WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaporesso SWAG Kit | Review

Vaporesso SWAG Kit | Review

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Vaporesso is looking to appeal to new vapers with its funky looking SWAG Kit. The SWAG Kit consists of a single 18650 device that outputs a maximum of 80W and the NRG SE tank.

The SWAG mod features Vaporesso’s Omni 2.0 chipset covering Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Bypass, Curve Modes and more.

The NRG SE tank is a 22mm diameter tank and comes in either a 3.5ml or 2ml (TPD) e-liquid capacity.

The Good

Good looking device, feels great in the hand, has an excellent performing full-featured board.

The Bad

Menu is tricky to navigate, can only fit 22mm atomizers, the NRG SE tank is ok but not great.

The Bottom Line

The SWAG mod is really good, it’s compact, feels great in the hand, and is probably the best performing device with this form factor. Unfortunately, it can only house 22mm atomizers, and the included tank and coils are not quite as good as the device, but they are still acceptable, especially for a starter kit.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by Vaporesso for the purpose of this review.


  • Size: 75 x 48 x 25mm
  • SWAG Weight: 64g
  • NRG SE/SE Mini Weight: 46g/44g
  • SWAG Construction: Zinc Alloy
  • NRG Tank Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Regulated Box Mod
  • Battery compatibility: 18650
  • Maximum output Wattage: 80W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05~5.0 ohm
  • 2A Fast charge support
  • USB Charging
  • 0.91″ OLED Display

In the Box

  • Vaporesso SWAG Mod
  • NRG SE/SE Mini Tank
  • GT2 Core (Pre-Installed)
  • Replacement Glass
  • Replacement O-Rings
  • Braided USB Cable
  • User Manual
Vaporesso Swag Kit

The SWAG kit features a top battery cap design, which we’ve seen before in single 18650 devices.

However, they have tried to ‘Vaporesso’ it a bit. By that I mean they have given it a funky design pattern, coated it in plastic and then changed the controls around to accommodate their board.

The SWAG has .91 inch OLED display, on the front face with a fire button located above, and a mode button located beneath.

It’s a nice size screen for a device of this size, and it can display quite a lot of information from your resistance, battery life, wattage, preheat, and applied voltage.

Interestingly they’ve had to move the +/- keys to the side of the mod to make room for the mode key beneath the screen.

While initially, I didn’t mind where they were located, I did find myself struggling to press them on occasion because they are quite recessed in the plastic side panel.

Vaporesso Swag Kit


The SWAG looks like the more fashionable younger brother of the original Eleaf Pico.

It has exactly the same form and layout, with the only real differences being the materials used and the internal Omni 2.0 board.

That being said, Vaporesso has managed to make this little kit look a lot more stylish than those it has taken design cues from.

Its different design aesthetic comes from the inclusion of IML (in-mold label) face-plates which add to its durability and grip.

Except for the somewhat awkward looking battery cap, it is a really good looking device, and it’s also available in a number of funky but sleek colors.

Vaporesso Swag Kit

Build Quality

The SWAG is made primarily from zinc alloy casting, with a plastic injected coating.

This does lead to the device feeling quite light and plasticky overall, but it’s still pretty robust and has withstood a couple of falls from a height with no scratches.

However, those accidental drops may come fairly regularly, as it’s such a light device it does become a little top heavy with a full tank.

The 510 connector is spring loaded and seems stable. While the fire button is responsive and clicky and has a subtle textured pattern to it.

The threading for the battery cap is relatively smooth but does get a little crunchy the further you tighten it.


The SWAG is not only an incredibly pocket-friendly device, but its curved light body makes it delight to hold in the hand.

Its compact dimensions are 75mm by 48mm by 25mm, and it’s one of the lightest single 18650 devices only weighing 64g.

Vaporesso Swag Kit


Vaporesso quite obviously imitated the Eleaf Pico and Smok AL85 with the design of the SWAG.

Yes, they may have made it look more stylish, but fundamentally there’s no originality regarding the form of the device. Unless you count the up and downs buttons being moved to the side as original.

I would’ve like to have seen Vaporesso bring something a little new to the table, after all, their other devices like the Revenger X have style and individuality.

Vaporesso Swag Kit

The SWAG comes with Vaporesso’s impressive proprietary chip – the Omni Board 2.0.

It has a full temperature control suite, capable of doing TC in SS, Ni, and Ti, with TCR functions and two memory slots.

It also features preheat settings and both wattage and temperature control curve modes. Oh, and let’s not forget the extremely useful Smart VW mode. Which gives you the suggested wattage as soon as you attach the atomizer, an excellent feature for new vapers.

There’s also bypass mode, and vape while charging, and speaking of charging it has 2A quick charging capabilities built in.

It really is a full-featured competent board with all the bells and whistles.


– Fire button 5 times to turn on and off.
– Hold plus and minus button to flip screen.
– Hold mode and plus button to lock and unlock the device.
– Long press the mode button to scroll through each mode.

– In system settings, you can adjust your modes, screen brightness, screen timeout, and puff counter. It ‘s also where you change the wattage level for TC mode.

