Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod | Review

A featherweight that packs a punch.

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Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Tesla Cigs have released what can only be described as the lightest dual 18650 mod ever produced, only weighing 65g!

The WYE 200W Box Mod is manufactured with a lightweight hardwearing ABS and Polycarbonate frame and comes in a choice of six colors.

It features a firmware upgradeable chip, which is capable of outputting 200W and caters to temp control fans with support for Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils, as well as a custom TCR input.

The Good

It’s an incredibly lightweight and ergonomic device, full of features and great in power mode.

The Bad

The paint splatter looks are a little odd, no magnets on the battery door, TC could be better.

The Bottom Line

The Tesla WYE is without the lightest and one of the most comfortable dual 18650 devices to use. It has premium features and works perfectly in all power modes. If you’re into TC or fancy gimmicks maybe look elsewhere, otherwise it’s a really solid choice.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Gearbest for the purpose of this review.


  • Dimension: 82 x 42 x 39mm
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Battery Type: Dual 18650 (discharge current should be above 35A)
  • Weight: 64.5g
  • Output Wattage: 7-200W (in 0.5W increments)
  • Max Output Voltage: 8.4V
  • Max Output Current: 45A USB:5V/1.5A


  • Output Mode: KA/TC-SS316/TC-Ni200/TC-Ti/TCR mode
  • Taste Mode:Norm/Soft/Hard/User
  • Memory Mode: M1/M2/M3
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm KA mode/0.05-1.0ohm for Ti/Ni 200/SS316 mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-300℃/200-600℉
Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Ordinarily, you can see similar design aspects in vape manufacturers mods. For instance, it’s easy to identify a Smok or Joyetech product.

However, Tesla Cigs seems to be a little bit erratic with their design choices. They’ve gone from heavy steampunk to light plastic mods in the blink of an eye. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does strike me that they are a company who don’t know where they currently sit in the market.

The WYE 200W box mod may not be the prettiest of Tesla’s designs, but it is undoubtedly the lightest. In fact, it’s possibly the lightest dual 18650 mod on the market, only weighing 64.5g without batteries.

It’s pretty astonishing how light this device is, I couldn’t really believe it when I took it out of the box. Even with batteries in, it’s barely noticeable.

The WYE’s lightweight frame is the result of a combination of materials, both ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate), which are known for their durability and heat resistant elements.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

There’s a massive fire button located on the front of the WYE 200W with the +/- buttons located just beneath the OLED screen. The screen is bright and large enough to make out all of the information. It displays current power output, voltage output, resistance, temperature limit (if in TC mode), resistance lock on/off, current power mode, output mode, battery life and memory mode.

On adjacent sides of the screen there some cyclops shaped slots and mesh to allow for venting of the board. It doesn’t detract from the looks, and in fact, it helps to break up the aesthetics a little bit.

The battery door seems to made form the same material as the device; it doesn’t use magnets though. Instead, it’s held into place with tabs that click into the battery tray. It does fit on securely, and you feel it snap and click into place. The door can actually connect to the device either way round, which is quite a nice touch.

All of the battery contacts are gold-plated. There’s no battery strap to help you remove the batteries, but it is easy enough as there’s a cutout on either side of the device enabling you to grip each battery.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod


The Tesla WYE at first appearance looks like a 3D printed box mod, and one that’s been in the room while you’ve been decorating.

I’m more of a plain and simple design guy, so I believe the splatter pattern all over the device detracts from its looks and make it a little awkward to pair nicely with tanks.

The WYE comes in several different colors, White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Turquoise. All of which have the paint splatter present in different colors, I think the white and Black are probably the least garish…..whatever happened to simple colored mods?

However, I have to say I’ve had a lot of people positively comment on the looks of WYE, so maybe it’s just me being a tedious fool.

When it comes to the form and the rest of the styling of the device it is a delight. It is such a small, light and compact mod that feels glorious to hold. Not just because of its smooth edges and ergonomics, but also because it has a kind of rubberized finish to it….much like that of the old VaporShark devices.

I also don’t mind the indented ‘Tesla Cigs’ branding going diagonally across either side of the mod, which also gives it some extra grip.

It really is one of my favorite devices to hold; I just wish it was plain black.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Build Quality

While the Tesla WYE doesn’t have that comforting weight of other mods, it is still a remarkably unyielding device.

The ABS and PC frame has taken a fair bit of beating in my time of using it. I’ve dropped it from a height several times, and the only thing that’s happened is the battery door coming off – but no scratches are dents.

The large, tactile fire button and +/- adjustment buttons are also constructed from ABS and PC, so they should be just as durable also.

I am a little concerned how well the battery door will hold up over time, whether the tabs will wear down, but for the moment a month’s usage and it’s still as good as new.

