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An impressive Rebuildable pod system.

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Smoant Pasito Pod

Smoant were pretty quick to enter the pod system market with the Smoant S8 and Smoant Karat, but they’ve been a little quiet since.

That’s because they were spending their time developing the Pasito Pod. It’s a kit that can not only deliver an MTL or DTL vape with replaceable stock coils, but it’s also one of the first pod systems than can utilize a rebuildable deck (not included).

The Smoant Pasito comes within a 3ml capacity pod, a 1100mAh battery, and adjustable power settings ranging from 10-25W.

The Pasito Kit comes in four colors: Classical Red, Bronze Blue, Carbon Black, and Gun-Metal.

The Good

Good design, lightweight, good performance from coils, variable wattage, good battery life, RBA compatible with fantastic performance.

The Bad

RBA not included, airflow adjustment has a limited range, MTL airflow a little loose. RBA is challenging to build on.

The Bottom Line

The Smoant Pasito doesn’t get everything right, but if you’re looking for a rebuildable pod system, fortunately, this is where it really shines with outstanding performance, even if it’s a little awkward to build on. The stock coils are good too, on par with its competitors. Excellent battery life and variable wattages are good positives also – Recommended.


Disclosure: These products were sent to us by VapeSourcing and AVE40 for the purpose of this review.


  • Size: 102x38x18mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 3ml refillable
  • Battery capacity: 1100 mAh
  • Top refill
  • Adjustable airflow
  • ANT constant output chip
  • Wattage: 10-25W, 5 Variable Settings
  • DTL Coil: 0.6ohm, mesh coil, use between 20 and 25 watts
  • MTL Coil: 1.4ohm, nichrome coil, suitable between 13 and 16 watts
  • RBA Coil: suitable for ordinary coil 1mm or less, single coil
  • Resistance Range: 0.3-3ohm
  • Charging: 5V, 1A, charging port, USB-C
  • Material: Space Aluminium
  • Surface Painting: oxidation + sandblasting + CPR patch
  • Cartridge Material: Food grade PTFE

In the Box

  • Pasito Device
  • 1x MTL 1.4ohm coil
  • 1x DTL 0.6ohm coil
  • USB Cable – Type C
  • User manual
Design & Style8.5
Smoant Pasito Pod

The Smoant Pasito shares a lot of design traits with many other pods systems on the market, all inspired by the Lost Vape Orion.

However, it does have a few distinguishing features that help to set it apart.

The Pasito is quite a tall pod system. In fact, it’s quite a bit taller than some of its competitors like the GeekVape Frenzy, with a height of 102mm. But it is also slightly more slender.

Smoant Pasito Pod

Its rectangular shape with slightly beveled edges make it extremely easy to hold, and it’s incredibly light, which makes it more comfortable to use than the Frenzy, in my opinion.

The Pasito has a 3ml capacity pod that sits on top of the device and connects via strong magnets. The pod is tinted, but thankfully not too much, so it’s always easy to see your juice level.

The pod has a top fill system, which is achieved by unscrewing the small knurled metallic top cap that the drip tip connects to. The drip tip itself is removable, but is a sleeve-style and seems proprietary. It’s also quite a long drip tip, but is perfectly comfortable to use and is Resin with a design pattern that matches the panels of the mod.

Smoant Pasito Pod

On the other side of the pod you will notice a small switch, this is the airflow adjustment. It doesn’t have the greatest range, but stays in place well and is easy enough to adjust.

On the bottom of the pods, you have a magnetic plate on one side, and the golden coil head base on the other. The coil head base has two grooves either side so you can grab it with your fingernails and pull it out from the pod. It has two o-rings around the base, so hold in place via friction, but I’ve never had any type of leaking or issue with it coming loose.

You get two coils with the Pasito, and they just screw into the coil head base, and you plug the whole thing back into the pod. The coil heads have two tiny o-rings on the top (as does the RBA base) which creates a seal with the drip tip as it’s pushed through the base.

Smoant Pasito Pod

As mentioned, the Pasito doesn’t come with the RBA coil head, which is a shame as it’s the main selling point of this device. It does transform the experience, and we will look at it in detail later in the review.

