WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Eliquid | Review

An unbelievably refreshing range - perfect for the summer!

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Twelve Monkeys Ice Age e-Liquids - Flavors Reviewed


Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid need no introduction, nearly every vaper has tried one of their juices, and they are a firm favorite of the Vaping Vibe team.

We were recently blown away by their simple yet delightful Origins line. This time the ‘Monkeys’ have gone all ‘Arctic’ on us by bringing something altogether more refreshing – The ICE AGE collection.

It’s a blend of some old favorites like Kanzi, Hakuna, and Matata all presented with an extra ice kick. There’s also the addition of two new summer treats called Nikko and Sabae.

We are looking forward to being impressed and refreshed throughout the summer with these new offerings.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by 12 Monkeys for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on the Vandy Vape Pulse 80W combined with Wotofo Recurve RDA, using SS316 in both watts and TC mode.

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age

Hakuna Iced - 65 VG

Apple / Cranberry / Cooling

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Hakuna E-Liquid

12 Monkeys say: Hakuna, one of Tribe12M’s favorite all-day vapes is back and better than ever on ice! Keep cool with sliced fuji and granny smith apples followed by a light, chilled cranberry exhale!

Our Vibe: Wow…just wow! Hakuna was one of my favorite Twelve Monkeys juices, and I really didn’t think they could make it taste any better. But just adding that iced kick transitions this juice to another level.

You get the succulent double whammy of apples, juicy and sharp instantly on the inhale. There’s an underlying tart dryness of the cranberry in there to round things off, and an undeniable iced sensation on the exhale. It’s not a full-on menthol, which is great it’s a refreshing ice, like holding an ice cube in your mouth.

It’s an exquisite juice…..quite possibly one of the best I’ve tried.

Matata Iced - 75 VG

Grape / Apple / Cooling

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Matata E-Liquid

12 Monkey Vapor say: It gets hot in the jungle and Matata has a wise monkey secret to beat the heat! Kick back this summer with a refreshingly bold blend of ice cold grapes and slices of juicy apples!

Our Vibe: Another juice that I didn’t think they could improve, but they have. This time it’s the grape that’s the dominant flavor, but the juicy apples still shine through beautifully. The grape flavor is full, mouthwatering, and extremely natural in its palatable presence.

The sharp apple punch only kicks in on the exhale, swiftly followed by the iced cooling effect. Again it’s not overdone and just leads to such a saturated refreshing vape.

I’m pretty certain mixing Hakuna and Matata together would create another perfect concoction.

Kanzi Iced - 75 VG

Watermelon / Strawberry / Cooling

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Kanzi E-Liquid

12 Monkeys say: Kanzi likes to hang out at the beach and knows how to keep cool! Experience our award-winning watermelon, strawberry and kiwi blend, now on ice. Just in time for Summer!

Our Vibe: This is precisely what you’d expect, Kanzi with a touch of ice. Surprisingly the cooling effect is a little more gentle on this one. Which seems like a deliberate choice to let the refreshing balance of watermelon and strawberry still play together nicely.

The watermelon is spot on, and authentic as always, with the spikes of natural strawberry leaping through.

Kanzi always gives me that sharp kiwi kick towards the end on the exhale, this time it’s accentuated a little further with that added iced touch.

Another juice that I think has been improved over the original by including that dash of cooling.

Nikko Iced - 70 VG

Watermelon Lemonade / Cooling

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Nikko E-Liquid

12 Monkeys say: The snow monkeys in the mountains of Nikko have brewed up their favorite blend of watermelon and lemonade with crushed ice! Experience this light and revitalizing vape while relaxing in the hot springs!

Our Vibe: The first of Twelve Monkeys new flavors delivers the perfect refreshing balance of watermelon and lemonade. Unlike some watermelon flavors, they’ve made sure it’s not too intense and in your face, which allows the zingy and almost bitter notes of the lemonade to come through.

On the inhale you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s just a watermelon juice, but the blend of lemonade paired with the iced cooling on the exhale give it a distinct boost and take it to another level.

It would be easy to say it’s a simple watermelon & lemonade….which in a way it is, but there’s just something about the balance of flavors and mixing that Twelve Monkeys just seem to nail. It’s an excellent refreshing summer juice.

Sabae Iced - 70 VG

Rainbow Sorbet (Raspberry, Lime, Pineapple) / Cooling

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Sabae E-Liquid

12 Monkeys say: The tribe of Sabaeus monkeys from the coastal regions introduce their secret recipe for staying cool. A complex and vibrant sorbet with zingy notes of raspberry, lime and a hint of pineapple!

Our Vibe: The second of the new flavors is an absolute treat. It’s an unmistakable sharp and zingy Raspberry sorbet, and it almost has that sorbet texture and fizz to it as you vape along.

You only get slight twangs of pineapple and lime, they are hard to distinguish on their own, but you know they are present and it rounds off this sharp, refreshing juice perfectly.

The iced cooling effect just like with the Hakuna and Matata, it’s strong but not overpowering and lingers flawlessly with the raspberry long after the exhale.


When it comes to mixing balanced fruity flavors, Twelve Monkeys really are the masters. Nearly every single juice in their line is a complex mix delivered in a subtle and almost understated way.

Even though they use primarily high VG in most of their e-liquids, which is great for pushing out the clouds, the desired flavors still shine through, and there are some absolute winners in the line that are sure to become many vapers all day vapes.

For me personally, the standout juices were Harambae, Macaraz, Matata, and O-Rangz. But to be honest, I could have named almost any of them, and I’d certainly be happy vaping on or recommending any of the Twelve Monkeys lines.

Twelve Monkeys Ice Age E-Liquid


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The only one disappointing factor is they have labeled this as a 'limited edition' line! Please for the love of monkey gods, don't do that to us Twelve Monkeys......you have to keep these juices available, or I will genuinely go ape.
Viki Howlett
Viki Howlett
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The only one disappointing factor is they have labeled this as a 'limited edition' line! Please for the love of monkey gods, don't do that to us Twelve Monkeys......you have to keep these juices available, or I will genuinely go ape.Twelve Monkeys Ice Age Eliquid | Review