Voopoo Doric Q Pod Kit | Review

A simple step up from disposables.

The Voopoo Doric Q is a beginner-friendly, no-frills pod kit with an 800mAh battery, providing up to 2 days of use on a single charge.

It outputs a steady 12W with a 1.0Ω fixed coil and features auto-draw functionality, making it a great disposable vape alternative.

With a 2ml capacity and Voopoo’s ITO technology for a smooth, flavorful MTL inhale and leak prevention, the Doric Q is compatible with Doric 20 pods and ITO mesh coils, offering more selection for replacements.

The Doric Q is available in 7 color variations Mint Green, Deep Brown, Navy Blue, Primrose Yellow, Minty Rose, Begonia Red, and Chartreuse Yellow.



  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent flavor and vapor production
  • No leaking
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent auto-draw trigger
  • Pass-through vaping
  • Hypersensitive auto draw
  • Great battery life
  • Incredibly Affordable
  • Compatible with other Doric pods


  • No adjustable airflow and airy for a classic MTL vape
  • Poor LED battery gauge
  • No USB-C cable included

The Bottom Line

The Doric Q is a great no-frills pod kit that’s easy to use and delivers excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Unfortunately, it does lack adjustable airflow and is slightly too loose for a true MTL draw. However, those transitioning from disposables will be more than happy with the draw and performance – and it is an excellent affordable alternative to disposables.

Voopoo Doric Q Design

Specs and Features

Doric Q Specifications

  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 39G
  • Output power: 12W
  • Output voltage: 3.2 – 4.2V
  • Resistance range: 0.6 – 3.0Ω
  • Charging voltage: 5V/1A
  • Battery capacity: 800mAh
  • Charging: Type C USB (cable not included)
  • Activation: Auto draw

ITO Pod Specifications

  • Material: PCTG / silicone
  • Sealed coil: resistance 1.0Ω
  • Capacity: 2ml

Doric Q Kit Contents

  • Doric Q Device
  • Voopoo ITO pod 1.0Ω (2ml)
  • User manual
Voopoo Doric Q Charger Port

Design & Style

The Doric Q follows the line of all Doric devices with its styling.

After reviewing and testing many Doric devices, I’ve only just learned that ‘Doric’ relates to Greek and Roman architectural columns. The Doric Q’s double-injected design and vertical grooves make it easy to see the resemblance.

The Doric Q is made from polycarbonate with a transparent outer layer, but it still maintains a robustness that gives you the confidence to withstand the occasional knock. The side-mounted USB-C port is also thoughtfully recessed to prevent accidental damage.

Taking a closer look, you’ll notice a pinhole airflow slot positioned just above the USB-C port, making it evident that the Doric Q has been crafted with mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping enthusiasts in mind. The device also features an LED indicator on the opposite side, although I’m not a massive fan of its functionality – more on this later.

Voopoo, as always, has not skimped on safety features, incorporating battery venting on the underside of the device.

There are no buttons present on the Doric Q; it’s as streamlined and easy to use as they come. Operating solely through auto-draw.

The pod that comes with the Doric Q resembles the Doric 20 pod, with one key distinction – the ITO coil is now permanently sealed within.

This means when the performance of the coils starts to decline, the entire pod will need replacing.

Voopoo Doric Q Pod

The Doric Q ITO pod is constructed from transparent PCTG material, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your juice level capacity, even when attached to the battery section – a definite advantage.

Voopoo has cleverly designed the pod with ample finger clearance, so opening and closing the rubber plug to fill the pod is easy each time.

The pod features a molded mouthpiece that stands tall, which makes it a comfortable vaping experience. However, I must point out that it seems a tad wide, considering the device is tailored for mouth-to-lung vaping.

Overall there’s nothing to complain about with the design and build quality of the Doric Q and ITO Pod; it’s very good. While there’s nothing amazingly unique here, it’s all very fitting to the demographic the kit is aimed at.

All the buttons have good responsiveness to them, and I just love that we now get dedicated on/off switches. I also appreciate that they have put knurling on the switch, making it easy to quickly find and flip.

The Argus GT II is available just as a stand-alone mod. It also comes paired with either the MAAT Mesh sub-ohm tank or the new UForce L tank, which we have and will cover later in this review.

Overall when it comes to style and design of the Argus GT II mod. I have no complaints whatsoever. In fact, I love that VOOPOO has kept things similar to previous iterations, maintained that robust but classy look, but added just the right amount of tweaks to freshen things up.