On the side of the Pasito, you will notice two buttons and a USB-C port. Yep, that’s right finally a company has decided to make a pod system with USB-C, which is far more convenient as most phones nowadays use the same connection.

One of the buttons on the side of the device is your standard fire button, and also acts as the on/off with five clicks. The other smaller button is your power adjustment button, which allows you to tweak your wattage to suit the resistance of the coil you have installed.

Smoant Pasito Pod

On the front panel of the Pasito device, we have two resin style panels. They are not actually resin, rather a plastic-coated panel but they do have some nice patterns and add a bit of style.

The smaller of the two panels houses 5 LED lights that act as both a battery life gauge and power setting indicator. When you press the fire button, it will light up showing you your status, with each light representing 20% of your battery life.

However, when you press the smaller power adjustment button, it will show you your current power setting, and allow you to keep pushing the button to scroll through each level. It has a range of 10-25W, with one LED light being the lowest and 5 the highest (full power settings description further down in features section).

Smoant Pasito Pod

The front panel of the device also has a little branding with the ‘Smoant’ logo above the panels, and ‘Pasito’ on the bottom of the larger panel. The back of the device is one larger panel with no branding.

On the base of the Pasito, we have some venting holes, the safety markings and ‘Ant Chip’ printed.

Overall I don’t think the Pasito has the initial aesthetic impact as some of the other pod systems, but it’s by no means an ugly device. The tall drip tip does make it look a little awkward, but you soon get used to it.

Smoant Pasito Pod

Build Quality

This is where the Smoant Pasito somewhat lets itself down.

The Pasito is made from an Aluminum frame and instead of Resin uses cheap plastic sticker style panels. This just leads to the Pasito feeling far less premium than some of the other pod systems, like the Frenzy or Orion.

The fire button on both the devices we have in for review have a little wobble to them, they don’t tend to make much noise when you shake the device, but they definitely do not feel the greatest.

Also, the threads for the top cap, the coil head, and RBA base, are definitely not the smoothest, and sometimes feel a little janky.

I wouldn’t say it’s a poorly built device, but it just doesn’t feel polished or premium like some of its competitors, it feels a little cheap.

Smoant Pasito Pod


On the plus side, the fact that Smoant used aviation-grade Aluminum means the device is incredibly light, only weighing 86g.

I actually quite like the trade-off of having a lighter device, even if it does feel a little cheap. Because the Pasito is not a small pod system, if it was made from more premium material, I think it may be too clunky to be pocket-friendly.

The Pasito measures in at 102mm x 38mm x 18 mm, which is definitely acceptable for an all-in-one device, and because it’s lightweight, you barely notice it.

Smoant Pasito Pod

The Smoant Pasito comes with an in-built 1100mAh battery, variable wattage settings with a power range of 10-25W.

As previously mentioned, the Pasito has a designated power adjustment button and utilizes the LED indicator to display your setting. Each time you press the variable wattage button, it will scroll through the lights with the following settings:

  • 1 light = 10W
  • 2 lights = 13W
  • 3 lights = 16W
  • 4 lights = 20W
  • 5 lights = 25W
Smoant Pasito Pod

The Smoant Pasito also comes with a USB-C port and supplied cable for charging. Even though it’s USB-C, I don’t believe there are fast charging capabilities, but the 1100mAh battery will fully charge from flat in about an hour.

The device shows you battery status while charging, with a flashing LED on its current level. When fully charged all five lights will remain lit.

Smoant Pasito Pod


You can check your battery status each time you press the fire button by looking at the amount of LED that light up with the following:

1 light = 3.2-3.4V (lowest capacity remaining)
2 lights = 3.4-3.6V
3 lights = 3.6-3.8V
4 lights = 3.8-4V
5 lights = 4V and above (full charge)

I just prefer to think of them as 20% each.

Thankfully the chipset that Smoant have used, called the ‘Ant Chip’ has a constant voltage output, so you do notice any decrease in performance when the battery is getting low.

Smoant Pasito Pod

The Pasito also comes with plenty of safety features.

