WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Fero Review: Nearly Perfect

9.1/10 AMAZING

What You Need To Know

Size: 113.7 x 25.5 x 14.4mm
Weight: 52g

1000mAh battery, 3ml (2ml TPD) pod capacity, 0.6Ω and 0.8Ω coils, adjustable wattage (up to 25W), adjustable airflow, button or auto-draw activation, USB-C charging

Vapers looking for a stylish, compact, and high-performing pod system for MTL or RDL vaping

Sleek aluminum alloy design, OLED display, RGB light effects, adjustable airflow, button or draw activation, bottom-fill leak-resistant pods


Unique and sleek design

Fantastic flavor from the new pods

Can’t switch off those RGB lights


Product Description

It’s been a while but Suorin is back with a feature full pod vape, that has definitely caught our eye.

The FERO is a slim and compact pod vape that features adjustable wattage up to 25W.

It’s powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery, which supports 2A fast charging.

You get a 0.42″ OLED display screen that shows all your key info. The screen is also surrounded by RGB lights that add a touch more color.

It comes with Suorin’s new FEROpods, which have a 3ml e-liquid capacity (2ml TPD). The pods use Suorin’s latest coil technology for improved flavor and vapor production.

The FERO has both draw-activated and button-activated firing, as well as adjustable airflow (MTL to RDL).

The FERO is available in 6 colors: Blue Margarita, Tequila Orange, Green Plum, Black Jack, Pink Lady, and Silver Martini.

  • Dimension: 113.7x 25.5×14.4mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy+PCTG
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh Built-in Battery
  • Cartridge Capacity: 3.0ml (2.0ml TPD)
  • Coil Resistance: 0.6Ω (18W-23W) – 0.8Ω (12W-18W)
  • Max Output Power: 25W
  • Charging: Type-C (2A)
  • Activation: Auto-draw/button-activated
  • Display: 0.42” OLED
  • Refill: Side/Bottom Fill
  • 1 × Suorin Fero Device
  • 1 × 0.6Ω Fero Cartridge (3ml)
  • 1 × 0.8Ω Fero Cartridge (3ml)
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Lanyard
  • 1 × Type-C Cable

Design & Build Quality

I think Suorin has knocked it out of the park with the design of the FERO.

It’s becoming harder to tell the difference in the designs of these slim pod vapes. It takes something striking and unique to really stand out. And the Fero definitely does.

I love the bright (almost fluorescent) gradient color schemes and honeycomb patterns.

But it’s the positioning of the screen and airflow block that’s the most eye-catching. It wraps around one side of the the device. And I love it.

Speaking of screens. It’s a relatively large 0.42″ OLED that displays the important info. Battery status, wattage, and puff count are all present.

The screen also has an extra bit of pizazz. It’s surrounded by a multi-color LED ring, which lights up every time you take a puff.

You can adjust the LED colors and patterns in the menu. But sadly there’s no way to deactivate it off…bad Suorin.

That said, it can be easily covered in the palm of your hand when vaping. As someone who’s not a fan of flashy LEDs. I actually like these on the FERO, it’s done in a classy way.

Speaking of the FERO in the palm of your hand. I love the smooth, curved body. It’s a delight to hold.

It’s also respectably compact and lightweight at 113.7 x 25.5 x 14.4mm. In fact, for a device with a 1000mAh battery, full screen, and adjustable wattage..that’s pretty great.

It definitely feels smaller than the Caliburn G3 or the new Xross 4.

The one slight downside to the FERO’s slim and curvy profile is that it has a hard time standing up straight on a table. It’s not a big issue, but if, like me, you like to stand your devices up in a row, it’s a bit of a bummer.

Even more so, Suorin positioned the USB-C charge port in the perfect position on the side, not on the base.

Returning to the airflow on the device’s back block. It’s a nice vertical slider with 3 staged airflow holes. It stays in position well and covers a tight MTL to a restricted DL draw.

The FERO also has a button on the side edge. It’s a nice clicky button that can be used to switch the device on/off and adjust the power. It also acts as a manual fire button (although it’s a weird position for that).

Overall, the FERO showcases Suorin’s design prowess. It’s sleek, stylish, ergonomic and built to a high standard. Definitely a looker that also feels great in the hand.


The Suorin FERO is packed with all the useful features you need in a pod vape.

It’s powered by a 1000mAh battery and has a maximum output of 25W.

The Fero will automatically set the wattage to the optimal level for the pod resistance. But it is still fully adjustable in 1W increments

It has adjustable airflow. The sliding airflow control on the back caters to anything from a tight MTL to a restricted DL vape.

The FERO has a 0.42″ OLED display. It clearly shows the current wattage, battery status, and puff count.

The puff counter tracks your puffs (up to 99,999). You can reset it through the menu system.

There’s a multicolor LED that wraps around the display. The menu lets you set it to a variety of colors and patterns. It’s not essential, but it adds a fun pop of color. But unfortunately, there’s no way to deactivate it.

