WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Mini Review: Simplicity Meets Performance

VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Mini Review: Simplicity Meets Performance

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8.6/10 GREAT

What You Need To Know

Size: 115 x 25.6 x 13.4mm

1200mAh battery, 2ml (TPD) / 3ml capacity, constant output (5-30W), compatible with all ARGUS pods, auto-draw, USB-C Charging

Vapers looking for a simple, compact, and reliable pod vape with excellent flavor

Constant output (5-30W), adjustable airflow, LED battery life indicator, USB-C charging


Fantastic flavor from ARGUS pods

Excellent battery life

Battery life indicator could be better


Product Description

The VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Mini is the latest addition to the popular ARGUS series. It offers a simpler, more compact version of the feature-rich ARGUS G2.

Designed for vapers who prefer a no-frills experience. The G2 Mini boasts a built-in 1200mAh battery and a constant output of 5-30W.

The G2 Mini maintains compatibility with all ARGUS pods (including the newly improved 3ml capacity top-fill pods). The device includes a 0.7Ω pod in the kit.

Simplicity is key with the G2 Mini. It lacks the color screen and adjustable wattage of its bigger sibling, instead opting for auto-draw operation and LED battery life indicators.

It still offers some customization with its adjustable airflow.

The ARGUS G2 Mini is available in eight colorways: Midnight Black, Starry Silver, Violet Pink, Spring Green, Sunset Orange, Violet Red, Aurora Blue, and Moonlight Gray.


  • Size: 115 x 25.6 x 13.4mm (including pod)
  • Battery: 1200mAh (internal)
  • Output: 5-30W (constant output)
  • Charging: Type C USB (1A charge rate)
  • Resistance range: 0.4-3Ω
  • Capacity: 3ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all Argus Pods
  • Airflow: Adjustable (MTL-RDL)
  • Filling system: Top fill (rubber bung)

Kit Contents

  • Voopoo Argus G2 Mini device
  • 0.7Ω Argus Top Fill pod
  • User manual

Design & Build Quality

If you loved the premium look and feel of the ARGUS G2, you’ll appreciate the G2 Mini’s more understated, yet still stylish design.

While it lacks some of the G2’s more eye-catching features, like the vibrant color screen and programmable LED lights. The G2 Mini makes up for it with its sleek, clean design.

The device feels sturdy in the hand, yet it’s significantly lighter than its bigger sibling.

The G2 Mini is also more compact, measuring 115mm tall, 25.6mm wide, and 13.4mm thick. That’s a good bit smaller than the G2’s 121×26.4×15.2mm dimensions.

All of this makes the G2 Mini the more pocket-friendly pod.

Despite its smaller size, the G2 Mini still feels solid and well-built. It has a nice heft without being too heavy.

The finish on the G2 Mini is excellent. The gradient colorways, in particular, are stunning. They add a touch of style to the device without being too flashy.

The solid color options are also great for those who prefer a more understated look.

The G2 Mini has a clean, no-button design. It’s only operated via the auto-draw function.

The USB-C port is located on the bottom of the device. Which is also surrounded by some rather funky LED lights.

Speaking of LED lights, there’s also a more subtle one on the front panel of the device. We’ll cover these later.

The adjustable airflow slider on the back of the device is like the G2’s. It’s smooth and easy to operate, allowing you to fine-tune your draw.

The pods fit securely into the device with a satisfying magnetic snap. There’s no wiggle or play once they’re inserted.

Overall, the ARGUS G2 Mini’s build quality is excellent.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the G2. The G2 Mini is a well-constructed, stylish device that feels great in the hand.


If you’re looking for a device packed with features, the ARGUS G2 Mini might not be your first choice.

However, what it lacks in features, it makes up for in simplicity and ease of use.

There’s no screen or adjustable wattage to be found here. Instead, the G2 Mini offers a constant output of 5-30W. The wattage is determined by the resistance of the pod attached.

One feature the G2 Mini shares with its bigger sibling is adjustable airflow. The slider on the back of the device allows you to fine-tune your draw from a tight MTL to a looser, restricted DL vape.

The G2 Mini is operated by its reliable auto-draw feature. There are no buttons in sight.

What the G2 Mini does have is LED indicators.

There’s a whole light show on the base of the device (around the USB-C) port. This lights up with a blue/green gradient each time you puff.

It can be switched off for more stealth vaping. Just inhale 3 times quickly (within 2 secs) to activate or deactivate it.

The more useful LED is a small one on the front of the G2 Mini.

This serves as a basic battery life indicator. It shines white when the battery is above 15% and turns red when it’s time to recharge.

I really wish they had a 3 step indicator here. I’ve left the house on what was probably 20-30% without knowing – it’s very annoying!

The G2 Mini features USB-C charging, although it’s limited to 1A speeds. This means charging times will be a bit slower compared to the G2’s speedy 2A charging.

However, the G2 Mini does trump the G2 with a 1200mAh battery (compared to 1000mAh).

That’s right. The smaller device has the larger battery. I can only assume that removing the screen, etc., helps here.

Either way, that extra 200mAh is a big plus in my book.


One of the best things about the ARGUS G2 Mini is that it’s compatible with all the same great pods as the G2.

