WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VapeWild E-Liquid | Review

VapeWild E-Liquid | Review

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If you have not heard of the e-liquid company VapeWild, then where the hell have you been hiding?

VapeWild has one of the most extensive lines of vape juices you could ever wish to find. They pride themselves on being the everyman’s vape company, by producing a plethora of quality juices at affordable prices.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on some of VapeWild’s best sellers along with some other popular and new juices to test.

Strap yourself in, because we’ve got a tone of juices to get through and something tells me this one is going to be a little wild.

Disclaimer: Your take on these flavors may differ from ours. Opinion and taste are subjective!

Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeWild for the purpose of this review.

2Let’s taste that juice

The Set Up

I vaped all the juices on the DovPo Topside with a collection of atomizers including the Wotofo Recurve RDA, Ambition Mods C-Roll RDA, and the Vandy Vape Widowmaker RDA.

VapeWild Best Selling Flavors

Hannibal Nectar

VapeWild Hannibal Nectar E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Be a fruit cannibal (we know it doesn’t make sense but go with it) with the incredible Hannibal Nectar ejuice. Fruits from the most secret of tropical isles make this flavor savory, as sweet and as succulent as the ripest peaches, oranges, melons, and berries that make up this phenomenal flavor. Get Hannibalized today and vape nectar.

Our Vibe: Wow, what a delicious mix of fruit, there are all sorts coming through but it’s definitely toward the juicy end of peach, with some zingy notes of citrus and berries to balance it off. On the exhale there’s a real depth to it from the melon, which gives an almost creamy but very rounded finish. It’s an absolute fruity delight of a juice.

Vanilla Tobacco

VapeWild Vanilla Tobacco E-Liquid

VapeWild say: A flavorful and lightly sweet tobacco vape, the perfect blend of vanilla and savory rich tobacco.

Our Vibe: I’m probably not the best person to give critique on this one as I’m not a tobacco fan. But thankfully I can say that for a tobacco juice, I really didn’t mind it. That’s primarily because the vanilla is without a doubt the prominent flavor, the tobacco still comes through, but it’s pleasant smooth tobacco. If you like sweet tobacco juices, you will enjoy this.

Rainbow Crunch

VapeWild Rainbow Crunch E-Liquid

VapeWild say: A fruit flavored breakfast vape juice with hints of orange, cherry, and lemon with a creamy note of milk on the exhale.

Our Vibe: It’s like a bowl of flavorful fruit loops, there’s real citrus and cereal mix on the inhale with an underlying creaminess of milk on the exhale. It’s as genuine as any other I’ve tried like this, but it is quite full on with flavor and can become a little sickly for an all day vape for me. However, if you love strong flavors and fruity cereal vapes, you’re going to love Rainbow Crunch.

Surf Cake

VapeWild Surf Cake E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Surf Cake splashing waves of creamy cheesecake flavor on an ocean of fresh plump blueberries to form a unique mouthwatering taste. Surfs Up! The flavor of this e-liquid is so amazing you will want to ride your clouds with a surfboard!

Our Vibe: It’s like a blueberry cheesecake. There’s a definite depth of the cream with the crumminess of biscuit or pastry that rounds it off. The blueberry is a natural fruity blueberry it’s not too prominent and does take a back seat a little to the other flavors. It’s a very good subtle Blueberry cheesecake. Personally, I would’ve liked a little more fruity punch from it.

Cowboy Cooler

VapeWild Cowboy Cooler E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Cowboy Cooler ejuice is a complex blend of menthol with sweet and sour berries. This tart concoction of fruit and menthol flavor is sure to make you want more!

Our Vibe: It’s a lovely berry vape with a nuance of menthol, which I’m glad about. Sometimes companies overdo it with with the menthol or koolada. However, Vapewild has managed to keep the pure fruitiness of the berries, so it’s bot sweet and refreshing. A really pleasant vape and one I could happily vape on all day long.


VapeWild Murica E-Liquid

VapeWild say: This Bomb Pop e-juice flavor is like a blast from the past! Murica is a rush of sweet and refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries & tastes just like that red, white and blue Popsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot Summer day.

Our Vibe: Unquestionably one of my favorite’s. It just has the perfect balance of fruits in it that all compliment each other. The sharpness of the lemon/lime, the sweetness of the raspberry and the unmistakable cherry. Then there’s the slight hint of velvety ice cream to it but not enough to take away from the zingy fruit. A cracking juice.

Stoned Age

VapeWild Stoned Age E-Liquid

VapeWild say: The chances are low that you have ever combined breakfast and ice cream. So we did. Stoned Age e-juice is an amazing blend of crunchy fruit flakes and vanilla ice cream that will make your mouth sing. This flavor works, we promise. Just trust us, we’re professionals over here.