The spring loaded 510 connection feels robust enough, although I did find the threading to be a little crunchy. It’s not going to affect attaching atomizers, but it’s certainly not the smoothest threading I’ve come across.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod


The Tesla WYE is such a short and stubby device that it’s going to be noticeable in your pocket. Afterall it is a dual 18650 device.

It measures in at 82 x 42 x 39mm and has been designed with ergonomics in mind, so it is a pleasure to hold and has virtually no sharp edges.

It’s obviously the lack of weight, which makes the WYE a far more portable device than other dual 18650 mods. It definitely won’t be too much of a drag or a nuisance to cart around.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod


We have seen ABS and PC materials used on other mods before, but I’m not sure there’s any other device on the market that uses this much of it, and especially a dual 18650 device.

While that isn’t particularly innovative, Tesla should be applauded for trying to make the WYE 200W have a unique selling point.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

The Tesla WYE uses a proprietary board by Tesla.

It is supposed to be capable of firing up to 200 watts, with temperature ranges of 200F to 600F. The WYE also has a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms.

There’s a full temperature control suite with Ni, Ti, and SS settings. Along with three memory slots for any TCR values you wish to use.

There are three preheat settings that of soft, medium, and hard, and a power curve feature (only available in wattage mode).

The WYE 200W Box Mod comes with the usual safety features of low voltage protection, 10-second cut off, no atomizer protection, atomizer short protection, reverse polarity protection, overheat protection as well as temperature protection in TC mode.

The WYE is also firmware upgradeable.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Menu & Operating

The menu system on the WYE is straightforward and intuitive. It only really took me a couple of minutes to get used to navigating the device.

  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the device on and off
  • Hold down the fire and – button to lock the keys
  • Click the fire button three times to access the settings
  • Use the +/- to scroll through the settings
  • Click the fire button to select the desired setting
  • Use the +/- button to make adjustments to any setting
Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

The Tesla Wye is a really impressive mod, and I’m quite surprised it hasn’t got the recognition it deserves from the vaping community.

It vapes perfectly in wattage mode, although it is going to fall shy of the full 200W due to it only using two 18650 batteries….but that’s the same with all devices that claim the full power.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Wattage Mode

As mentioned above when it comes to wattage mode the Tesla works a treat.

Even the preheat settings work well, and I found myself using them a lot more than I have on other devices.

I’m not the typical vaper that will sit there and play with power curves, but during my few attempts it was easy enough, and again I could definitely notice the difference in the vape.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Temperature Control Mode

The Tesla WYE also surprised me with it’s TC performance.

I’d heard a few stories from others saying the board was pretty crap at temp control, but that doesn’t reflect my experience at all.

I’m not sure if I was running on an updated firmware compared to them, but either way, TC was good.

However, I only really tested it in SS mode with a few different SS316 coils, as I had no other wire available. The device stays cool, which I take as a sign of efficient voltage scaling or proper cooling from the vents.

It’s not the smoothest of frequencies when you vape, and it won’t come close to a DNA device. You will feel a spike or two, but it’s far better than any Smok device I’ve tried in TC.

Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod

Battery Life

One issue I do have with the device which may affect battery life is you can’t really turn it off. Unlike the Tesla Steampunk Nano which had a designated fire button, you can only lock the buttons.

I wouldn’t say the WYE has lousy battery life; it’s actually pretty average for a dual 18650.

The other issue I found is the battery indicator is a little guesswork, or maybe the WYE just doesn’t like to fire when it is low on power, in higher wattages. There were a few times when it looked like I had 30-40% battery left, but using the device above 60W was a no go.

This could be down to me as the user however as I was pushing the power testing the device, and they were pretty dated Sony VTC5A’s I was using…..which is not advisable.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable finish
  • Great build quality
  • Large tactile fire button
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy menu system
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Wattage curve mode
  • Affordable


  • No magnets on the battery door
  • TC could be better


I really grew to love the Tesla WYE, and as I mentioned before, I’m so surprised it hasn’t got the full love that it deserves.

Far too often vapers are drawn to the next fancy gimmick, but when it comes to performance in a comfortable, compact dual 18650 package, the WYE takes some beating, especially as it’s so affordable.

It may not have a color screen, flashing LEDs or even be the greatest device at temp control. But it does have plenty of power features, is remarkably user-friendly and unbelievably lightweight and durable.




The Tesla WYE is without the lightest and one of the most comfortable dual 18650 devices to use. It has premium features and works perfectly in all power modes. If you're into TC or fancy gimmicks maybe look elsewhere, otherwise it's a really solid choice.
Marc P
Marc P
Marc has been an avid vaper since 2010. His obsession with new vape gear has led to developing his own overflowing vape room, and starting Vaping Vibe with Danny & Jules to help educate other vapers.

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Tesla WYE 200W Box Mod | ReviewThe Tesla WYE is without the lightest and one of the most comfortable dual 18650 devices to use. It has premium features and works perfectly in all power modes. If you're into TC or fancy gimmicks maybe look elsewhere, otherwise it's a really solid choice.