What is stealth (smokeless) vaping? A guide to vaping discreetly

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Stealth vaping – An introduction

For all the benefits that vaping can bring, there are some downsides. The large clouds associated with sub-ohm vaping can be an annoyance to other people, and can also bring unwanted attention to yourself. If you want to enjoy vaping in a more discreet manner, stealth vaping might be a good option.

As the name suggests, “stealth vaping” is a discreet vape method that is often used by people who want to get their hit of nicotine without alerting everyone within a mile radius to their activities.

What is stealth vaping?

Stealth vaping, put simply, is the act of using your vape device in a manner unlikely to draw attention to yourself. There are many places where emitting large clouds of strongly odored vapor might not be the most socially gracious thing to do. Unfortunately, despite the evidence, many people still believe that second-hand vapor is harmful to health in the same way as second-hand smoke. It’s safe to say that most people probably won’t appreciate being engulfed in clouds of the stuff.

Stealth vaping produces much smaller clouds than regular vaping. Small quantities of vapor tend not to create too much of a smell and are a lot less visible. Still, you should be conscious of the laws regulating vaping wherever you happen to live.

Most countries now treat the use of e-cigarettes no different from smoking tobacco, so if you see a “no-smoking” sign anywhere, it’s probably best to abstain from using your vape device. If you have any doubt about a particular establishment’s rules on vaping, just ask! It’s definitely a better option than landing yourself with a hefty fine, or just upsetting the people around you. Empathy is key!

What is stealth (smokeless) vaping?

How to stealth vape?

If you want a more discreet vape experience, there are some steps you can take. The first and most important would be to use a low powered device, or “stealth vape mod”.

Pod-vape systems such as the ever-popular Juul can be ideal for stealth vaping as they output much smaller clouds and come in minuscule form factors. Some pod vape systems designed specifically for stealth vaping can even come disguised as other items, like lighters, USB drives, or even asthma inhalers! This disguise is ideal for vapers who want the ultimate in plausible deniability.

If you really want to be stealthy when you vape, it is a good idea to cover up any LEDs or displays on your device. Whilst LEDs aren’t too noticeable in the daytime, repeatedly bringing a flashing light to your face is a sure way to attract unwanted attention once the sun has set, or if you are vaping indoors.

Your vaping technique can also play a big part in how stealthily you are able to use your chosen device. Stealth vaping isn’t totally invisible – After all, you are still producing clouds! To minimize the size of your clouds and keep things as subtle as possible, I’d recommend sticking to small, shallow draws.

For additional stealthiness on the exhale, keep your lips pursed and try to direct the stream of exhaled vape downwards and away from anyone who might be around you. This will help to minimize the visual evidence of your activities.

Best devices for stealth vaping?

If stealth vaping sounds like it might be for you, your choice of device is crucial. Sub-ohm devices, with their huge clouds and loud, direct-to-lung draw method, are clearly not going to be an option.

Your best bet is to choose a mouth-to-lung device with a small form factor and not too much power. In my opinion, the best type of device for stealth vaping is a pod-style vape.

Pod vapes fulfill all the necessary requirements for a discreet vape experience – They are small, they do not produce large clouds of vapor and they are significantly quieter to use. Also, there is an abundance of different pod-vape options to choose from, so you should be able to find one that matches your individual needs and preferences.

What is stealth (smokeless) vaping?

What is zero vaping??

If you really want to keep your vaping habits surreptitious, and standard stealth-vaping isn’t quite cutting it, you could try zero vaping.

Zero vaping is stealth vaping taken to the next level. The idea with zero vaping is to take a hit without exhaling any visible vapor at all. Zero vaping is fantastic for those vapers who want to indulge their habit in total secrecy, and is also known as “smokeless vape”.

Zero vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and has become popular with the concurrent rise in the number of people using pod-style vapes. Zero vaping shouldn’t be attempted using more powerful devices, as the result is likely to be one of choking and spluttering – Not ideal when you’re trying to avoid attention!

If you become really proficient at the zero vaping technique you will be able to use your device in the most crowded of places with nobody being any the wiser. It should be noted that zero vaping (the art of vaping without exhaling any visible clouds) should be coupled with the stealth techniques mentioned earlier if you really want to avoid detection.

Although experts at stealth and zero vaping can, in theory, enjoy their vape in public with total discretion, I wouldn’t recommend vaping anywhere where smoking and / or vaping are banned. Some places can have pretty hefty fines for those found to be in breach of vaping / smoking legislation, and on balance, it probably isn’t worth the risk just for a few sneaky hits of nicotine.

How to zero vape – A beginner's guide

Zero vaping is a world apart from the standard techniques you are probably used to. Even if you’ve been using pod-vapes for some time, the precise method of breath control will definitely take some adapting on your part. However, practice makes perfect, and after a little while, zero-vaping should come as naturally to you as the standard method.

For those vapers who are new to the technique of zero vaping, you will probably require a bit of practice before you can go out and start taking sneaky hits in the wild.

There are a couple of different methods you can use to vape without exhaling any visible evidence, but they both rely on the same basic principle, namely inhaling a significant amount of air after you take your hit. This mixes the vapor in your lungs with a large amount of air, diluting it to the point where it is not visible to the human eye.

Additionally, both techniques utilize the “mouth-to-lung” style of inhale, where the vapor is held in the mouth before being taken into the lungs, rather than the “direct-to-lung” style most often employed by sub-ohm vapers.

To zero vape, begin by taking a small hit from your device into your mouth. Instead of exhaling the vapor as normal, inhale some additional air, either in a series of short breaths, or one long and deep inhale.

The total inhalation time should be about 5 seconds, and for extra effectiveness, you should try and hold the mixture of air and vapor in your lungs for another second or two after you have finished inhaling. Next, exhale slowly and steadily through pursed lips. You shouldn’t notice any visible vapor.

Like any new skill, zero vaping takes some practice. If you’ve tried the above technique and still notice some visible vapor on the exhale, experiment with taking shorter puffs. You can also increase the effectiveness of your zero vaping technique by inhaling more air after you puff, or holding everything in for a longer duration.

Zero vaping is generally performed with e-liquid that has a relatively high nicotine content. This is so you can get the same satisfaction despite the relatively tiny amount of vapor consumed. However, if you find the throat hit too harsh, or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable side effects, you can always experiment with juices that contain a lower concentration of nicotine.

Why would you zero or stealth vape?

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that vaping is safer than smoking, it still has some social stigma attached. Second-hand vaper has been shown time and time again to be fairly benign, many people still take issue with it.

Stealth and / or zero vaping can enable vapers to enjoy their habit in peace, and without annoying any errant members of the public. Inevitably some people will use the techniques outlined in this article to flout the rules and regulations that forbid vaping, but we do not recommend this course of action. Any illicit vaping is undertaken entirely at your own risk!

Stealth vaping – A Summary

Stealth vaping is a fantastic solution for anyone who feels self-conscious about the big, odorous clouds produced by many devices on the market today. Pod vapes, higher strength juice, opportunistic hit-taking, and zero vaping techniques can be used to vape in an almost undetectable manner. However, you should always obey the local laws and any rules or regulations regarding vaping in specific establishments.

Jules M
Jules M
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