WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smoant Pasito Mini | Review

Smoant Pasito Mini | Review

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The Smoant Pasito Mini is a sleek and compact pod system designed for both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping.

It features a 1100mAh built-in battery and Smoant’s AI Smart Ant-chip with a power range of 5-30W.

The Pasito Mini also has 3 variable power settings, adjustable airflow, and an LED indicator strip. 

The pod has a 3.5ml liquid capacity that utilizes replaceable P series coils. It comes with a 0.6Ω and 1.0Ω mesh coil in the kit.

The Pasito Mini is available in 8 colors: Space Grey, Brown, Black, Blue Twill, Cyan Gradient, Kelly Green, White, and limited edition Seashell.

Smoant Pasito Mini


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Good build quality
  • Interchangeable coil options
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Variable wattage settings
  • 3.5ml liquid capacity
  • Excellent flavor from coils
  • Decent battery life
  • Cool LED battery indicator
  • Large juice windows
  • USB-C charging


  • Fixed drip tip
  • Airflow control could be improved
  • Not suitable for tight MTL draw
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • No auto-draw system

The Bottom Line

The Pasito Mini is a stylish and compact pod system. It has excellent build quality but, more importantly, delivers fantastic flavor from the replaceable P series coils. The adjustable airflow control isn’t the greatest, but it provides a smooth draw for restricted DTL and loose MTL. Not suited to tight MTL vapers – recommended for everyone else.

Smoant Pasito Mini

Specs and Features

Smoant Pasito Mini Specifications

  • Dimensions: 97x36x16.5mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Output: 5-30W
  • Mode: 3 output levels
  • Battery: 1100mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Resistance range: 0.4-3Ω
  • USB Type C port – 1A charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coils
  • Compatibility – Compatible with Smoant P series coils
  • Capacity: 3.5ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Side fill
  • Adjustable airflow
  • AI Smart Ant-chip

Smoant Pasito Mini Kit Contents

  • Smoant Pasito Mini device
  • Pod cartridge
  • 0.6Ω P-1 coil (installed)
  • 1.0Ω P-3 coil
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual
Smoant Pasito Mini

Design & Build Quality

The Smoant Pasito Mini design follows firmly in the footsteps of the original Pasito. It combines retro styling with modern functionality to create a unique pod device. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Pasito Mini is it has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail and looks stunning.

Smoant has focused on using quality materials, as it’s constructed with a robust zinc alloy frame, which feels reassuringly solid in hand. 

Smoant Pasito Mini

One of the more appealing aspects of the design is the distinct look of the panels. There are two different styles on offer; one features striking plastic panels with mesmerizing patterns, while the other showcases a more subdued leather or pleather aesthetic. 

Both options offer a touch of unique styling, as you can see from our pictures. However, I think the Space Grey (with brown leather) one we have for review offers a little more sophistication than the others. It’s also far less of a fingerprint magnet.

The Smoant logo is elegantly displayed on one side of the device, while the other side proudly features the Pasito Mini branding.

As for form factor, the Pasito Mini comfortably fits in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect on-the-go companion. It measures 97x36x16.5mm, which is good for this style of pod system.

Despite its compact size, the device can still pack a punch with a built-in 1100mAh battery, which is ample power for daily use. 

The Pasito Mini’s pod, which has a generous 3.5ml capacity, is held securely in place by strong magnets. As a result, it fits seamlessly with minimal movement or wobble and won’t come loose during transit.

Smoant Pasito Mini

The pod does have quite a tint to it, which, while adding to the overall sleek look of the kit, does make it a little more challenging to see your remaining juice levels. However, it’s a sizeable dual window which is still far better than a tiny one on other pod systems.

The pods for the Pasito Mini also feature an integrated mouthpiece, which sadly cannot be removed. It is a slim 510-style drip tip that is extremely comfortable to use, especially for MTL or restricted DTL vaping.

The pods have a juice fill port on one side and an adjustable airflow slider on the other (more on this later). They both blend well into the design (perhaps a little too well) and are barely noticeable at first glance.

Smoant Pasito Mini - Fire Button

As for the rest of the Pasito Mini design, there’s a slender black panel on the side which is home to the fire button, the power adjustment button, and the LED light.

The fire button is of medium tension and has no rattling or movement, which is the same for the adjustment button. They both protrude enough that you can feel for them without looking. This becomes essential when you notice that the Pasito Mini does not feature auto-draw, and you have to use the fire button every time to use it.

Smoant Pasito Mini - USB Port

The bottom of the Pasito Mini houses a USB-C port for charging, alongside some discreet battery venting. 

In terms of aesthetics, I love the look of the Pasito Mini with its retro charm. I also think Smoant has done an excellent job with the build quality. It definitely makes it a standout choice in the increasingly crowded world of pod devices.

Smoant Pasito Mini


The Smoant Pasito Mini has most of the features you look for in a pod device.

It comes with an inbuilt 1100mAh battery powered by Smoant’s AI Smart Ant-chip. This allows it to set the recommended power based on the resistance of the coil attached. 

