WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tigertek Genji RDA | Preview

Tigertek follows up with the success of their original RDA with another screwless rebuildable dripping atomizer.

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Tigertek Genji RDA Intro

Tigertek made quite an impact earlier this year with the innovative and pioneering Springer X RDA.

They were one of the first manufacturers to implement a screwless build deck design; which set a new standard.

The Genji RDA is Tigertek’s latest release to enter the market. We couldn’t wait to take a closer look at what they came up with this time.

Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow

Tigertek Genji RDA

Tigertek Genji RDA Specs and Features


  • Drip Tip Size: 18 x 8 mm
  • Height: 28.8 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 24.2 mm
  • Screwless coil-building system
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Interchangeable springs for replacement
  • Gold-plated build deck
Tigertek Genji RDA

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Genji RDA with wide bore drip tip
  • 1 x Delrin 510 drip tip with adaptor
  • 1 x Spare parts bag
Tigertek Genji RDA

It's spring time

Tigertek Genji RDA

It’s always been considered that Rebuildable dripping atomizers are for advanced vapers, not every novice vaper wants the challenges of building coils and finding the right fit on a multitude of different style build decks. So for many, it remains a complex and confusing vaping artform that is ignored.

However, screwless build decks take away a lot of the difficulty and frustration and are becoming the industry’s answer to that problem. They offer a simple, user-friendly way for vapers of any skill level to get the most from using an RDA.

Tigertek has been at the forefront of this RDA category, and now the Genji is aiming to take it one step further. This RDA has a four-post, screwless deck design and is 24mm in diameter. It also features a slightly elevated build deck and large airflow inlets on either side. This enables the air to channel up and around the coils from below, which enter the upper chamber through four large circular holes in the center of the deck.

The build deck is gold-plated and uses an easy spring-activated system; which allows coils to be placed without the use of tools. This simple to use build deck also has posts which are angled at 30 degrees so that coil placement will be even easier than before.

This unique style deck comes paired with a simple top cap and wide bore drip tip. The top cap fits over and conceals the entire build deck, along with the raised edge, and offers full airflow adjustment. The nature of this configuration means the likelihood of leaks should be minimized.

The Genji RDA could be the RDA that finally helps convert non-builders into the advanced vaping category. However, they may still have to learn the art of coil building, or could just purchase pre-built coils. Either way, we are excited that Tigertek is pushing the boundaries with regards to simple, easy to use RDA’s, and can’t wait to get out hands on the new Genji.

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