The FERO has manual and draw activation firing modes. The firing button can also be locked from the menu.

It supports USB-C charging at a 2A charge rate. I like that Suorin has included a graphic on the screen that shows your remaining charge time. Vaporesso also does this, and I find it an extremely helpful addition.

The charge time for the FERO is approximately 60 minutes, which is good.

Wrapping up the features. You get all the regular safety protections of low voltage, overheating, overcharge, and puff timeout.

How to Use the Suorin FERO

Using the Suorin Fero is straightforward:

  • On/off – Turn the device on with 5 clicks of the fire button. The display will light up.
  • Power adjustment – click the button 3 times. When the power value flashes, each click adjusts by 1W.
  • To open the menu, click the fire button 3 times. Here, you can reset the puff counter, lock the device, change the LED color, and view battery info. You also have a ‘power off’ selection in this menu.

The Fero will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity to save battery.


The Suorin FERO uses new pods designed specifically for the device.

They have a 3ml e-liquid capacity (2ml TPD) and are bottom-filled through a leak-proof silicone plug.

The pods are made of durable PCTG material and have a slight tint. But I think they’re clearer than most pods, and find them extremely easy to see my juice level.

Suorin includes two pods in the kit:

  • 0.6Ω mesh coil for RDL vaping (18-23W)
  • 0.8Ω mesh coil for MTL (12-18W)

Suorin claims to use new technology for improved flavor and longevity. After testing them, I can safely say they are the best pods/coils Suorin has made to date.

I’ll cover in detail how they compete with others below in the Performance section.

Yet, a quick word about the fact that I had no spit-back or leaking during my testing. The coil life was particularly solid, lasting me two weeks with regular use.


The Suorin FERO is an excellent performer.

It’s easily Suorin’s best pod vape, and it puts it on par with some of the top pod vapes on the market (Caliburn G3, Xros 4).

The main reason for this is they have finally made pods that can deliver top-notch, consistent flavor.

But before we get into that. Let’s cover the device.

The FERO is incredibly easy to use, and is easy to navigate. It has an excellent auto-draw switch, and the adjustable wattage works well.

The airflow slider is easy to adjust and stays in place. It can go right down to an extremely tight MTL (which is great). Fully open, it covers a restricted DL well.

It’s also an extremely smooth draw in any setting.

My favorite of the two pods was the 0.8Ω. Mainly because I think the device is better suited for MTL.

The 0.8Ω delivers exceptional flavor, right from the offset. It’s clean and crispy and as good as the Caliburn G3 or Xros 4 pods.

I tested it in all MTL ranges (tight to loose), and it’s equally good in all settings.

As for wattage, the 16W recommended setting worked perfectly. I had no need to dial it up or down from there.

The 0.6Ω is also an excellent performer and also delivers on the flavor front.

It delivers plenty of vapor. And I found my sweet spot was around 20-22W (depending on the juice).

Even chain vaping at higher wattages, I experienced no drop-off in flavor or vapor. The coils keep up extremely well.

It’s worth noting I tested the 0.8Ω primarily with 50/50 juice, but I’m sure it could cope with a slightly higher VG.

Suorin Fero Performance 2

The 0.6Ω kept up fine with a 70VG blend.

All in all, I’m mightily impressed with these new pods from Suorin – it’s about time they joined the party.

Battery life is good for the size of the FERO. The 1000mAh easily lasting me a day of heavy use with both coils.

And the Type-C charging tops it up relatively quickly (60 mins). Just keep in mind there’s no passthrough. So it won’t fire while plugged in.

Overall, Suorin has done a great job with the FERO. It’s stylish, reliable, and provides a consistent, enjoyable vape with excellent flavor and vapor.


  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent build quality
  • Clear OLED display
  • Fun RGB light effects
  • Responsive draw activation
  • Smooth airflow adjustment
  • Fantastic flavor from pods
  • Adjustable wattage (up to 25W)
  • Leak-resistant bottom-fill pods
  • Good battery life for size
  • Type-C fast charging


  • Can’t switch off RGB lights
  • Can’t vape while charging
  • Pods not cross-compatible with other Suorin devices
Suorin Fero Verdict


The Suorin FERO is by far the best pod vape Suorin has ever made.

It perfectly balances style, performance, and ease of use in a compact package.

The sleek, high-quality design is eye-catching yet ergonomic. And despite its small size, the FERO has decent battery capacity.

But the most significant part of the FERO is Suorin’s new pods. They have finally created pods that can deliver flavor on par with the best in the market.

When paired with the FERO device, you get a smooth, responsive draw with bundles of crispy flavor. What’s not to like?

The Suorin FERO is one of the surprise (and now one of my favorite) pod vapes of the year. It’s easy to use, oozes style, and delivers on performance. Highly recommended.

Marc Panayiotis
Marc Panayiotis
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