  • Pod inserted correctly – all five lights light up.
  • 10-second maximum fire cut-off.
  • No pod connected or short circuit – all five lights flash 3 times when you press the fire button.
  • Overheat protection – all lights flash 10 times
  • Low voltage protection – single light flashes 5 times
The Pod9.0
Smoant Pasito Pod

There is only one pod included in the Pasito Kit because it uses replacement coils.

It has a 3ml capacity, adjustable airflow, and the ability to top fill by removing the drip tip section.

The pod connects to the Pasito device through magnets and holds into place well without much play. The magnets are strong enough to support the device if you lift just from the pod, and the pod is simple enough to remove with a slight pull when required.

Smoant Pasito Pod


To refill, you simply unscrew the metal base of the drip tip, which has three grooves cutout so you can get some grip. You will then see the top part of the coil and can drip juice down the side of the coil, not directly onto the head.

It is a little tight, but I find tilting the pod slightly will help the air escape and make it easier.

Smoant Pasito Pod


The Pasito comes with two coils:

  • 1.4ohm nichrome MTL coil
  • 0.6ohm mesh DTL coil

Each coil is labeled, and the skinner of the two is the MTL coil. They have small wick holes going around the bottom section of the coil, and both seem fine with wicking high VG juice.

The coils screw into the golden coil head base and just plug straight into the Pasito pod. Always make sure you prime them first.

If you want to remove the coils while the pod has juice in it, you can only do so when it’s half full and will have to tip the pod on its side.

Smoant Pasito Pod

RBA Section

The RBA section for the Pasito kit is sold separately.

The RBA kit comes with the RBA coil section, some wick & wire, and a 510 adapter so you can read the ohms and dry fire by placing it on another device.

When you unscrew the top cap of the RBA section, you will notice a petite 11mm build deck, and it’s certainly not the easiest to build on.

Instead of a standard post design with opposing holes, Smoant has positioned the holes on the side of the posts. This does make it harder to build than a standard deck, as you have to really manipulate your coil legs.

Smoant Pasito Pod

It’s not so bad with simple round wire, but with anything with a bit more substance, it can get frustrating.

I used some Coilogy MTL wire, and even though it took a couple of attempts, it wasn’t impossible. It just reminds me of when I first started out building on tiny MTL decks.

There is an upside to this odd post design, which is that it allows the leads to be far enough apart, so it doesn’t squeeze the coil and will enable you to have some spacing.

The deck has bottom airflow, so the coil sits above the small airflow hole, and on either side are the wicking ports, which are actually quite large.

Smoant Pasito Pod

I’d suggest cutting the wick to just sit above the slots, maybe with some thin tufts in the portholes. Just be careful not to have any wick on the threads. I’ve not had any issues with it wicking this way.

While I do think those new to building are going to struggle to work with this deck, and it could definitely have been designed to be more user-friendly. Once you have a coil in place it works an absolute treat, and in all honesty, how often are you going to replace the coil on an MTL device?

I’m still using the same coil after 6 weeks, just replace the wick, dry burn, and I’m away.

Smoant Pasito Pod

The Smoant Pasito really shines when it comes to performance, but it might not be suited to everyone.

It really depends on the setup and what type vaper you are.

Smoant Pasito Pod


Firstly there’s the airflow, which is a little on the loose side. That’s fine when using the 0.6ohm mesh coil for DTL. But it is a little too loose with the MTL coil for a true tight MTL draw.

The airflow adjustment doesn’t seem to do too much when you move it and only has a small amount that you can adjust.

The airflow itself is kind of an L-shaped airflow channel, that travel down from the top, down the side and into the coil head base. Even closing off the airflow switch entirely still gives you some air, as it’s not closed off right by the coil.

I noticed with the RBA section that the draw can be a bit tighter (it may be dependant on the width of your coil). With the airflow completely closed off, and the RBA section installed it is the perfect draw for me, but those that like it incredibly tight, might be disappointed.

Smoant Pasito Pod

1.4ohm MTL

The MTL coil delivers an excellent warm, flavorful vape. Not much happens if you have the device set to 10W (1 light), but as soon as you increase to 13W, it’s actually really good.