However, it does provide even more customization with its variable voltage adjustment. The device has three power settings, which are indicated by the following different LED colors: 

  • White (High) = 22.2W (0.6Ω coil), 16.6W (0.8Ω coil) or 13.3W (1.0Ω coil)
  • Blue (Medium) = 21W (0.6Ω), 15.7W (0.8Ω) or 12.6W (1.0Ω)
  • Red (Low) = 20W (0.6Ω), 15W (0.8Ω) or 11.9W (1.0Ω).
Smoant Pasito Mini

The output is regulated, so it should stay constant regardless of the battery charge.

It’s also worth noting the slender LED light is really well implemented. It pulses through from top to bottom and looks pretty cool in each color.

The LED light also acts as the battery indicator when the device is in use with the following gauge:

  • Red = Low (0-30%)
  • Blue = Medium (30-70%)
  • White = High (70-100%)
Smoant Pasito Mini

The Pasito Mini also features USB-C charging but only has a charge rate of 1A.

The one features the Pasito Mini does lack is an auto-draw function. Instead, it can only be activated manually by using the fire button.

However, it is well-equipped with all the usual safety features of short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, low voltage protection, and overtime protection set at 10 seconds.

Smoant Pasito Mini


The pod that comes with the Pasito Mini has a 3.5ml capacity, restricted to only 2ml in TPD areas.

The pod utilizes an interchangeable coil system with Smoant’s P coil series.

It comes with two coil heads in the kit: 

  • 0.6Ω mesh coil (P1) for direct-to-lung (DTL).
  • 1.0Ω mesh coil (P3) for mouth-to-lung (MTL). 

Additionally, it’s also compatible with 0.8Ω coils for more options to tailor your vaping experience. 

The fill port on the pod is a large rubber section on one side that is labeled and easy to open. It can also accommodate large fill tips, and you can access it and fill the pod without having to remove it from the device.

Smoant Pasito Mini

However, be careful not to mistake the airflow slider on the other side of the pod as the refill section. 

The airflow slider is a plastic tab with grooves on it that slides up and down to reveal the airhole. Unfortunately, it’s not the best of airflow adjustments, as it’s pretty tricky to really dial it in. I also noticed that with it completely closed off, there is still a decent amount of airflow, so you can’t get a true tight MTL draw.

It’s also worth noting that even though the pod can go into the device either way. It has to go in where the coil will touch the contact points; otherwise, it will not work.

Smoant Pasito Mini


After spending some time with the Smoant Pasito Mini, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and user experience. 

This was mainly down to the excellent flavor produced by the P series coils.

Upon trying out the pre-installed 0.6Ω coil, I immediately noticed the impressive flavor and vapor production. The direct-to-lung experience was smooth and enjoyable, and I found that the adjustable airflow allowed me to fine-tune my draw just the way I like it, with an ever so slight restriction.

I also appreciated the ease with which I could switch between power settings, allowing me to experiment with different wattages for the optimal vaping experience.

When I swapped to the 1.0Ω coil for mouth-to-lung vaping, I was equally impressed with the flavor. However, I was a little let down by the airflow. 

It’s still a really smooth draw, but I would class it as an open MTL draw. If, like me, you like a tight to medium draw, you might have to look elsewhere for MTL vaping.

One aspect that could use some improvement, however, is the airflow control. Although I found it relatively easy to adjust, it could be a little more refined to allow for an even more customizable experience. Additionally, the fixed drip tip is a minor drawback, as it cannot be replaced with a personal favorite or customized option.

Smoant Pasito Mini

The power adjustments do make a difference when flicking between them. However, I was happy with everything on the medium setting for both the 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω coils. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

It’s also worth mentioning that I tested with both a 70VG and 50/50 juice with the coils, and I experienced no wicking or leaking during my testing time.

Another minor gripe with this device style is the mouthpiece and coil sit to one side in the pod. So when you get low on juice, you have to use it tilted towards you to ensure the coil stays saturated. Again, it’s not a significant issue, as typically, that’s how you will tend to vape it, but it’s worth noting.

Battery life was surprisingly impressive for such a compact device. The 1100mAh battery managed to easily last me throughout the day, although heavy DTL users may need to charge more frequently. 

The USB-C charging port and 1A charging capability make for relatively quick recharges. But I would’ve liked to have seen 2A fast charging implemented here.

Smoant Pasito Mini


The Smoant Pasito Mini is a well-rounded, versatile pod system that caters to both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vapers. 

Its sleek retro design, solid build quality, and comfortable form factor make it a pleasure to use and carry around. 

The performance from the interchangeable P series coils is excellent, and the adjustable airflow and variable wattage settings allow for a tailored vaping experience.

However, there is room for improvement in airflow control, and sadly it won’t suit those that like a tight MTL draw.

I’d recommend the Smoant Pasito Mini for those who want a larger battery and liquid capacity in a compact form, as well as users who enjoy restricted direct lung and loose mouth-to-lung draws.


The Pasito Mini is a stylish and compact pod system. It has excellent build quality but, more importantly, delivers fantastic flavor from the replaceable P series coils. The adjustable airflow control isn't the greatest, but it provides a smooth draw for restricted DTL and loose MTL. Not suited to tight MTL vapers - recommended for everyone else.

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The Pasito Mini is a stylish and compact pod system. It has excellent build quality but, more importantly, delivers fantastic flavor from the replaceable P series coils. The adjustable airflow control isn't the greatest, but it provides a smooth draw for restricted DTL and loose MTL. Not suited to tight MTL vapers - recommended for everyone else.Smoant Pasito Mini | Review