WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod | Review

A unique looking refillable Pod Mod from Smok.

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Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

Smok is one of the few Chinese companies that take no shame in getting inspiration from other manufacturers devices and then ‘Smokifying’ them to make them their own.

That’s certainly true with their latest Pod Mod starter kit, the Rolo Badge. It shares a remarkable resemblance to the Asvape Defender which we saw at the backend of last year or a flipped Suorin Drop.

The Rolo Badge is inhale activated and has a power range of between 10 and 16 watts. It features a 250mAh internal battery, with a 2ml capacity and comes in either; Gold, Black, Chrome, Blue or Rainbow.

The Good

It’s refillable with a 2ml capacity and decent battery life. Comes with 2 Pods.

The Bad

Not the best performing Pod Mod, and quite divisive in it’s looks. Also a complete fingerprint magnet.

The Bottom Line

I’d only advise going for the Smok Rolo Badge if you love the look of it. It doesn’t perform badly, but there are far more practical and better-performing devices out there.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by SMOK for the purpose of this review.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod
1Design & Build Quality

The Rolo Badge is such a polarizing device when it comes to looks, you are either going to love it or hate it.

I, unfortunately, fall into the second camp. Here’s why;

Firstly my vape mod isn’t solely a fashion accessory; I prefer simplistic traditional form and function over shiny objects or fancy gimmicks.

I’m all for new designs entering the market if their design and layout offer something more than the traditional pen or box style. That’s where I can’t really see what the Rolo Badge has to offer over it’s recently introduced counterparts from Smok – The Infinix and Fit Kit pod mods.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

Both of which also house a 250mAh battery, take refillable pods and look far more stealthy and sleek in the design, not to mention more traditional.

But I guess I’m not the target market for this device, and that begs the question who is?

I guess if you’re the type of person who’s content sucking on what looks like a shiny posh car key, then it’s for you.

Maybe I’m a little harsh on the aesthetics of the Rolo badge because we have the unmistakably blingy gold version, which not only screams out ‘look at me’ but is an absolute fingerprint magnet. The pictures I’ve seen of the black version do look far more attractive in my opinion.

That’s not all to say the Rolo Badge is a badly built device, in fact far from it.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

Judging by it’s looks you would assume it was going to feel cheap in the hand or like a plastic toy. However, it is surprisingly solid and robust with a quality weight to it at 62g.

The pods are more comfortable than I would’ve have thought when placing it on your lips, they slot into the device seamlessly and are held in place firmly by a snug fit and the assistance of magnets.

In fact, the pods fit in so well, and due to the shape of their design, they can be a little fiddly to get a good grip on to remove when it’s time to refill.

Except for the subtly printed writing on the back of the device, there are only three other points of interest on the Rolo Badge.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

The first is a small LED light on the front base which lights up when the device is activated and will start blinking when it’s time to recharge.

The second is the micro USB charge port on the bottom left side, which again is fairly non-intrusive.

The last is a resin or plastic shield which contains the SMOK logo on it. It’s positioned on the front of the device, just where you’d expect a fire button, and I often find myself instinctively pressing it expecting it to fire the device….but maybe that’s just me not being used to these automatic draw devices.

The shield or non-button is the only style accent on the Rolo Badge other than its shape, and it does look good.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

The Pods

As mentioned above the pods are constructed out of plastic, but have magnets at the bottom to help them snap into place.

The pod has two rubber gaskets on the base, one to fill and the other to have open to allow air to escape while filling, so you don’t get an airlock.

I had no issues filling the pods with standard bottles; chubby gorilla bottles may be a bit fiddly. Fortunately, Smok also includes a 10ml bottle with a needle top if you do run into any issues.

Smok also includes two pods in the kit which is great. Each pod has a 2ml capacity and are 1.2 Ohms with a wattage range of 7 to 12, which is perfect for MTL vaping.

I was able to get about 4-5 refills out of a pod before it was time to change.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod
2Specs & Features

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 73.3 x 50 x 12mm
  • Output Wattage: 10 – 16W
  • Output Voltage: 3.3 – 4.2V
  • Standby Current: <200uA
  • Lightweight Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 2.0ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 250mAh Built-in Battery
  • Unique Badge Shape Design
  • All-in-One Pod Device
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Magnetic Refillable and Replaceable Cartridge
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Micro USB Charging Port

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod Kit Contents:

  • 1 x SMOK ROLO Badge Battery Mod
  • 2 x SMOK ROLO Badge Pod Cartridge
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod
3Features & Performance

Performance with refillable Pod Mods is a tricky thing to gauge.

That’s because unlike closed systems such as the JUUL or the BO One, the performance is determined somewhat by the juice you choose to use.

I tried the Rolo Badge with both 50/50 and 70/30 VG PG eliquid, and it had no problems wicking either of them.

Nevertheless, I would say 70 VG is the absolute limit, and it’s more advisable to keep it closer to 50/50. Not only will you get more throat hit from the higher PG, but potentially more flavor and less chance of dry hits.

Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod

The Rolo Badge doesn’t have the tightest of draws, but it is certainly a satisfying MTL vape.

I’ve used a lot of Pod Mods in my testing, and I’d say the flavor the Rolo Badge produces is ok…….nothing more, nothing less.

It activates easily on the draw, but on the whole, it isn’t the smoothest experience when it comes to the vapor produced. In contrast to something like the Bo One, it felt quite choppy and turbulent.

The battery life is good, and it is far more comfortable to vape on than I would’ve initially given it credit for.

However, compared to some of the other open or closed Pod Mod systems out there I do think the Smok Rolo Badge falls a little short.


  • Good build quality
  • Refillable
  • Comes with 2 empty pods
  • Decent battery life
  • Comfortable on the lips
  • Pass-through vaping


  • Looks a bit silly (subjective)
  • Not the smoothest vape
  • Not the best flavor
  • Fingerprint magnet

If I put aside the fact that I really don’t like the design and format of the Rolo Badge, is it a good device?

Well….I’d say it’s average at best on the performance front.

With regards to who this device is suitable for that’s a more confusing matter.

It’s a refillable Pod Mod that cannot be defined as a starter kit, as I don’t see how any smoker would transition to this as their first device.

They are far better off using either a closed Pod Mod system for simplicity or an open system that won’t make them feel and look so alien.

So does it suit the everyday vaper as a backup device? Again there are better pod mods or vape pens on the market. So it’s only really for those that want a unique looking device.

Let’s hope that Smok’s Infinix and Fit Kit fare a little better.


Build Quality
Ease of use


I'd only advise going for the Smok Rolo Badge if you love the look of it. It doesn't perform badly, but there are far more practical and better-performing devices out there.
Marc Panayiotis
Marc Panayiotis
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I'd only advise going for the Smok Rolo Badge if you love the look of it. It doesn't perform badly, but there are far more practical and better-performing devices out there. Smok Rolo Badge Pod Mod | Review