Pushing it up to 16W and you start to get that crackle of the coil and an even warmer vape.

Personally, I preferred it on 13W and think it on par with most MTL replaceable coil systems on the market. It might be a little shy of the flavor the Frenzy MTL coil can deliver, but it is a warmer vape.

As for coil life, the MTL coil seemed pretty good lasting a couple of weeks before dropping off.

Smoant Pasito Pod

0.6ohm Mesh

The 0.6ohm DTL coil needs to be in the 20W-25W range (4 or 5 lights) to get any real performance out of it.

Again it delivers a lovely warm and flavorful vape, on par with the Frenzy.

It also has to be said that both coils cope very well with high VG juices, with no dry hits and very good wicking.

The only downside with the 0.6ohm coil is that mine didn’t last past a week. Now that can be down to user experience as I was using a sweetish juice as 80/30 ratio, so your luck may vary.

Smoant Pasito Pod

RBA Deck

This is what the Pasito was built for, the performance from the RBA section is like nothing else a replaceable coil pod system can deliver.

I primarily use the Pasito as an MTL device, using a 1ohm build with Coilogy MTL ni80 wire.

The draw is tight and the throat it is defined, and the flavor….oh my god the flavor is fantastic!

My daily MTL vape is a Kayfun lite 2019, and this little Pasito was giving it a run for its money. So much so that it’s now become my go-to device.

Of course, with a rebuildable, the performance is always going to be down to other factors like the coil and wicking in the deck. But if you can get past the awkward building of the RBA section, the Pasito is going to deliver an exceptional experience.

Smoant Pasito Pod

Battery Life

The battery life going to be dependant on how you are using the device.

In DTL mode at high wattages, you get what you’d expect from 1100mAh battery.

When I’m using the RBA section in MTL and using the Pasito as my only device I was still getting a full day on one charge – that is mighty impressive for such a small kit.

Good Vibes

  • Looks good
  • Lightweight
  • 3ml capacity
  • DTL or MTL
  • Good flavor
  • Decent Vapor Production
  • RBA Section delivers great performance
  • Variable wattage
  • 10-25W Range
  • Easy top-fill
  • USB-C charge port
  • Affordable

Bad Vibes

  • Feels a little cheap
  • RBA not included
  • RBA deck is a bit fiddly (not for beginners)
  • Airflow adjustment limited range
Smoant Pasito Pod


I absolutely love my pair of Pasito’s.

But I can’t stand here and tell you that the Smoant Pasito is the perfect device, as it does have its flaws.

The build quality isn’t fantastic, it does feel a little cheap. The MTL draw with the stock coil is quite loose, and the airflow adjustment is pretty poor.

Also, the build deck is a bit of a bitch to build on.

However, when you get it right with the RBA section, it delivers an exceptional experience that stock coils can’t compete with.

The Pasito still delivers as a stock coil pod system but is probably better suited to the DTL vapers with its loose draw.

If you are the type of vaper that’s comfortable with building on tiny decks and are fed up of using pod systems with expensive coils, the Pasito is a must, but you will have to purchase the RBA separate.

Smoant has to be commended for shaking up the pod system market and actually creating a rebuildable pod system that delivers, I’m sure more are now going to follow suit.




The Smoant Pasito doesn't get everything right, but if you're looking for a rebuildable pod system, fortunately, this is where it really shines with outstanding performance, even if it's a little awkward to build on. The stock coils are good too, on par with its competitors. Excellent battery life and variable wattages are good positives also - Recommended.
Marc P
Marc P
Marc has been an avid vaper since 2010. His obsession with new vape gear has led to developing his own overflowing vape room, and starting Vaping Vibe with Danny & Jules to help educate other vapers.

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Smoant Pasito Pod | ReviewThe Smoant Pasito doesn't get everything right, but if you're looking for a rebuildable pod system, fortunately, this is where it really shines with outstanding performance, even if it's a little awkward to build on. The stock coils are good too, on par with its competitors. Excellent battery life and variable wattages are good positives also - Recommended.