WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Voopoo UForce T1 Tank | Review

VooPoo add some flair and capacity to the UForce tank.

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VooPoo UForce T1 Tank

VooPoo’s first foray into the sub-ohm tank market came with the standard UForce tank. The UForce was initially included as part of a kit with the VooPoo Too and then sold separately worldwide.

The T1 sees them add a little steampunk styling and increase the capacity with a variety of glass tube options.

There’s also more coil options added to the UForce range, with the N1 single mesh coil included in the kit.

The Good

A well made sub-ohm tank with plenty of capacity options, easy slide to fill, decent coils and good performance.

The Bad

Quite an acquired look and can only use VooPoo proprietary UForce coils.

The Bottom Line

For being the first sub-ohm tank VooPoo produced, the UForce was a surprisingly good tank, on par with most others in the market, which is no mean feat. The UForce T1 is a subtle upgrade bringing more capacity options and a more robust industrial look and feel.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us by VooPoo for the purpose of this review.


  • 24.6mm Diameter Base
  • 3.5ml Max Standard Glass Capacity
  • 8ml Max Capacity
  • Slide to Fill
  • Knurled Design
  • UForce Replacement Coil Family
  • UFORCE U2 – 0.4 Ohm – 40 to 80W (Best at 55 to 65W)
  • UFORCE N1 0.13 Ohm – Single Meshed Coil – 50 to 100W (Best at 70 to 80W)
  • Compatible with Previous UFORCE Replacement Coils
  • Precision Triple Adjustable Bottom Airflow (10mm by 3mm Each)
  • Knurled Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction (Available in Other Finishes)
  • Pyrex Glass
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading
  • 24K Gold Plated Contact
  • 14mm Wide Bore Drip Tip

In the Box

  • One UFORCE T1 Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One UFORCE U2 0.4-Ohm Coil Head
  • One UFORCE N1 0.13-Ohm Coil Head (Pre-Installed)
  • One Spare Parts Pack
  • One Replacement Glass Section
  • One Chimney Extender
  • User Manual
VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank

The UForce T1 by Voopoo is quite a knurly looking sub-ohm tank.

It’s not ugly but it is an acquired taste. The original UForce was quite bland looking and simply blended into the plethora of sub-ohm tanks.

The T1 comes in a vast variety of color options all with a slight industrial steampunk accent to them.

It also boasts greater liquid capacity options over its predecessor ranging up to 8ml capacity, while keeping the same 24.6mm diameter frame.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank


The style of the Uforce T1 isn’t something I’d usually gravitate towards with a tank, I prefer them simple and clean looking.

Still, at least it doesn’t look like it’s been designed by a power ranger with garish colors and out of proportion knurled top caps and airflow.

All of the colors available are of a metallic industrial look, some with mixed black accents.

The full bronze version we have is probably the most industrial looking of them all, with a nod to the steampunk style that we’ve seen grow in popularity in vape devices recently.

The T1 features a heavily knurled airflow control and ring around the top fill cap. There’s also a band of dimples running along either side of the glass chamber.

The tank is also void of any branding, except on the bottom base, which is a pleasant surprise and helps keep the clean aesthetics.

The one thing that really looks out of place is the multicolor resin drip tips that each variant comes with. It just doesn’t fit the style and most of the time doesn’t even compliment the color of the chosen tank.

This isn’t a major issue as its an 810 goon style drip tip (unlike the original UForce), so you can switch out for your own. But I really wish they included a plainer looking spare in the kit.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank

Build Quality

The build quality of the VooPoo Uforce T1 is very good.

The airflow control ring has a nice smooth turn to it with just the right amount of restriction so it will not move freely on its own.

The slide to fill top system locks into place securely and is easy enough to open and the fill port is nice and large to fit big bottle tips.

All the threads of the T1 are nice and smooth and the o-rings seem decent quality. It’s also reasonably easy to remove and replace the glass tube.

The brushed metal bronze effect of the tank we have seems like it will be resistant to scratches, as for the other color versions I’m not sure.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank


This is where things get a little varied and slightly tricky with the T1, as it comes in a selection of capacities.

