WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA | Review

An almighty Bonza of an RDA from the Bogan.

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Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

Vandy Vape seems to be king of the collaborations at the moment. This time they team up with one of the best YouTube reviewers out there ‘The Vaping Bogan’ to release the Bonza RDA.

It’s clear to see how much input The Vaping Bogan had on the design of this 24mm RDA, as it’s a dual coil cloud machine with an innovative deck and quite possibly the best airflow we’ve seen on an RDA.

The Good

Excellent deck, brilliant airflow, bundles of clouds and flavor – what more do you want?

The Bad

The gold ring from the bottom of the build deck slightly ruins its appearance. Not really for single coil use, and can get a bit hot.

The Bottom Line

If you like dual coil RDA’s that can fit big builds, with super smooth airflow and flavorful clouds the Bonza is a perfect choice. Add the fact that it works well as both a dripper and a squonking RDA it makes it a must-have.


1Design & Build Quality

As with most Vandy Vape products, there are plenty of choices when it comes to colors and configurations with the Bonza RDA.

We have the matte black version, which in my opinion looks the best of them all.

Mainly because I’m not a huge fan of the large Jolly Roger logo engraved on the side, and the matte version masks this somewhat.

I’m also pleasantly surprised there’s a distinct lack of Vandy Vape logos plastered all over the RDA like they tend to do with most of their products.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

On the design front, Vandy Vape does give you the option of 3 different drip tips. We had one red and black resin tip installed, and an Ultem and black Delrin drip tip included, alongside a 510 drip tip adapter. That’s a lot of drip tips, and something I wished other manufacturers would do.

The Bonza comes with a squonk pin, which wasn’t pre-installed but is fairly straightforward to switch out, and there’s the usual plethora of spare o-rings and screws also included.

One thing I had a little issue with was that the tolerances on the o-rings were so good that I struggled to get everything apart. However, once I did, it only took a little juice to get things moving smoothly.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

The build deck and base of the RDA are gold-plated, and it has a kind of platform that the top cap sleeve slots onto. This leaves a gold ring in view, which really does detract from the overall sleek look of this RDA.

I understand why it’s there, as the ring (and thick o-rings inside) help prevent juice from dripping down onto your mod. But I just wish they had colored the base, as gold is a bit blingy and isn’t the most universal color.

Other than that it is a good looking RDA, and the build quality is top notch which is what I’ve come to expect from Vandy Vape.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

The Airflow

The airflow of the Bonza has that kind of honeycomb effect. It’s three rows of 5 small holes on either side of the RDA.

The top cap then has three interior cutouts which assist in shutting off the airflow as your turn it, and the AFC adjustment is remarkably smooth.

As you rotate the top cap, you’ll notice that you will close the air holes off three at a time. So essentially you can close the airflow off by 20% each time. You can also completely close off one side for single coil setups.

So the Bonza is definitely not left wanting when it comes to airflow configurations.

Yes, it is similar to that of the Digiflavor Drop, but without the ability to close off each hole at a time. Although for me, that’s not necessary as the airflow the Bonza creates is just so super smooth and I never thought I was missing anything.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

The Deck

The Bonza has a step-down, two-posts with a two-terminal design.

The two outer posts are set higher than the two inner posts, and the inner posts are clamp style. The significant difference in design to other build decks like this that the higher post holes on this deck are on the outside. The clamps in the middle are Goon style clamps that are on the bottom of the posts.

However, one likeable extra detail about the clamps is that they contain a textured surface to them so they can grip your coil leads, which they do an excellent job at.

The deck comes with flat head post screws, which are accessible on the top of each post. The screws are gold-plated, and Vandy Vape also supplies Phillips Head screws, if you prefer them. I usually don’t like flat head screws, but due to their position, they are easy to loosen and tighten.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

This build deck is built for massive exotic coils; there’s so much space between the terminals and in the deck as a whole that it can accommodate any type of wire you want to chuck in there.

The Bonza can be used as a single coil configuration, but as I’ll discuss later, it certainly isn’t built for this. The Bonza is big and character and requires big dual coils to truly make it shine.

The other impressive thing about the build deck is the juice well capacity. Due to its central two-clamp design, it allows plenty of room for free-flowing juice and can hold up to 2ml’s of liquid. This along with its high side airflow make the Bonza a perfect RDA for squonking.