Our Vibe: This tastes like a more mellowed out Rainbow Crunch with more of an ice cream creaminess to it. If like me you don’t like your vapes to be too sickly and overpowering but you want the flavor of a creamy fruit loop cereal, this is a winner.


VapeWIld (S+C)2 E-Liquid

VapeWild say: With this upgrade of the legendary “Strawberries and Cream,” you may notice more cream and strawberries in this flavorful e-juice! If you loved Strawberries and Cream, you will absolutely adore this elegant, rich, and creamy addition!

Our Vibe: We’ve probably all tried Strawberries and Cream juices, and I know some that I love and others which can’t seem to get the strawberry flavor right. I was expecting this to be another run of the mill strawberry and cream, but boy was a wrong. This could quite possibly be one of the best I’ve tried. It’s perfectly balanced with the right sweetness of natural strawberries and smooth, velvety cream. I honestly couldn’t put this one down.

VapeWild EU Fruity Flavor E-Liquids

VapeWild Fruit Flavors


VapeWild Razzleberry E-Liquid

VapeWild say: An amazing fruity duo of raspberries and blackberries that you’ll want to vape all day long! Razzleberry Vape Juice is one of our favorite fruity e-liquids at Vape Wild.

Our Vibe: A perfect mix of two berry’s that delivers a balance between tart and sweet. You get the sharp zing of the raspberry and blackberry poking through. It’s a simple juice which is not at all overwhelming and could easily be an all day vape.

Peache Guavara

VapeWild Peache Guavara E-Liquid

VapeWild say: This revolutionary fruity e-juice flavor adds the tropical goodness of guava while including a lovely summer peach taste. It’s likely to secure its place as your new ADV!

Our Vibe: I thought this was going to be a simple, juicy peach e-liquid with a hint of Guava. It’s actually quite the opposite, as the Guava seems to take prominence, and it’s quite wonderful especially when you get those sweet notes of the peach push through. It’s definitely a natural tasting juice with a good balance of fruits.

Fruit Bomb

VapeWild Fruit Bomb E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Bursting with flavor, enjoy the likes of raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, and mango all wrapped up into one fruitastic fruit punch vape juice!

Our Vibe: Well, the name is definitely apt for this one it certainly is a fruit bomb. At times I get the mango coming through, then it’s the raspberry, then the pineapple, and there’s always an underlying strawberry taste. Even with all those fruits, it’s not overly sweet and is a smooth mix. Another great fruity all day vape.

Green Apple Envy

VapeWild Green Apple Envy E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Green Apple Envy is sweet, crisp, and as sour as a fresh green apple! Other apple vape juices are just green with envy.

Our Vibe: Calling all apple lovers out there…you are going to love this juice! It’s a deliciously juicy, yet crisp apple. Probably one of the best pure apple juices I’ve tried, as it just gets the balance right between the sweet and zingy tart flavors. It’s refreshing, bright and unbelievably moreish.

Slo Mo

VapeWild Slo Mo E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Slow it down with SLO-MO, a mix of juicy berries and ripe melon topped with rich whipped cream. You will enter the 4th dimension and defy space and time with this berries & cream vape juice, SLO-MO. It’s something that has to be tasted to be understood – even Einstein couldn’t resist!

Our Vibe: If you are a fan of fruits and creams together, then you’ll enjoy this one as it has plenty of depth to it but remains smooth throughout. Personally, I prefer my watermelon juices to be more on the fruity side. But it is a really good blend, as you get the clean, refreshing taste of watermelon with hints of berries all wrapped in the milkiness of the cream.

Snake Psss

VapeWild Snake Psss E-Liquid

VapeWild say: While you might have the easiest time finding snakes in the Hiss-issippi river, You’ll have no trouble finding the new Snake Psss here! This flavor’s creamy blend of Pear and Coconut is so good we’re sure you’re going to want to get up and do the Mamba.

Our Vibe: Well, I’ve never tried ‘snake piss,’ but I’m almost certain it won’t taste as good as this juice. It’s an elegant mix of pear and coconut, which kind of reminds me of a pina colada. There’s a good depth to it with the pear more prominent on the inhale and the coconutty cream coming through on the exhale.

VapeWild EU Candy Flavor E-Liquids

VapeWild Candy Flavors

It's Berry Fluffy - [Strawberry Cotton Candy]

VapeWild Strawberry Cotton Candy E-Liquid

VapeWild say: It’s Berry Fluffy e-liquid is a flavorful reminder of fresh strawberries blended with that sweet hand-spun sugary substance that melts in your mouth so delightfully!

Our Vibe: No other way to describe this other than it tastes just like cotton candy. It’s unquestionably light and fluffy, there’s a definitive sugary taste to it, but it’s far from being too sweet. If you are a fan of strawberries and candy, you are certainly going to love this one.


