WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaporesso Xros | Review

Exceptional pod vape with adjustable airflow

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Vaporesso Xros

The Vaporesso Xros is their latest refillable pod and aiming to become the king of the pod vapes.

It clearly takes some inspiration from the successful Uwell Caliburn, not just with its aesthetics, but also with the vape experience on offer.

However, the Xros offers some standout features from a smooth draw activation (along with push-button), USB Type-C fast charging, and more impressive fully adjustable airflow.

The Xros also has an 800 mAh internal battery and a variation of 2ml capacity pods, with 0.8 and 1.2-ohm mesh coil included in the kit.

So that’s potentially more on offer than other kits of this style, but the real question is just how good the vape experience is?

The Good

Sleek looks, excellent build quality, adjustable airflow, draw/button activated, easy to refill, exceptional flavor from both pods.

The Bad

Airflow position can sometimes be covered.

The Bottom Line

As far as refillable pod systems go the Xros is incredibly easy to recommend, and currently the best on the market. It delivers on all fronts from design, build quality, ease of use, versatile airflow, and cracking flavor. It really is going to take something special to beat the Xros.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VapeSourcing for the purpose of this review.


  • Size: 112.0 x 23.0 x 13.0mm
  • Battery: 800mAh Internal
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml Pod
  • Output Wattage: 11w/16w
  • Firing – Draw Activated & Manual
  • Airflow – Adjustable Slider
  • Charging: Via USB-C Port
  • Available colors: Silver, Grey, Blue, Sky Blue, Pink, Rainbow

In the Box

  • 1 x XROS Device
  • 1 x 0.8Ω XROS Mesh Pod (2ml)
  • 1 x 1.2Ω XROS Mesh Pod (2ml)
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Reminder Card
Design & Style9.3
Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The Xros is slightly bigger than the Caliburn coming in at 112mm x 12mm x 23mm, and weighing 54 grams. However, it’s still a perfectly compact size to easily slip into a small pocket.

Vaporesso has also done an absolutely excellent job with the fit and finish of the device. We have the Space Grey version in for review, which is incredibly sleek looking, and it’s curved edges make it a delight to hold. My only one gripe is that the bottom edges of the Xros are a little sharp. I know it’s so it gives it a robust flat surface to standout upright on, but they could’ve just rounded them ever so slightly.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

Most of the color options on offer look great, in my opinion, all very subtle with the laser-etched Vaporesso logo on the bottom of the device. If you do like a little more flair, then there’s also the typical rainbow style. The device itself utilizes SUS304 stainless steel for the coating, which Vaporesso claim is durable and corrosion-resistant.

The Xros offers both draw activation and push-button operation, with the button located on the battery’s front face. It protrudes just the perfect amount and is easily clickable. The USB-C port for charging is found on the base of the device.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The 2ml capacity pods slot into the top of the battery and held in place by strong magnets, and it makes a nice snap as you connect them. Thankfully Vaporesso has gone with clear plastic for the pods, and you can easily see your juice level in the pod even though it slightly sinks into the device.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The main feature of the Xros is it’s fully adjustable airflow, which allows you to go from a tight MTL to an airy direct to lung draw (more on this later). The airflow adjustment comes in the shape of a sliding toggle found on the reverse of the battery. It has a small protruding pin, which does require a fingernail to slide, but it is pretty easy to adjust and stays in place. I understand why the adjustable airflow had to be located where it is. Still, I do find myself naturally covering the air holes with my index finger when I’m manually thumb-firing the device.

Overall the Xros may not be the most eye-catching or revolutionary designed pods systems, but in my opinion, Vaporesso seems to have got everything right with the design. It’s elegant looking and has everything on offer that you want from pod vape of this style all done with premium build quality.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The Xros features an 800 mAh battery, which is powered by Vaporesso’s Axon chip.

The Axon chip offers a power range of 11-16W, but this is automatically determined by the resistance of the pod that you connect.

It also features the multitude of safety protections that you’d expect from a modern pod vape. The USB-C charging is fast charging but maxes out at 1A.

There is a small LED light just beneath the fire button to let you know the device’s charge status:

  • Green = 70-100%
  • Blue = 30-70%
  • Red = 0-30%
Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The Xros Pods have a 2ml capacity and are made out of PCTG material.

Vaporesso states that the Xros pods have a “clamshell-style” design, I’m assuming this more to do with their filling function than the actual look, as they are your typical square design with what I would call a duck-bill style mouthpiece.