Voopoo Doric Q Features


As the Voopoo Doric Q is a beginner-friendly, no-frills pod kit, there’s very little in terms of features.

It comes with an 800mAh capacity battery that can output a maximum of 12W.

I’ve not found the exact details of the chipset used inside the Doric Q, but it will certainly be one of VooPoo’s Gene chips. It has the same power-matching functionality that sets the output according to the resistance of the coil attached.

The Doric Q also supports USB-C charging at a rate of 1A. So it’s not fast charging. However, as it’s a small cell, it does top up relatively fast at approximately an hour and supports pass-through vaping.

Voopoo also claims two days of vaping on a single charge.

The Doric Q has no buttons to control your vape. Instead, it’s solely operated through auto-draw.

It does have an LED indicator light to show the device’s status, but it’s not the easiest to follow.

Doric Q Features

Here are the things to look out for with the LED indicator:

  • Solid Blue = Charging.
  • Solid Green = Fully charged.
  • Glowing Green = Active (while vaping).
  • Blinks Green ten times = Battery is low.
  • Flashes Green twice = Over-vaping/over-heating.
  • Single Green flash = Short circuit.

While the combinations above do give you all the information you require from the device. I would like to have seen more colors used on the LED, and more steps for the battery charge, so you can tell when you are in the middle range of capacity.

Voopoo Doric Q Performance


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a stack of pods/coils to test the Doric Q against a combination of liquid consistencies.

I did, however, run a relatively high VG (70%) through it with Ink Lords Blackberry Custard, which I’ve recently fallen in love with.

I’m glad to report it had absolutely no issues with wicking and keeping up with a thicker juice, and I’m pretty confident it will fare well with a 50/50 blend.

I was impressed with the flavor the 1.0Ω coil produced, and the Blackberry Custard matched up to that of the Xros 3 and Oxva Xlim Pro that I’ve recently been using it in.

I was a little surprised at how open the airflow was. The Doric Q is marketed as an MTL kit that is ideal for replacing disposables.

While I can disagree with the fact it’s a step up from disposables with a comparable draw and performance. I expected a bit more resistance on the airflow and something a little closer to a medium/tight MTL draw.

Voopoo Doric Q Pod 2

If you are looking for something to closely mimic the draw of a cigarette, you are better off with the Doric 20 with its adjustable airflow.

It’s worth mentioning at this point, the pods are cross-compatible with the Doric 20, so if you prefer the integrated coil, then you could opt for the new ITO pod in the Doric 20.

The new pods performed well with no signs of leakage on the coil’s underside or inside the battery during use, remaining completely dry.

The auto draw function works like a charm, never failing once and responding to the slightest of inhales. In other words, it’s hypersensitive, which is fantastic.

As for the feeling of the draw, it’s great; there’s no turbulence, and it’s incredibly smooth. 

Voopoo states the Doric Q has a constant output of 12W when used with the 1.0Ω pod.

However, I did notice as the battery became depleted, there was a slight shift in the performance and flavor produced by the coil.

It was nothing major but something to consider.

The battery life was pretty impressive and did last me two full days of pretty heavy vaping. At this time, I went through 3 refills of the pod, so approximately 6ml of juice.

The charging is not particularly rapid, but an hour to fully charge for such a device is ok when you have pass-through vaping.

Voopoo Doric Q Pod Kit Review


The Voopoo Doric Q’s does many things right and is an excellent device to take a step up from disposables.

I like the simple but fun design, and the build quality is solid while it remains a compact and lightweight device.

It’s as good as any of the great pod systems in terms of flavor produced from the coils. However, it is a little airy on the airflow for a true MTL draw, and sadly there’s no way to adjust it.

I was impressed by the Doric Q’s battery life, but I wish it had a better battery gauge so you could easily see your status.

The Doric Q pod kit would suit casual vapers or those seeking a cost-effective alternative to disposable vapes.




The Doric Q is a great no-frills pod kit that's easy to use and delivers excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Unfortunately, it does lack adjustable airflow and is slightly too loose for a true MTL draw. However, those transitioning from disposables will be more than happy with the draw and performance - and it is an excellent affordable alternative to disposables.
Danny Blanton
Danny Blanton
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The Doric Q is a great no-frills pod kit that's easy to use and delivers excellent flavor and a smooth draw. Unfortunately, it does lack adjustable airflow and is slightly too loose for a true MTL draw. However, those transitioning from disposables will be more than happy with the draw and performance - and it is an excellent affordable alternative to disposables.Voopoo Doric Q Pod Kit | Review