameter coils, both using SS316 Clapton & Fused Clapton Coils.

I’d say the best set up was a 2.5mm standard Clapton, as it allows more air to circulate the coil. Any set up I tried gave amazing flavor, but you may find with a 3mm coil you may get a little spit back. That’s primarily due to your mouth being so close to the coil.

The Wasp Nano always produces a nice warm and dense vape, and the flavor really does pack a punch – it’s up there with some of the more premium flavor chasing RDA’s, which is amazing considering the price.

The airflow is smooth enough, there is a tiny bit of turbulence, and a slight whistle. But that really depends on where you place your coil and airflow. However, for a single coil RDA, it does produce some impressive clouds. I know it’s because you are close to the coil but I still wasn’t expecting such dense clouds from such a small RDA.

The Ultem top cap performs flawlessly to reduce heat generated by the coil, and as a result, the Nano doesn’t get too hot during use,
which is perfect for such a low profile RDA.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA


  • Awesome Flavor
  • Tiny, Tiny…Tiny
  • Good build quality
  • Not lacking on the clouds
  • Squonking pin included
  • Ultem top cap
  • Easy to build & wick
  • Looks good on most mods
  • Smooth airflow
  • Great as a squonking RDA


  • Only one top cap included (but it’s inexpensive!)
  • Deck space is a little cramped
  • Flat head screws are not great

I knew there was a lot of buzz about the Wasp Nano, with other reviewers rating it highly for a budget RDA. But honestly, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.

It’s easy to build and wick, has really good build quality, is not lacking in the clouds department, produces amazing flavor and is the ideal companion to any squonker.

Basically, for the price, you will not find a better performing single coil RDA on the market. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the Wasp Nano even tops some of the more premium RDA’s that are almost three times the price. It really is a fantastic little performer.

If you are looking for a BF RDA for squonking…..just get it. In fact, at this price, I think everyone should buy one.


Build Quality
Build Deck


Oumier has proved that budget can be brilliant. The Wasp Nano is an excellent low profile, single coil RDA that produces awesome flavor and will be at home on any squonker.
Marc Panayiotis
Marc Panayiotis
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Oumier has proved that budget can be brilliant. The Wasp Nano is an excellent low profile, single coil RDA that produces awesome flavor and will be at home on any squonker.Oumier Wasp Nano RDA | Review