There are currently two pods available with one of each included in the kit, and both feature mesh coils:

  • 0.8-ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1.2-ohm Mesh Coil
Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The pods do look incredibly well made and have what looks like four layers of silicone on the bottom to prevent leaking, which I can honestly say works as I’ve not had a single drop of liquid leak out. The pods don’t even suffer from condensation, the only thing I noticed is sometimes I got a bit of residue juice or spit back on the mouthpiece when using then in MTL mode with tight airflow.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

I really like the filling method of the pods for the Xros; it’s similar to that of the Caliburn, where you do not need to remove the pod. Instead, you snap off the mouthpiece. It’s incredibly easy to do with the Xros; you just push the ‘clamshell’ mouthpiece up and to the side, and it snaps off. When the mouthpiece is removed, you will see the fill port, which is protected with a rubber valve to prevent juice flowing back up, there’s also a small hole on the other end to allow excess air to escape.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

I think the build quality and design of the pods are good, and more importantly, the lifespan seems very good also. I managed to get over a week on the 1.2-ohm pod using it constantly, I probably got through about 10-12 refills which is 20-24ml of juice (which was 70VG).

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

Let me just start by saying the Xros easily trumps the Caliburn for performance. Not only does it deliver more flavor from either coil, but it’s also far more versatile thanks to the airflow.

The adjustable airflow has 3 slots in total. Wide-open with it’s a definite direct-to-lung draw, two holes make it more of a restricted lung draw, and with one hole open, I’d say it’s in line with the draw of the Caliburn – a loose MTL draw.

The great part of the airflow adjustment is that you can slide it to just about anywhere you want. Personally, I love a really tight MTL draw and was never satisfied by the loose draw of the Caliburn. However, with the Xros, I can virtually shut the airflow off and just leave almost a pinhole open, and it’s perfect, especially with the 1.2-ohm coil.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

In fact, the coils are pretty interchangeable as you can do a tight MTL with the 0.8-ohm coil, but it was a little too warm for my liking. So it’s probably best to stick to the 0.8 for DTL and 1.2 for MTL.

The Mesh coils in these pods are great, not only can they produce a lot of vapor if you want them to, the flavor they deliver is exceptional. I’d go as far as saying the best I’ve had from a pod system.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

The only minor downside, and it is a minor one. I noticed that the throat hit wasn’t quite as defined in MTL mode as I’m used to. That being said, it’s not bad and would suffice most especially for a compact pod kit, and I typically vape RTAs in MTL (so I’m tough to please).

As mentioned before, the pods offered no signs of potential leaking, and I never once experienced a dry hit, even running high VG juice, which is excellent.

The only issues I had where sometimes covering the airflow hole by accident, but you soon get used to its position, and the occasional few drops of drops on the mouthpiece. But for the flavor and performance, the Xros delivers, I’d easily take those flaws.

Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod

Battery Life/Charging

I think it’s important that Vaporesso decided to make the Xros slightly bigger than competitors like the Caliburn, which enable it to house the 800 mAh battery (compared to the 520 mAh of the Caliburn).

This not only helps with regards to the versatility of utilizing Mesh coils, but it easily gives you plenty of life to get through a whole day. Obviously, this depends on how aggressively you are using it, and the 0.8-ohm might struggle. But I found with the 1.2-ohm in MTL I achieved about a day and a half with no worries.

The Xros can also charge from flat in about 45 minutes and has passthrough, which is great. It’s also heaven-sent that it utilizes USB-C as that’s typically what most of us have to hand nowadays.

Good Vibes

  • Excellent build quality
  • Sleek looks
  • Compact design
  • Great adjustable airflow
  • DTL and MTL draws
  • Draw/button activation
  • Easy to see juice levels
  • No leaking
  • 2 coils included (0.8/1.2-ohm)
  • Excellent flavor
  • Easy refill system
  • 800 mAh battery
  • Type-C charging

Bad Vibes

  • MTL throat hit could be more defined
  • Airflow can easily be blocked
  • Replaceable pods, not coils (subjective)
Vaporesso Xros Pod Mod


I can’t help but gush over the Vaporesso Xros. It’s rare to see, with so many pod systems coming out, that one just hits the mark on nearly every aspect.

It’s a great looking sleek device that has colors to suit both men & women. It vapes excellent in both DTL and MTL with fully adjustable airflow.

It delivers exceptional flavor from both pods, which are easy to fill, don’t leak, and are easy to see your juice level. It’s also incredibly simple to use and has USB-C fast charging.

Honestly, I think the Xros might be the most accessible refillable pod kit for any type of vaper. It’s undoubtedly going to be the kit that I recommend to smokers from now on, as it can deliver a tight cigarette-like draw and is so easy to use.

If you can’t tell already, I love this little device. Vaporesso really has hit it out of the park with the Xros! The only way they could improve on it is if they found a way to use replaceable coils instead of pods.




As far as refillable pod systems go the Xros is incredibly easy to recommend, and currently the best on the market. It delivers on all fronts from design, build quality, ease of use, versatile airflow, and cracking flavor. It really is going to take something special to beat the Xros.
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As far as refillable pod systems go the Xros is incredibly easy to recommend, and currently the best on the market. It delivers on all fronts from design, build quality, ease of use, versatile airflow, and cracking flavor. It really is going to take something special to beat the Xros.Vaporesso Xros | Review