2Specs & Features

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Features and Specs:

  • 25.5mm Height Without Drip Tip
  • 24mm Diameter
  • Clamp Style Dual Post Build Deck
  • Bottom Feed – Squonk Ready
  • 510 Squonking Pin
  • Side Airflow

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Package Contents:

  • 1 x Vandy Vape – Bonza RDA
  • 1 x 16mm Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1 x 17.5mm Ultem Drip Tip
  • 1 x Accessory Bag
  • 1 x User Manual
Vandy Vape Bonza RDA
3Features & Performance

Single Coil Mode

The Bonza RDA gives you the option to shut off one side of the airflow, and so it can be used with just one coil installed.

It does work and still produces some impressive clouds, even if you shut the airflow off a little more.

However, the flavor I was getting was quite muted. I tend to vape a lot in single coil mode on my squonkers, and find that reduced chamber RDA’s work best for flavor.

And here lies the problem with the Bonza in single coil mode…..there is just too much excess space for the airflow, and that kills the flavor a little too much for my liking.

It’s not terrible, but it’s also not what this RDA is truly built for.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

Dual Coil Mode

This is where the Bonza becomes a beast!

Two big flat wire coils ramped up to about 80-90 watts – and the flavor and cloud production is off the charts.

Previously I would turn to the Dead Rabbit or Drop for a dual coil RDA, but there’s just something about the airflow of the Bonza which is not only satisfyingly smooth but seems to give the flavor profile of most of my juices a lift.

However, it does come with a caveat.

The one and only issue I had with the Bonza in dual coil mode is it can get incredibly hot when chain vaped at high wattages. Which is a bit of a bummer, and I even found myself having to put it aside when I wanted to keep vaping.

That might not be a deal breaker and happens a lot with other RDA’s, but it’s definitely something worth noting – otherwise, the Bonza does give a truly awesome vape experience.


The Bonza doesn’t have any juice flow channels but doesn’t need them. Juice just floods into the deck and saturates any sitting cotton with ease.

Also having such a deep well allows you to squonk without worrying about it, and any excess juice is retracted efficiently.

Even if you do over squonk like a crazed juice maniac, the Bonza’s high side airflow means you really have to go some to make this RDA leak.

An excellent experience for squonking.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA


As with squonking; because of the spacious juice well and side airflow dripping is no issue whatsoever.

You can quite easily squirt juice straight down the drip tip, see it cover your coils and saturate your wicks, and not worry about it leaking out of the airflow.


The Bonza ticks so many boxes when it comes to being a superb RDA.

It’s easy to build on, squonks well, drips well, has super smooth airflow and produces an awesome flavorful vape.

In fact, the only thing I’d say the Bonza is not good for is single coils, but you can’t win them all.


  • Deep juice well (7mm)
  • Excellent clamp system
  • Easy to wick and build
  • Can fit huge exotic coils
  • Ultra Smooth Airflow
  • Wide Airflow Range
  • Incredible flavor
  • Awesome clouds
  • 3 drip tips included
  • Great for squonking
  • Subtle branding


  • Flavor muted in single coil mode
  • Gold ring at base detracts from the design
  • Can get a bit too hot at high temperatures

Sam (Mr. Vaping Bogan), I’m gonna raise a beer to you mate – this is one hell of an RDA!

Where do I start….

The flavor from this RDA is fantastic; the clouds are colossal, the build deck is innovative yet simple, and the super smooth airflow is just to die for. It can be used for both dripping and squonking – Overall the vape quality that the Bonza produces is just phenomenal.

If you can’t tell, I really like the Bonza RDA and am stoked that Vandy Vape actually let their collaborators stamp their style into the designs, instead of just being a name.

So is the Bonza the perfect RDA for everyone?

No…if you are after a more restricted MTL style vape or prefer single coils vapes, then this really isn’t for you.

For everybody else, I’d say go and get a Bonza RDA; it won’t break the bank and is unquestionably one of the best dual coil RDA’s on the market.


Build Quality
Build Deck


If you like dual coil RDA's that can fit big builds, with super smooth airflow and flavorful clouds the Bonza is a perfect choice. Add the fact that it works well as both a dripper and a squonking RDA it makes it a must-have.
Danny Blanton
Danny Blanton
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If you like dual coil RDA's that can fit big builds, with super smooth airflow and flavorful clouds the Bonza is a perfect choice. Add the fact that it works well as both a dripper and a squonking RDA it makes it a must-have.Vandy Vape Bonza RDA | Review