– System settings are only accessible by scrolling through the options in the main menu. Then hitting the mode button three times when you see system settings.

While the Swag has a lot of functionality, the way Vaporesso have laid out the menu and navigation is far too complicated, especially for newbies. There’s just too many button presses to make even the simplest of adjustments.

The Tank7.0
Vaporesso Swag Kit NRG Tank

The NRG SE Mini Tank comes in either a 3.5ml or 2ml (TPD compliant) capacity.

It features a slide to fill mechanism, and bottom airflow.

It’s essentially a smaller version of the NRG tank that comes with the Revenger.


Simply push in the direction of the arrow to swivel the top cap and reveal the top fill port.

There is a silicone gasket in the fill port to prevent any leaking, which seems to do the job well.

It possibly could’ve done with a slightly larger hole to allow the release of excess air, as it does sometimes get an airlock inside. But removing the bottle tip and starting again should prevent you getting in a mess.

Vaporesso Swag Kit


The NRG SE Mini tank comes with two coils included, the GT2 Core and the GT CCELL.

The GT2 Core
The GT2 Core is a 0.4O-Ohm dual coil core, which is wicked with regular cotton and has a recommended wattage level of 40 and 80w.

I have found this coil to work best at around 45-50W, as soon as i ventured above that the flavor started to diminish.

The GT2 Coil didn’t have the greatest lifespan only lasted me about a week before the flavor was non-existent, and the vape was.

The GT CCELL is a 0.5-Ohm ceramic coil which has a recommended wattage level of 20 and 35w.

Ceramic coils are deemed to provide a cleaner and more crisp flavor and have to say that certainly rang true with the GT CCELL. Its sweet spot was around 30W, but again it didn’t last me much more than a week of usage.

On the whole, both coils produce good flavor and average clouds, but I was left a little disappointed with their lifespan. Still, the NRG tank is also compatible with Smok Baby Beast coils so that does give you more options.

Vaporesso Swag Kit


The tank has bottom airflow with two large airflow holes. The AFC ring is easy to turn and has a stopper so it doesn’t spin round accidentally in your pocket.

It is quite a smooth airflow, but that is somewhat dependant on the coil you use inside.

Vaporesso Swag Kit

The SWAG is an extremely accurate device in both power and TC mode, produces a satisfying vape in whichever mode you set it to.

The Omni 2.0 is a great chipset by Vaporesso, it’s accurate, full of features and is probably what gives this device the edge over some of its competition.

Wattage Mode

As I mentioned above wattage mode is very accurate, but the other thing I noticed in wattage mode was just how quick the device fires.

There is literally zero delay between hitting the fire button and the coil heating up, which is great for such a small single 18650 device.

Vaporesso Swag Kit

Temperature Control Mode

I only tested TC with SS316, and it’s a decent experience and fairly smooth.

Yes, there are better TC experiences on the market, but they are more high-end devices. In this price range, Vaporesso does a good job with temp control.

Battery Life

The battery life was about average for a single 18650 device, I would say it’s a fairly efficient device.

The big bonus here is that it features 2A charging, which also displays a counter so you know the remaining time to charge your battery fully. However, I’d still only advise to use it if you’re caught short, and try to charge your batteries in a dedicated charger for extra safety.

Vaporesso Swag Kit


  • Stylish looks
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Fires instantly
  • Full-featured board
  • Custom Curves for both Power & TC
  • 2A Quick charge
  • Screen is clear and bright
  • Tank is easy to refill


  • Can only fit 22mm atomizers
  • The menu is difficult to navigate
  • Battery cap is difficult to remove with tank on
  • Coil lifespan not great
  • +/- buttons are too recessed


I was a big fan of this form factor when I initially used an Eleaf Pico, but after time it did begin to look a little dated.

Vaporesso has managed to sprinkle a bit of ‘Swag’ into the format and I think this is a great looking compact device…once you get used to the protruding battery cap.

It also feels excellent in the hand with its smooth plastic coating frame and light chassis.

However, what really makes this a great little device and sets it apart from its competition (like the Eleaf Pico and the Smok AL85), is the Omni 2.0 board.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best single 18650 device currently available, but it is with this type of form factor.

However, that does all come with a couple of caveats:

Firstly, the NRG SE is not the greatest tank available and I was a little disappointed with the lifespan of the coils.

Secondly, it can only fit 22mm atomizers, which is a bit of a let down compared to the 24mm fitting Smok AL85.

Nonetheless, if you are happy with 22mm atomizers, then the Vaporesso SWAG is an excellent choice.


The SWAG mod is really good, it's compact, feels great in the hand, and is probably the best performing device with this form factor. Unfortunately, it can only house 22mm atomizers, and the included tank and coils are not quite as good as the device, but they are still acceptable, especially for a starter kit.

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The SWAG mod is really good, it's compact, feels great in the hand, and is probably the best performing device with this form factor. Unfortunately, it can only house 22mm atomizers, and the included tank and coils are not quite as good as the device, but they are still acceptable, especially for a starter kit.Vaporesso SWAG Kit | Review