VapeWild Bananaz E-Liquid

VapeWild say: The little banana candies that used to ruin your teeth have been blended into a smooth and sweet banana candy-like e-liquid blend.

Our Vibe: Mmmm Banana candy chews…..this is the one I’ve been waiting for! A banana candy that actually tastes authentic and just like candy. It’s sweet and without being too much and there’s an unmistakable fluffy foam taste to it. Absolutely delicious, another one that I instantly fell in love with.


VapeWild O.L.M.U.C.N.T.C E-Liquid

VapeWild say: A sweet and tart hard candy flavored e-liquid that is jolly great on its own, and even better when mixed with some of your other favorite fruit flavors for a new vaping experience.

Our Vibe: Ok so the name stands for ‘Our lawyer made us change the name of this candy,’ and I have no problem telling you this is a straight-up Jolly Rancher or Tutti Frutti hard candy flavored juice. It’s not overpowering not too sweet and just gives you a wonderfully mixed fruit candy vape that you can tug on all day long.

Nutty Cup

VapeWild Nutty Cup E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Nutty Cup e-liquid is the delectable flavor of rich milk chocolate paired with scrumptious creamy peanut butter to create a delicious adventure for any vaper!

Our Vibe: I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter vapes, they can usually be too strong and unfortunately, this one is. There’s no denying it tastes just like Reeses Peanut butter cups, and you get the balance of peanut butter and chocolate together. It’s rich, indulgent and probably too much for an all day vape.

Tiger Stripe

VapeWild Tiger Stripe E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Burst through your clouds with the fruity explosion of Tiger Stripe e-liquid! This flavor blends the taste of all your favorite fruit flavors to create a unique taste and clouds so sweet, your cravings will thank you.

Our Vibe: Oooh, this one was a surprise for me, I’m not sure what candy it’s supposed to taste like. But it’s a sweet and delicious mixed fruit chew flavor, that’s so good. I got through the bottle of this one fast in no time, and even though it’s a sweet juice I could happily go through another. One of my favorites.

Pinkle Winkle

VapeWild Pinkle Winkle E-Liquid

VapeWild say: This classic e-juice flavor is a fan favorite among sweetness lovers. It is a burst of pink sugar-induced fruit goodness! You won‘t have to go through the bag to find the pink ones you love, because we bottled it!

Our Vibe: Hard to fully describe but it’s like a red berry or strawberry chew sweet. It’s definitely a candy taste of berry and not a natural fruit one. Basically, it’s like vaping a pink starburst…It’s light but still sweet, and overall just a pleasant candy vape.

VapeWild EU Other Flavor E-Liquids

VapeWild Other Flavors

Milk Berries

VapeWild Milk Berries E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Milk & Berries is the breakfast e-liquid that’s just what the captain ordered. A tasty blend of honey glazed corn and oat puffs for crunchiness, mixed berries for fruity sweetness, and milk for, umm, milky goodness.

Our Vibe: Before I even vaped this, I knew what it was going to taste like, and I was not mistaken….it’s just like Crunchberries. A brilliant balance of cereals with the sharp fruity berries all enveloped in creamy milk. If you love your mix of fruit and cereal vapes, this is a winner.

Summer Solstice

VapeWild Summer Solstice E-Liquid

VapeWild say: A sweet and refreshing vape with hints of coconut, pineapple, strawberry, banana and a little rum blended throughout.

Our Vibe: Another tropical pina colada tasting juice, it’s just pure summer indulgence in a vape. You get the underlying banana taste, with the notable coconut and pineapple flavors coming through. I’m not sure I get any rum, but there’s something in there rounding it all off. Now….where’s my hammock?

Inside your head

VapeWild Inside Your Head E-Liquid

VapeWild say: Lose your mind to the amazing flavor of Inside Your Head! This treat of an e-liquid tastes like a bowl of creamy raspberry ripple ice cream. It’s so dang good you’ll most likely fight anyone who attempts to take it! Just…trust us on this.

Our Vibe: Takes me back to my childhood of chasing after the ice cream man to get a raspberry ripple. This juice is spot on, the beautiful creaminess of the vanilla ice cream with sharp and punchy notes of raspberry coming through. It’s simple, but it’s delicious.


It is so clear to see why VapeWild have made such an impact and why vapers rate them so highly.

We have only just scratched the surface of their juice ranges, and they have such a selection that there are several flavors to suit any vaper.

Don’t be fooled by their prices, these are really quality juices, and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between some of these and the more expensive brands out there.

I’ve found several absolutely amazing juices out of the range that we’ve been sent that are without a doubt going into my rotation.

If you haven’t tried VapeWild before, what are you waiting for!

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