The G2 Mini kit comes with one 3ml capacity, 0.7Ω ARGUS Top Fill pod. This pod is perfect for a smooth MTL vape or a slightly restricted DL draw.

The 0.7Ω resistance is also great for use with nic salts or higher-strength regular nicotine e-liquids.

The G2 Mini is compatible with a total of six different ARGUS pods:

  • 3ml, 0.7Ω ARGUS Pod (Top Fill – included in the kit)
  • 3ml, 0.4Ω ARGUS Pod (Top Fill)
  • 2ml, 0.7Ω ARGUS Pod (Top Fill)
  • 2ml, 0.4Ω ARGUS Pod (Top Fill)
  • 2ml, 0.7Ω ARGUS Pod
  • 2ml, 1.2Ω ARGUS Pod

As you can see, there’s a pod for every vaping style, from MTL to restricted DL.

The 0.4Ω pods are great for a slightly more open, cloudy vape, while the 1.2Ω pod is perfect for a very tight MTL draw.

The new ARGUS Top Fill pods are an improvement over the older designs.

They still use a bung/plug fill system. But it’s on the top side of the pod, so it remains accessible even when the pod is inserted into the device. No more having to remove the pod to refill!

The pods also make it easy to see your e-liquid level. Although the tinted design can make it a bit trickier in low-light conditions.

The pod compatibility is a huge plus for the G2 Mini. Whether you’re an MTL or restricted DL vaper, there’s an ARGUS pod to suit everyone.

I know it’s a budget device. But it’s a shame the G2 Mini only comes with one pod in the kit.


Having tested both the ARGUS G2 and the G2 Mini extensively. I can confidently say that the G2 Mini delivers just as impressive a vaping experience as its bigger sibling.

The 0.7Ω pod that comes with the kit is the perfect companion. It has been my go-to for a satisfying MTL vape. The flavor production is outstanding, rivaling some of the best pods I’ve tried. The vapor is smooth and dense, with no harshness or spit-back.

I’ve found the sweet spot for the 0.7Ω pod with the airflow about halfway closed. This gives me a nice, tight MTL draw that’s a perfect balance of throat hit and flavor.

Oh, and it’s worth noting (as with my review of the G2) that these new Argus pods have a crazy good lifespan. I’m pushing 3 weeks with no flavor or performance drop.

I also tried the 0.4Ω pod, and while it’s not quite as good as on the G2, it still performs admirably. With the airflow wide open, you can get a nice restricted DL draw with plenty of clouds.

One thing to note is that the G2 Mini doesn’t have adjustable wattage like the G2. So you’re limited to the pod’s recommended wattage range.

So, if you’re a DL vaper and want to crank up the power with the 0.4Ω, the G2 is a far better option.

But, with the 0.7Ω, I didn’t find this to be a problem. The G2 Mini’s constant output seems to be tuned perfectly for those pods.

In fact, for me, I’d say it’s a better device for them. I never missed the ability to adjust the power. And it’s a more compact device with a larger battery.

The auto-draw feature works flawlessly, firing instantly with each inhale. The draw activation on Argus devices has always been fantastic.

It’s sensitive enough to detect gentle inhales, but not too sensitive to activate accidentally.

One area where the G2 Mini does fall a bit short compared to the G2 is in charging times.

The 1A charging speed takes about an hour and 20 minutes to fully charge the 1200mAh battery. That’s significantly slower than the G2’s speedy 2A charging.

Yet, the battery life itself is impressive.

I’ve been able to get two days of moderate to heavy vaping out of a single charge, which is great for such a compact device.

I guess that extra 200mAh does go a long way.

Overall, the ARGUS G2 Mini performs excellently. It delivers the same great flavor and vapor production as the G2, just in a simpler, more compact package.


  • Compact, lightweight, and pocket-friendly design
  • Simple, easy-to-use device
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction
  • Attractive gradient and solid color options
  • Compatible with all ARGUS pods (0.4Ω, 0.7Ω, 1.2Ω)
  • 0.7Ω pod has excellent lifespan
  • Fantastic flavor and vapor production
  • Adjustable airflow for MTL to restricted DL vaping
  • Convenient top-fill pods with side-fill port
  • Reliable auto-draw firing
  • Excellent battery life (1200mAh)
  • Can deactivate LED lights
  • Affordable price point


  • Limited battery life indicator
  • Slower 1A charging speed compared to the G2’s 2A charging
  • Kit only includes one pod
  • No adjustable wattage or power settings (subjective)


After putting the VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Mini through its paces, I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually prefer it over the G2.

While it may not have all the advanced features of its bigger sibling. The G2 Mini still excels where it matters most – delivering a consistently great vaping experience.

The fact it’s easier to use, has a more compact design, and a larger battery – makes it perfect for MTL vapers.

Personally, I found myself reaching for the G2 Mini more often than the G2.

Another big plus is the G2 Mini’s pod compatibility.

Although I’d still recommend the G2 for those who want to use the 0.4Ω or want more granular control over power.

Of course, the G2 Mini isn’t perfect.

The only real bummers for me are the slow 1A charging speed and the limited battery indicator. But, these are minor grievances compared to the value and vape experience it delivers.

Overall, the VOOPOO ARGUS G2 Mini is a fantastic little device that delivers where it counts. If you’re looking for a simple, compact, and reliable pod vape, it’s definitely one to consider.

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