When GeekBar meets EDC Music Festival: What makes it a must-have piece of festival gear?

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Last weekend, EDC Las Vegas successfully concluded its premium flagship festival. More than 300 artists and more than 400,000 fans attended EDC Las Vegas 2022. Memories were made as tens of thousands of festival-goers traveled to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 20 to May 22.

In addition to the exciting performances, this is the perfect Instagram influencer playground, with plenty of photo chances. GeekBar, as a disposable vape brand, also joined the exciting music party, bringing a fun and unique experience for music fans.

Why do GeekBar and music festivals just go together?

The reason is straightforward. People attend music festivals to unwind and enjoy the music. The nicotine salt in the GeekBar disposable vape can effectively stimulate the brain’s dopamine secretion, resulting in a pleasurable and soothing sensation. At the same time, most music festivals take place outdoor, making GeekBar not only free of open flames and cigarette smoke, but also more environmentally friendly and convenient to use.

02 GeekBar

One of the reasons why GeekBar is so popular with customers has always been the diversity of flavors available. This time, GeekBar brings us the GeekBar X6000 and GeekBar Pro, as well as their most traditional GeekBar collection. The products come in handy crystal and with Use-Fit mouthpieces in a rich rainbow of colors, with the most popular flavors including Sweet Strawberry, Watermelon Ice, Blueberry sour raspberry, Passion Fruit, Peach Ice, and Menthol.

What makes the GeekBar such a must-have gear for music festivals?

On the one hand, GeekBar understands that smoking has always been an irritant at music festivals and other major outdoor gatherings. Traditional cigarettes entail not only carrying a cigarette case, lighter, or matches, but also dealing with ashes and cigarette butts; and second-hand smoke is a big concern everywhere for non-smokers. This is when the GeekBar becomes a must-have piece of gear.


GeekBar uses organic nicotine salts and de-tarring ingredients that are both neutral and mild, as well as premium organic cotton, to restore the taste purer and smoother while maintaining consistency, allowing users to enjoy this musical party.

VA awards

Last week, GeekBar won two awards at the 2022 Vapouround Awards, namely Best Disposable and Best Shisha Vape. GeekBar has been recognized by the audience and media industry for its exceptional product and brand power for two consecutive years.

With its powerful lineup of guests and scale of activities, EDC Music Festival has become a new benchmark in the mainstream music festival market since its inception, and has been embraced by countless music fans. As a pioneer in the disposable vape industry, GeekBar has always prioritized social responsibility and set an example by strictly prohibiting the sale and marketing of e-cigarette products to minors through any channel. 

GeekBar reached out to millennials through this great festival. Through these conversations and interactions, a new generation of consumers got to know GeekBar better and understand its brand spirit and social responsibility, which led to a rise in positive influence.

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