The TPD version comes with two straight glass chambers precisely the same size at 3.5ml in capacity, but there’s the obligatory rubber grommet to reduce the capacity to 2ml (easily removed).

However, the standard non-EU version comes with both the straight 3.5ml capacity tube and an 8ml bubble glass also.

VooPoo also offers a straight 5.5ml and 5ml bubble capacity glass, and the tank is compatible with all of them with the included connector (which doesn’t come with supplied in the TPD version).

So to some that all up, there are plenty of capacity options but if you are in the EU the best you can get is 3.5ml unless you order spare glass and connector elsewhere.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank

The Uforce T1 comes with two coil heads included.

A U2 coil which is a vertically orientated parallel coil at 0.4ohms, and an N1 which is a single mesh coil at 0.13ohms.

Disappointingly, as with a lot of the Chinese manufacturers, there is actually no indication as to what materials are used for either coil (i’m guessing Kanthal).

One nice touch to the coils is they have a minimum fill line indicated on them, to prevent you going too low on juice and burning the coil.

The T1 is compatible with VooPoo’s full range of UForce coils listed below:
U2, U4, U6, U8, N1, R2, D4.

The coils are proprietary, so other coils will not work in this tank.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank


The lifespan of both the U2 and N1 coils seems to be on par with most other coils on the market.

I’ve used the U2 coil for about two weeks, and it still had life left in it with very limited gunking, before I switched over to the N1 coil.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank

While the VooPoo T1 won’t blow your socks off with performance as the market leader, it does still do an excellent job.

The recommended ‘best’ wattage levels of the coils are pretty accurate, but I would say they seem to perform best for flavor toward the lower levels.

The UForce coils are also very good at wicking thicker juices and seemed to keep up with chain vaping 80VG pretty comfortably.


The flavor produced from both the N1 and the U2 coils was really good. I’d say the U2 just about pipped it for flavor at around 58 Watts for me.

However, the N1 being a mesh coil does seem to heat more instantly (although the U2 is no slouch) and produced more dense vapor.

Is the best sub-ohm tank and coils for flavor….no, but it’s definitely comparable with some of the best on the market.

VooPoo UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank


The one thing the T1 does have is bags of airflow.

It has triple bottom airflow holes, which are 10mm by 3mm each. This gives you plenty of airflow options, from quite a tight smooth vape to a full-on air machine.

However all this airflow comes with one caveat, it’s quite a noisy tank, especially when it’s wide open.

I prefer to shut each air hole off about a third for the best vapor to flavor ratio.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy slide top fill
  • Smooth AFC
  • Large capacity options
  • Good performance from coils
  • Decent airflow
  • Large Fill port
  • Lots of color options


  • Colored resin drip tips don’t fit the design
  • No spare plain drip tip
  • No spare seal for the fill port
  • Loud airflow when fully open


The VooPoo UForce T1 is an upgrade from the standard UForce tank but only really in terms of aesthetics and capacity options.

It is a very well built and solid sub-ohm tank, which comes at an affordable price and will definitely suffice most vapers on both the flavor and cloud front.

I can’t speak for the full range of coils available, but those supplied seemed to have a good lifespan. Though, if you are really looking for the best flavor and longevity of coils then the Horizentech Falcon may be a better choice.

Let’s not forget this only the second iteration of VooPoo’s first ever sub-ohm tank, and it’s a good one.

If you like the industrial styling (and strange colored drip tips) and are in the market for a new sub-ohm tank I don’t think you will be disappointed with the UForce T1.




For being the first sub-ohm tank VooPoo produced, the UForce was a surprisingly good tank, on par with most others in the market, which is no mean feat. The UForce T1 is a subtle upgrade bringing more capacity options and a more robust industrial look and feel.
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For being the first sub-ohm tank VooPoo produced, the UForce was a surprisingly good tank, on par with most others in the market, which is no mean feat. The UForce T1 is a subtle upgrade bringing more capacity options and a more robust industrial look and feel.Voopoo UForce T1 Tank | Review