Suorin Ace Pod Kit | Review

Do Suorin have an Ace up their sleeve?


The Suorin Ace kit is a stylish and compact pod system.

It is easy to use with both a fire button and draw activation and has a maximum output of 15W.

The Ace has an inbuilt 1000mAh battery and USB Type C charging with a 1A charge rate.

It comes with a 2ml capacity pod with an integrated 1.0Ω coil. The pod is Suorin’s upgrade on the Shine pods, but they are both cross-compatible.

The Suorin Ace is available in 12 colors: Black, White, Green, Red, Silver, Desert Camo, Ocean Camo, Starry Sky, Urban Camo, Woodland Camo, Diamond Blue, and Prism Blue.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit Review

The Good

Excellent build quality, compact and sleek design, good battery life, button & draw activation, smooth airflow, and good flavor.

The Bad

Only one pod included, no adjustable airflow, loose MTL draw (subjective).

The Bottom Line

The Suorin Ace is a great looking and performing pod kit. It has a sleek and compact design with excellent build quality. It may not satisfy tight MTL vapers, but the loose MTL draw it delivers is smooth and flavorful. Sadly it also only comes with one pod included.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

Specs & Features

Suorin Ace Pod Kit Specifications
  • Dimensions – 71mm by 45mm by 16mm
  • Integrated 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Max. Wattage Output: 15W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis Construction
  • Dual Firing Mechanism – Button / Draw Activated
  • Intuitive Firing Button
  • 2mL Refillable Pod
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece
  • Side Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
  • Integrated 1.0Ω Coil
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Compatible with Suorin SHINE Pod
  • Lanyard Attachment Point
Suorin Ace Pod Kit Contents
  • 1x Suorin ACE Device
  • 1x Suorin ACE Pod
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual
Suorin Ace Pod Kit

Design & Style

The Suorin Ace kit is a minimal and premium feeling pod kit. As soon as you take it out of the box, you are greeted with a pebble-shaped glossy finish that looks great. The white version we have for review looks particularly good with a glossy finish. Thankfully, it’s also not a fingerprint magnet because of the color.

The Ace has two colored panels on either side of the device. They have 12 variations in total that vary from carbon fiber, camo, or prism style effects with set colors. It might be because I’ve got this one in my hand, but I think the white carbon fiber is very sleek and probably the nicest option.

The side panels are surrounded by a dark grey zinc alloy frame, which gives the Ace a little bit of weight. It’s just enough to add to the premium feel, but it’s by no means a heavy device as it only comes in at 80g with the pod attached.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

It’s also incredibly compact, only measuring 71mm by 45mm by 16mm. It is very comparable in size (and obviously) design to the Uwell Koko.

The 2ml capacity pods connect to the top left of the device via magnets. It sits recessed into the device, with only the mouthpiece protruding. This means you can’t really see your juice level, but it’s easy to pull out for a quick peek.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

On the top of the device is a USB Type C charge port. It’s an interesting place to position it. However, it comes with a connected cover to prevent any juice from leaking into the port. The cover is attached to the device with a rubber anchor to prevent you from losing it. It’s also easy to pull open as there’s a groove for your fingernail, and ultimately it adds to the overall clean look of the mod.

Next to the charge port are two small holes on the corner of the device to allow you to attach a lanyard or loop. Sadly, there isn’t one included in the kit.

Then on the side of the device is the on/off button that also acts as a fire button. The Ace has auto-draw firing, which I found easier to use than pressing the fire button as it’s such a small device. A small LED indicator light is located on the fire button to show the battery and charge status.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

There’s minimal branding across the device, just a small size ‘Suorin Ace’ vertical written on the front. It keeps the Ace looking clean and more appealing than some other pods on the market.

However, the thing that has impressed me the most with the design is its overall build quality. The Ace feels like a premium device and is a pleasure to hold in your hand.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit


The Suorin Ace comes with an inbuilt 1000mAh battery which can be charged via USB Type C at a 1A charge rate.

It is a very simple pod system with no adjustable power settings, but it does have a maximum power output of 15W.

The Ace can be switched on and off with 5 clicks of the fire button. It can also be fired by using that button or through draw activation, which is easy and responsive.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

There is an LED indicator light on the fire button showing battery status with the following color settings:

  • Green = >70%
  • Blue = 30-70%
  • Red = <30%

It’s also worth noting that the Suorin Ace comes with a USB type C cable that works perfectly fine at charging the device. I did try to charge it once using my mobile phone charger, but it didn’t seem to work, perhaps because the charger was a high amp fast charger, which is just something to be aware of.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit Pods


The Suorin Ace comes with a 2ml capacity pod with a 1.0Ω resistance coil integrated.

Sadly, there is only one in the kit, which I find very disappointing, even with an affordable pod system. I think all pod systems should come with two pods just in case the first one is faulty.

The pods are a slight upgrade to Suorin’s Shine pods, and they are both interchangeable. They are claimed to offer a smoother draw, with a better throat hit, and be more leak resistant.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit Pods

I haven’t tried the Shine pods, but I can say that I had no issues with leaking during my time with the Ace, and it performed well, as you’ll see later.

The pods need to be removed from the device to be charged. There is a standard rubber plug that needs to be removed to fill. The fill hole is ample, and I had no issues with bubble forming or an airlock while filling.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit


The Suorin Ace is a very competent little performer.

It delivers very good flavor from the 1.0Ω resistance coils in the pods, with a nice smooth airflow.

However, it is a loose MTL draw, and sadly it is not adjustable. I think most will be content with the draw; I feel it’s just a little looser than the popular Uwell Caliburn.

Personally, I would’ve liked a slightly tighter draw or the ability to adjust it. I know not all simple pod systems come with adjustable airflow, and I can’t knock the pod’s performance; it’s just personal preference with MTL.

It’s also worth mentioning that the one pod included lasted me well over a week, still delivering good flavor, which is a major bonus. Just a shame there’s only one included in the kit.

Suorin Ace Pod Kit

The battery life on the Ace kit is also solid, with the 1000mAh battery holding up well thanks to the higher resistance coil. I was easily making it through a day of conservative vaping. The Ace takes around 60 minutes to charge from dead, which isn’t too bad. It can also be used while charging, but the location of the charge port makes it far too awkward.

Good Vibes

  • Excellent build quality
  • Sleek design
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Draw Activation
  • Smooth airflow
  • Good flavor
  • USB-C charging
  • Decent battery life
  • No Leaking

Bad Vibes

  • Not a tight MTL
  • No adjustable airflow
  • Only one pod included
Suorin Ace Pod Kit


I really enjoyed my time using the Suorin Ace pod kit.

While it might not have the features of some other pod systems on the market, it still delivers a great vape experience with very good flavor. It’s also a premium feeling pod kit that looks great in the hand.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a different stylish pod kit that likes a loose MTL draw. Just be sure to buy more pods, as you won’t go far with only one in the kit.


This product was sent to us by YOUMEIT (The Official direct sales store of Suorin) for the purpose of this review




The Suorin Ace is a great looking and performing pod kit. It has a sleek and compact design with excellent build quality. It may not satisfy tight MTL vapers, but the loose MTL draw it delivers is smooth and flavorful. Sadly it also only comes with one pod included.
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The Suorin Ace is a great looking and performing pod kit. It has a sleek and compact design with excellent build quality. It may not satisfy tight MTL vapers, but the loose MTL draw it delivers is smooth and flavorful. Sadly it also only comes with one pod included.Suorin Ace Pod Kit | Review